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Smite: Top 5 Most Boring Gods

Updated on May 24, 2013

To clarify Boring does not equal bad. In fact, some of the gods I'm going to list will be considered quite good. However, my idea of boring comes down to the god's mechanics and play style. So if your favorite god ends up on here just think of it from this perspective.

So without further ado here we go!

#5 Kali

I chose Kali for the #5 spot for the main reason of just how boring all of her abilities are. If you look at her kit, she has a self buff, a heal, an attack, and an ultimate where you spin and can be lackluster at times.

But it isn't only because she has abilities like this, many other gods do as well, but it was how they were implemented. Her basic attack move is a simple cone aoe in front of herself without much thought put into using it. Her heal is also just an aoe around herself that you pop near creeps.

Whereas other gods mostly have some sort of aiming associated with their skills and feel a lot more active. Most of everything Kali does is fairly passive but with that said her amazing run speed can make for a good time. She also can be very self-reliant so for those reasons she only made it to #5 on this list.

#4 Artemis

Artemis suffers to a lesser degree of boring abilities than Kali does but she still has her own set of problems.

For one thing, she is a slow burner. Early game, Artemis is pretty weak. She does not hit that hard and has no real escape. It isn't until later on that you really start to do some damage but up until that point it can be fairly uninteresting.

And because of her weakness early game, Artemis also is incredibly reliant on other players. Even towards the end, you usually cannot initiate fights and are always waiting for someone else to dive in first. She isn't like most other physical carries that can sneak around and get a kill here and there, she almost always needs someone else with her. Which can be rather boring and frustrating.

#3 Vulcan

Why is Vulcan boring you ask? One word: Turrets.

Although I find the concept of turrets interesting, in practice, it is boring. It makes everything Vulcan does feel so passive. Outside of his 1 self-propelled attack, there is not much to do as him.

It does not help that the turret AI isn't very reliable and sometimes you'll throw down a turret to finish someone off only to have it shoot something else entirely. Even Vulcan's ultimate is simply a buff to him and his turrets, probably the most boring ultimate in the game.

I still remember that MOTD awhile ago now that was an all Vulcan Arena. My god, was that a long-winded snore fest. Just turrets everywhere with hardly any kills to be had.

#2 Zeus

Ah Zeus. Even with his recent overhaul on how he works, I still find him dreadfully boring. Now I feel this is probably the one God on my list that people will have a problem with but I really do not enjoy how Zeus works at all.

And what is my problem with Zeus exactly? Well it is how darn reliant he tends to be on other people, heck, he is even reliant on the enemy team!

Although Zeus is not the worst at getting away, he still can't exactly go on the front line. To do well, you usually have to play him pretty passively by keeping your distance and striking when the time is right. Of course, this means that you have to have good team mates to create those opportunities and, more often then you'd like, you'll get a bad team.

Not only that, but to do some major damage you have to hope the enemy team will stand close enough together to either get a nice chain lightning off or a good use of your ultimate. Zeus just needs so many small factors to line up, it can make for pretty boring game play.

His ultimate in arena can also be a pain if you don't have specific other gods like Ares, Hades, or Odin to help out. Often you will have very few good chances to use it in that game mode otherwise.

Now maybe you'll think I just don't know how to play Zeus for the reasons I've listed but I feel as a general rule of thumb, these factors play a part in even the most expert of Zeus players.

#1 Odin

I hate Odin. Not going to lie, the only God on this list that I actually hate playing is this one right here. Odin is just so....boring.

Like many of the other gods on this list, it comes down to his tool kit. He has a slightly delayed leap which is fine. An attack speed buff which is great but still just a passive action. A rather delayed circle aoe and finally a cage for his ultimate.

Odin is a bruiser and he does this job pretty well but i find that you're always wanting a better set of abilities to go along with this role. He can do some great damage but unlike Vamana (another bruiser) he can't slow and reliably cc anyone which makes for an annoyance when trying to tank for others.

His abilities aren't really used for helping your teammates like you'd expect for a God of his role. This makes playing him a bit aggravating and pretty boring at the same time. You almost feel like a one-man show when you play him.

Now I bet you're thinking, "lack of cc, what about his ultimate"? Fair point, it CAN be great for team fights but it does not work well with everyone. You'll often see his ultimate be more of a hindrance when paired with gods that can't shoot anything over it or when used improperly and accidentally getting a teammate killed.

Looking back over the reasons I gave for this, you might be thinking that I feel that Odin is just plainly bad. Really I don't and I can see how he can be quite good. What it comes down to is that whenever I play him, I just get incredibly bored at what he has to offer. It is a feeling that comes over me that makes me wish I was playing any other god than him.

So there we have it. My list of the top 5 most boring gods in Smite at this moment. If you disagree with my decisions or think I should of put a different god on this list, comment below. I'm interested to see what other gods people just find plainly boring.


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