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Top 5 Toys For Toddler Boys - $200 And Up

Updated on May 30, 2015

Toy ideas for toddler boys

Everyone know toddler boys are just full of energy. Finding ways to keep them entertained and safe is not an easy task. Boys at this age are starting to be more creative and that means things like pretending they are an adult and using their imaginations in general. Small scooters and trikes are very popular among this group, along with DUPLOs, which are big versions of Legos. Here are some toys that little boys love:

Kettler HKS Kettrike Happy Air Navigator

This is so much more than a tricycle. It's built just the right size for toddlers, plus it's safe. It includes a seatbelt, and if you're going on a walk with your little one it even has a push bar so you can control his direction and prevent him from heading out on to the interstate without a properly permitted vehicle. You wouldn't want your kid facing huge fines. 

Discovery Wagon

This wooden wagon/cart is high quality and a great indoor toy. It's made in Germany, which your little one won't understand but you know that means high quality. This toy can also be used by children as a sort of walker to help them stay upright when they're first learning to walk.

Anatex Six Sided Play Cube

This toy is great for older toddlers. They'll enjoy the colors and all the moving parts on this little activity center. My kids used to love going to the dentist because he had one of these in his waiting room. The actual dentist part they didn't love so much. 

Wooden Blocks - 90 Piece Set

Little boys love playing with blocks. I had blocks just like these when I was a kid, except they were all painted. That paint was probably full of lead, which explains why all my children have tentacles. I still find myself playing with these blocks, but they just don't taste the same. 

The Deluxe DUPLO Set

DUPLO is LEGO's younger sibling, although the bricks are twice the size. A lot of people don't realize that when your children get older you can transition them from DUPLO to LEGO without having to get rid of the DUPLO blocks. The regular LEGOs fit right into DUPLO blocks -- just in half the space. DUPLOs are a great way for your kids to show off their creative size and start building their own Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired creations. 


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