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Top 5 Horror Video Games

Updated on September 30, 2015

Days have gone when video games used to be cute! With mazes, hopping plumbers and smarty-pants hedgehogs zooming through rings, video games provided fun. With time, video games acquired magical lands and pipes spewing turtles and full of fear. Mario was replaced b alien infections, Pac-man was overtaken by zombies and an evil stepped into the gaming world. The video games of your parents’ time have gone and some much more horrifying waits in your console, including psychopaths, zombies and mutants, reminding players that horror has no limits! Here are top 5 horror games of all times.

Dead Rising

Dead Rising – the best-seller title of Capcom – makes the dead walk in a shopping mall to trap you. You have to control a photographer exploring mysterious stories and are surrounded by packs of the dead as well as undead. While you have countless objects at hand to protect yourself, there are equal number of zombies and also an equal threat to you from the psychopathic humans that are trapped along with you. And there are the scariest moment when a helicopter pilot idiotically believes that he is safe and an extremely irritating lady attempts to protect her equally irritating dog.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

If you thought that Alma, F.E.A.R.’s popular eerie little girl was dead, you are seriously wrong. She doesn’t die! Not for long, though. Be with a Delta Force member and immerse into a sequel by Warner Brothers and Monolith Productions to one of the most awesome fear-fests ever. F.E.A.R. 2 abruptly changes to haunt from action and back again. An uncombed pale girl, Alma, wearing long black hair makes the scene real terror when she twists and writhes while getting hers, making you unable to move.

Dead Space

One of the best shocking, gory-scary games is EA’s Dead Space. You have to take the role of a futuristic engineer on a gigantic spaceship in search of his lost girlfriend while you will have to defeat aliens that send corpses to hit you. If you are in search of an atmosphere, story and graphics that will keep you up at night, whether it is the horrible operation room scene or the first time you face a Necromorph, Dead Space is only made for you.

Left for Dead

Valve’s Left for Dead puts you in a world swarming with zombie apocalypse. You have to associate with three other characters to use explosives and weapons just to survive. Left 4 Dead is about strategies, but it’s also about gunning, running and surviving the night against a continuously attacking endless gang of ghouls which strangle, jump, vomit and throw cars too. And it scares you the best when the Witch weeps close by and you get your lights on!

5. DayZ Standalone

Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ Standalone gives you mixed terror of zombies and diseases. This is one of the best scary games where you have to just survive of zombie apocalypse in the 225 sq km landscape of Chemarus+ and explore loot locations where you can find supplies just for your survival – food and water! Beyond that you can find clothes and other supplies, but you have to constantly protect yourself from diseases and zombies. You also get weapons to fight zombies, but you have to start the game only with a flashlight and simple clothes! The forthcoming diseases are cholera, hepatitis and dysentery – so, beware!


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