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Top 5 PC Video Game Controllers

Updated on November 10, 2013

Best PC Video Game Controllers 2013

There are some games that require you to plug in a controller into your PC. You might play these with a keyboard and a mouse, but it might be a better solution to use a gamepad for them. PC video game controllers are designed in such a way that you have fully programmable buttons, which in turn enables you to have all of the options available with a keyboard/mouse combo on a single input device. If you have ever missed a shot or an enemy because of the speck of dirt on your desktop, you might consider purchasing a PC video game controller. These gamepads are usually compatible with any game that you might want to play, from FPS to RPG genre, which in turn makes them a great purchase. There are people out there who think that gamepads are generally used for consoles, but with the development of the gaming market, video game controllers have traversed to the PC gaming, which means that most, if not all, video games are supporting these products.

Choosing the right gamepad can be a hassle, especially because there are many of them out there. We all know that gamers like to compare and contrast a lot of products so that they can find the best one that suits their needs. That is why we have done this research, so as to present to you the best video game controllers out there. Our list is small, but it features crem de la crem of the PC gamepads. We have tried to incorporate gamepads with various features and in various price ranges, so that they are accessible to almost everybody. Features, design and convenience are just some of the aspects we have included in our search for the best video game controllers on the market. Numerous hours of research have provided us with five top products, so, without further ado let us present to you some our list of top five PC video game controllers.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

The Xbox 360 controllers are one of the best designed controllers on the market. Microsoft has really tried to incorporate a lot of features so as to cater to the needs of many gamers. This Xbox 360 controller is compatible with PC and connects through the USB cable to your USB port. All of the features are here, the two precision analog sticks that can be used for movement of your character and camera controls, the 8-way directional game pad that allows you to easily select items or weapons and the four main buttons that are easily accessible via your right thumb.

Two easily accessible pressure point triggers on right and left shoulder help you stay in control of those hairy situations and let you easily assign a secondary function to other buttons. Console gamers entering the PC video gaming world should probably go with this joystick as it represents a console gamepad. With additional vibration support, this video game controller immerses you into the game universe seamlessly. The thin, flexible chord is designed in such a way that it lets you enjoy all of the performance of wired controller as if it were wireless. When you take into consideration features, design and the great price of this product, you get a crowd favorite among the best PC video game controllers.

Razer Onza

Razer is a well known manufacturer of gaming accessories, so it should not be a surprise that probably one of the best video game controllers out there comes from this company. Razer Onza Tournament Edition is compatible both with PC and Xbox 360 console, thus giving you ability to connect it to both devices. With wired connection you might feel as if you were tied to your computer, but 15 feet of cable is enough to take the controller to the preferred distance from your computer. This gamepad is shaped similarly to the Xbox 360 one, but has some features that overshadow it, such as the two additional fully programmable multi-function buttons above each shoulder trigger button. These let you assign additional functions to your video games and shorten the combinations. The controller also features two adjustable resistance analog stick, which you can adjust to fit your style of gaming.

With backlit hyperesponse four action buttons you can now engage in action more conveniently and with greater speed as the minimized debounce time increases your speed, while the precision D-pad allows you multiple selection options. The whole controller is rubberized, which allows for a better grip and sweat protection, which in turn also increases longevity. The price might be a bit high for this product, but with all of the features and performance aspects this product is definitely one of the best, if not the best, video game controllers out there.

Saitek PS2700 Rumble Pad

Saitek Rumble PS2700 gamepad is the only one in this line-up that offers customization. The left side of the pad which includes the analog and D-pad can be turned for 180 degrees enabling you to either have the PS or the Xbox look for your video game controller. Besides being compatible with PC, this gamepad can also be used with PlayStation 3 and 2. The SST software included with this controller offers you the option to fully program any part of the pad and substitute it with any kind of a keyboard/mouse command, even for those games which do not support gamepads. This controller comes with two shoulder buttons which you can easily access, and with precision analog joysticks that even include the option of being used as buttons when pressed.

With start and back buttons, plus the 4 action responsive buttons, this pad is your industry standard one. The 8-way directional pad enables you to add more options to your games, plus it is also great for old-school video games played via emulators. The longer analog sticks offer better accuracy and the vibration effect (for PS2 and PC only) offers for a full action immersion. When you consider the compatibility, performance aspects and features of this gamepad, and overall good price, you can easily see why we have included it to our list of top five PC video game controllers.

Logitech Gamepad F710

Logitech Gamepad F710 is our only entry with a wireless capability. Powerful and reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity is a great feature, but it comes with a slight setback – you need batteries. But do not worry, as this video game controller has a fairly long battery life, especially if you remember to turn it off when not in use. F710 comes with fully programmable buttons, including the ones on analog sticks. These two features alone make F710 a really convenient PC gamepad. The design is an industry standard, as some would call the PlayStation design. F710 comes with two analog sticks, that are fully clickable, and are very precise, plus the start and back buttons. With vibration included in this device, you can get full immersion, and the on/off vibration button is very convenient for people who want to quickly turn off the vibration.

With a mode-switch button which enables you to switch between modern and older video games, you can now easily store more profiles via the software and you do not have to worry about switching them when switching games, as the gamepad was built to memorize the profiles. The 8-way D-pad offers full precision and more options, plus the two shoulder trigger buttons for extra combinations. The standard four action buttons are laid out really neat and are a joy to use. Taking into consideration the performance aspects, features and a good price, this pad definitely deserves a spot on our list of top five PC video game controllers.

Logitech Gamepad F310

Logitech F310 is basically the F710 controller that is wired and does not have the vibration option. Everything else is the same, including the profile switch button and the profiler software which enable you to fully customize the controller for any video game. There are two shoulder buttons on both sides which enable you that additional trigger control over many combos. The device is connected to the PC via the USB connector and is compatible with all versions of Windows operative system. This excludes the need for batteries, but it is a bit of a drawback since the cable is not that long. But when you look at the price of this product, all of the drawbacks fade away. The design is the industry standard one which looks like a PS pad.

The two analog sticks can act as buttons when pressed down, and the four action buttons on the left side have great response. The 8-way directional pad allows you multiple options and is great for playing old video games via emulators. Besides profile switch button, you also get the standard start and back buttons. When you look at all the features, performance aspects and the excellent price of this product it is not a surprise that we have included this gamepad on our list of top five PC video game controllers. With this product you get excellent, top-notch device for a measly price.



When searching for the perfect PC video game controller, you have to take a lot of aspects into consideration, with the most important one being your budget. Here we have presented to you the best gamepads out there in various price ranges, so you can easily say that there are products here accessible for everyone. Whether you need these pads for that RPG, or even FPS, you have come to the right place. These products are the best in industry and come with a lot of options and some of them even allow physical customization. Some of these products are even supported by current generation of consoles, with one product being an actual console gamepad that supports PC connection. We sincerely hope that we have managed to aid you in the task of selecting the best gamepad out there for yourself, because that is the real and only reason why this list of top five PC video game controllers was created.



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