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Top 5 Scariest Video Games of All Time

Updated on August 13, 2011

We all enjoy a few freights every now and again; there's something about putting ourselves on the edge of our seats, in scary situations that gets the mind and heart racing like nothing else.

The horror genre has made its way onto video game consoles. Since the 1990's, video games have increased their level of scariness through greater graphics and story telling.

This hub takes a look at the top five scariest video games of all time.

Resident Evil

In terms of graphics, controls and story, Resident Evil is almost impossible to play compared to today's standards but this is the game that broke all the rules and for those that played the game when it first came out - they know what I'm talking about. The first time you run into a blood drenched zombie makes you instantly turn cold. The scariest part of it all, by far, are when the dogs come ... at the time, nothing made you jump out of your seat, screaming and frightened like Resident Evil.

Dead Space

In the deepest part of space, stuck on a hellish ship drifting into nothingness, is you; this is Dead Space. You're on board a ship that has been overtaken by mutants that are out to get you around every corner. Add in moments of zero G and you've got yourself a recipe for pure creepiness. The bleak nature of the game combined with terrifying enemies makes Dead Space one of the scariest games of all time. There's never been a moment quite like how you feel when you lock yourself in a room because you're too afraid to venture out further into the game.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is a cult class and this isn't just coming from a 'scary video game' standpoint; I mean as in it's inspired an entire generation, went on to multiple sequels and has even been made into a movie. Silent Hill 2 is about as scary as scary can get; you're stuck in a hell town full of demons with very little guidance on how to escape. The introduction of Pyramid Head, one of the most iconic enemies in the series, brings pure dread to the player whenever it makes an appearance.

Fatal Frame II

How's this for a concept, in a scary game: You get more points the closer ghosts and demons get to your character before snapping a picture! This is one of those games that really puts you on the edge of your seat because on one hand, you want a higher score but the other is certain death if the ghosts and demons get too close. There are moments of the game that make you 'snap'; you know, when you throw down the controller, say "forget this!" and turn on something light-hearted to calm your nerves. Even today, with slightly outdated graphics, Fatal Frame II will scare the living daylights out of you.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent has only recently come out but it's already becoming one of the scariest games of all time. You must navigate your way throughout the game much like a mystery but lurking in the darkness are demons waiting to end you. What makes this game terrifying is the ambient nature of sound and bleakness of your surroundings; you are constantly tricked and a real sense of fear begins to set in when things start to go out of your control. There are plenty of freak out videos online (such as the one to the right) which shows just how scary a game can truly be.

Claim that you're a 'tough guy or gal' all you want but when you're playing these games late at night, lights off with headphones or surround sound - you're going to jump and many of these games will have you throwing down the controller, leaving you nothing to do but to comfort yourself from the sheer dread it's left you.


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