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Top 5 Rocket League Youtube Content Creators

Updated on September 22, 2017
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Tomi explores through many channels on Youtube on a daily basis and he is experienced with rating them.

Rocket League's popularity has been increasing steadily since the launch. With more people joining the community, many people have started their own Youtube channel based on Rocket League.

I have picked 5 different types of Rocket League content creators that I found the nicest and most entertaining. This list includes channels that create all kinds of Rocket League content on Youtube.

5. Squishy Muffinz

Squishy Muffinz is a veteran player in Rocket League. He uploads montages, tutorials and quality gameplay. The videos are fun to watch and the channel is also a useful resource for new players to get better in the game.

4. pickapixel

pickapixel uploads daily Rocket League videos. The videos range from gameplay videos to other fun content in the game. He has become known in the community from his many trading themed videos and crate openings.

3. Rocket League FX

Rocket League FX uploads well-made montages and highlights players' best moments. The channel has gained a lot of support from its community montages and fine editing.

2. JohnnyBoi_i

JohnnyBoi_i is a Rocket League caster who hosts tons of top tier gameplay. He often has some of the best players in the world in his videos. Along with high level gameplay he also uploads other content, such as fun game modes, tips and tutorials.


JHZER is a well-known Rocket League pro player and a content creator. He is most known for his fantastic montages and clips. He uploads new videos frequently; such as freestyling, challenges or tutorials. All of his videos are nicely made and he has lots of interesting content on his channel, which I highly recommend for anyone who's interested in the game.

JHZER's 300k Montage

Who is your favorite out of these 5 awesome youtubers?

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