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Top 5 Toys For Toddler Girls - $200 And Up

Updated on May 30, 2015

Gotta keep the girls entertained

When girls reach that toddler stage they often start to get into things like dolls, but they really aren't old enough for Barbie or other dolls that have small parts or are too breakable for a rambunctious two-year-old. Here are some great toys for girls who are at that toddler age:

My First Baby Doll

The My First Baby Doll by i-play is perfect for toddlers for a number of reasons. For one, it's safe because it doesn't have any small pieces to break off. It's also soft and cuddly. Although expensive, it's durable and easier to wash than most other dolls. 

Kitchen Activity Center

I'm not trying to push little girls toward the kitchen. In fact, this playset was popular with the boys and the girls at my children's nursery school. It's better for older toddlers who are getting into using their imaginations and "playing house", which is a phase all children seem to go through. 

Little Tikes Playhouse

This little patio playhouse set is the perfect outdoor complement to the kitchen set above. As it turns out, even little kids like to sit out on their own patio on a warm summer day and sip lemonade like grandma used to make when they were young. Wait, what am I talking about?They are young, and grandma did make that lemonade! Lucky b@stards. 

Kettler Kettrike Happy Prinzessin Navigator

This little tricycle is better for toddlers than those old metal ones you probably had when you were a child. For one, it's size is more appropriate for small children. It's also safer, and not just because it doesn't have sharp metal edges and rusted handlebars. It's got a seatbelt and a steering lock that allows you to prevent it from turning. You'll make sure that your daughters go straight. Dick Cheney has already ordered a dozen of these. 

Princess table and chairs

Most little girls like to throw tea parties, and this princess table and chair are perfect for that. It's made of high quality materials, unlike some of the junk you might find at Wal-Mart. The company that makes this (Levels of Discovery) makes a bunch of matching pieces if you're looking for everything to coordinate everything in your daughter's room (and if you're looking to drop a couple grand). I'd start with the table and chairs and see what the tea party guests think. 


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