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Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games I am Looking Forward To Play

Updated on March 3, 2013

The Top of the Art PS4 by Sony

As many gamers throughout the world know, Sony is coming out with the new Playstation 4. This is probably one of the most sophisticated gaming console ever produced.

This next generation system will sport an x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8-core processor. A radeon GPU with 18 compute units reportedly capable of dishing out 1.84 teraflops, as well as 8GB of GDDR5 RAM which offers 176GB/s of bandwidth. Not only is the PS4 software and hardware impressive, but the coming games are by far some of the best I have ever seen.

Listed below are my own selection of the top five most anticipated games for the Playstation 4. Each game I have included their respective game demo video. Anyway can't wait for both the console and the games to be released.

5 - Watch Dogs

In this game, you have the ability to control all the information around you by hacking into it. Consequently, the more people who put their information into these networks, the more you can control the circumstances around you.

You can hack into people's accounts, check in on their lives as well as predict future events! You play Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and former thug. Now on the hunt for those who hurt your loved ones, you will be able to monitor and hack all who surround you.

In the game demo video release (video below), it showed some of the graphics and they all were satisfactory. In particular the gun fights, running and getting away from the police by manipulating traffic lights and people around him. Well sound and animation looks great. Conversation in game play can rough and vulgar at times.

Watch Dogs Game Demo

4 - KillZone

This game is definitely one to be anticipated. The game is clearly designed to take advantage of the technology of the Playstation 4.

Set as a first person shoot'em up in the near future, Kill Zone 4 picks up thirty(30) years after the events of Kill Zone 3. The world has separated into two rival factions known as the Vektans Helghast. These two rivals are only separated by a vast wall. Your job can range from responding to bold attacks or all out combat.

You must be able to adapt and think on your feet. This is by far is one of the best ever created in this genre. Hopefully, the graphics in the trailer reflect that of the game.

KILLZONE VIDEO PREVIEW - Amazing Graphics and Realism


This social gaming experience takes driving games to the next level. Your are basically connected across the globe via internet. Once connected, you can join various clubs around the world through the multi-player option.

The driving experience is unreal, as you get to drive several multi-million dollar cars that you probably won't ever drive in your life. With over ten years invested into the game, it's easy to see why it looks as good as it does. Highly realistic rendering of high ends sport cars, you are spoilt for choice which to drive.

DRIVE CLUB VIDEO TRAILER - Feel The Speed and Power


With this game the visual perspective is worth the price of admission. The game is centered on a medieval soldier who embarks on various quest and journeys. There several battles that take place during soldier's missions. In particular, the battle with the dragon.

The visual display here is unmatched and truly highlights some of the capabilities of the Playstation 4. So much so, that even if your not a fan of this particular genre you still would buy it. Just watch the video below and in one of the scene it will remind you of the phrase "burn baby burn".


Finally the No1 Game - DESTINY

The number one game comes from the creators of Activision and Bunjie. This game has a post apocalyptic setting, where humans are displaced throughout the galaxy.

You are a guardian of the last city on Earth after what the game describes as the 'collapse'. Explore the antiquities of our solar system from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus.

DESTINY Announcement for PlayStation4


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    • ohkennyabi profile image

      ohkennyabi 4 years ago from The East

      Ya, me too, in-fact there are also a number of upcoming games for the PS4. So we are all spoiled for choices :)

    • Becca Font profile image

      rebbecca font 4 years ago from OKLAHOMA CITY

      I'm looking forward to Watch Dogs myself, but I'm also looking forward to what the makers of Little Big World throw out too.