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5 Pixel Games You Need to Play Right Now

Updated on January 5, 2018

Video games have so much hang ups these days... If it's not an expensive console you have to worry about, it's an expensive graphics card, not to mention the wad of cash you need to even buy the game itself. Yet, for the casual, budget-friendly gamers like me, there's some other alternatives. Even if it's a little pixelated.

If you're looking for a fun game and you don't mind the pixelated look of it, this list is for you. You can download it from Steam or search for their official websites.

If you're looking for your next pixel fix, you should check out these games.

Broforce Logo
Broforce Logo


Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Playstation 4

Genre: Run-and-gun

Developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital, Broforce places you in the shoes of different action heroes as they attempt to free the world from terrorism. Familiar characters make their appearances throughout the game as you unlock them. Action legends such as Blade, Rambo, Indiana Jones and many more feature in the game, with the word "bro" mixed somewhere into their names.

The game has it's fair share of humour, with overly-buff introductions to new enemies and even a backstory of how a terrorist grew up to do the job he does.

This game is a treat to play and even allows you to team up with a buddy for maximum bro-power!

Enter The Gungeon Title Text
Enter The Gungeon Title Text

Enter The Gungeon

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Playstation 4

Genre: Bullet hell

Also published by Devolver Digital, Enter The Gungeon follows the adventure of four "gungeoneers" as they venture down into the legendary Gungeon to find a gun that'll kill their past.

The enemies differ from bullets and shotgun shells to flying books and giant brutes. With more than 200 guns to find, your problem isn't firepower, it's how fast you duck for cover.

This game is best enjoyed with a friend in co-op, mostly because they can revive you if you misjudged an incoming bullet or two.

Paint The Town Red

Platforms: PC (Steam Early Access)

Genre: Beat 'em up

This game bears a striking resemblance to Minecraft's graphics, but there's no mining involved here...

Your objective is simple; find a weapon of your choice and kill everyone you see without getting killed yourself. This game is an excellent stress-reliever. Yet, everything won't remain as peaceful as it seems once you throw the first punch.

There's just something relaxing about running around in puddles of pixelated blood and bashing some virtual heads in.


Platforms: Windows, OS X, Playstation 4, Linux, PS Vita

Genre: Role-playing

This game is as pixel as it gets. You assume the role of a human child who fell into the Underground, a hidden region inside the earth. As you make your journey back to the surface of the earth, you meet a variety of monsters along the way. You can choose whether you want to kill your enemies or deal with them in a peaceful way.

What makes this game stand out is the fact that the story changes according to your decisions.

Papers, Please Title
Papers, Please Title

Papers, Please

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Playstation Vita

Genre: Puzzle

Developed by Lucas Pope and published by his company, 3909, Papers, Please stuffs you in a small little office. Your job as immigration officer is to ensure that nothing illegal passes through those gates. If you work hard and efficiently enough, your family will have a nice life. But if you keep messing up, you'll lose your job and your family will suffer.

This game is very detail oriented for a pixel game. You need to check multiple documents and compare them with each other to make sure the candidate is legit, all with a chaotic time limit.

Glory to Arstotzska!


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