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The Best 5 Indie Games That Will Leave You Breathless

Updated on July 22, 2017

The video game industry has grown rapidly over the past decade. The production cost to make a AAA games are unimaginable nowadays. Game companies are spending millions of dollars to make a single game. On the other side, there are also Indie game developers who are making games at low cost with cool graphics and an amazing story line. They show us that money is not a hindrance to make a good game that everybody loves. You just need to have the passion and creativity(and some money as well).

Indie games are getting popular over the past few years because of new game concepts and varieties of art styles. If you want to try something new, jump into the indie games market. There are tons of indie games available which you will love to play again and again. Hey, I love both AAA and indie games. I'm a gamer and I treat all the games and gaming platforms equally. Let's look at some of the popular indie games available in the market.


Limbo is a 2D puzzle/adventure game developed by Playdead studio. It got released in the year 2010 on PS3, Xbox and PC platforms. Later, it got released for PS4, Xbox One Android and iOS devices. In Limbo you will play as a boy looking for his missing sister. The game graphics is monotonous with black and white tone with some added film grain effects. The soundtrack is minimal and simple which gives you a eerie feel while playing the game.

It's one of the best puzzle game in the genre with traps, electromagnets, cutters, glowing zombie worms and spiders. The character deaths are gruesome and gory to watch. Even though the game has been praised by many, critics claimed that the game has an abrupt ending. Limbo's art style is so serene, you will sense the chaos unravel as you progress through the game. The game controls are so easy and simple enough to handle. All you have to do is help the nameless boy to find his sister at the 'edge of hell'/Limbo.

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Transistor is a science fiction role playing game developed by Supergiant Games. The game was released in the year 2014 for PC and PS4. It's a single player turn based RPG with isometric point of view. Transistor's world is so beautiful with it's rich color tone and visuals. You will play as the character Red who gets her voice stolen by some bad guys. Transistor is the name of the sword you play with. Spoiler alert: The Sword can talk. There are different varieties of enemy AI and will give you one hell of a fight.

The game received positive reviews from critics and praised by many for creating this gem. The background soundtrack was composed by Darren Korb. The soundtrack was so superb and mesmerizing which got sold over 48,000 copies in the first ten days of release. If you love Transistor, you should also try the game Bastion developed by Supergiant Games.

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Rocket League

I would say Rocket League is a great innovation in sports games. It a simple soccer game but with cars. Cars playing soccer. Can you believe that? The game developers Psyonix made it happen. The game got released in the year 2015 for PC and PS4 and Xbox One ans Linux versions of the game were released later. Rocket League has single player as well as Multi player modes available. The game has an active player base if you want to go online. It had won many awards and entered eSport hosting huge events and competitions like Rocket League Championship Series.

There are different types of arena available in the game. You can upgrade your booster and customize the car in the way you want. You can blast other cars which goes BOOM with a puff of smoke. The controls are very easy to handle and there are no complicated stuffs to understand like in other soccer games. Rocket League is fun and challenging, and you should definitely try this game.

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Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is an adventure game developed by Moon Studios. The game was released in the year 2015 for PC and Xbox One. The game follows a 2D point of view and stunning graphics. You get to play as the character Ori, a spirit animal. Ori and the Blind Forest is packed with puzzles and great visuals. The game leveling system is cool and addictive. Playing this game will make you attached to it emotionally. The soundtrack is so amazing and gives goosebumps in your body.

The level design and art style shows the great effort of the team. Ori and the Blind Forest leaves you with a void in your soul which can only be filled with playing the game again. The sequel for the game is announced during Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017.

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Don't Starve

Don't Starve is a survival adventure game developed by Klei Entertainment in the year 2013. You will play the character of a scientist named Wilson, who wakes up in a scary world and have to survive as long as possible. Both Single player and Multi player modes are available for this game. The game's difficulty level is handled well and the replayability value is good. Don't Starve's cartoonish art style is hand crafted and unique which adds a creepy and haunting feel to the environment.

The game has a number of DLC packs with more content and character upgrades. It's worth checking them out. It's fun to play this game and is very challenging. It's a type of game which never gets old. You will get a whole new experience whenever you give the game a fresh start. Be prepared to die in ways you can't imagine. The game is available for all consoles, PC, Android and iOS devices. Don't Starve will give you a survival experience worth remembering.

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Honorable Mentions

If you love the games mentioned above(which you will), try these games too.

  • Binding of Isaac
  • Child of Light
  • Sunless sea
  • Gunpoint
  • Stardew Valley
  • Oxenfree
  • Bastion
  • Inside

Final Thoughts

Playing these games will give you a memorable experience altogether. As I said, there are tons of indie games with low prices and heart touching story lines waiting to be explored. You can get them on steam, GOG and other gaming portals at affordable prices.

I recommended these games to my friends and they loved it very much. Most of the gamer's know only about AAA games and don't know these type of masterpiece exists. I just shared my experience with you about indie games. What do you think about indie games? Tell me in the comment section below.

Happy Gaming!


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