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Top 5 Underutilized Battle Items in Pokémon X and Y

Updated on April 6, 2014
Japanese screenshot of Weakness Policy
Japanese screenshot of Weakness Policy | Source

5. Weakness Policy

What it Does:

When the Pokémon holding this item is hit with a Super-Effective attack, its Attack and Special Attack rise two stages.

Pokémon that benefit From it:

Dragonite: This is rapidly becoming a very popular set for dragonite, and because of that, this item is at number 5. Dragonite's great bulk combined with its ability Mutliscale, which halves damage from an attack as long Dragonite is at full health, makes it a great user of Weakness Policy. This makes the Dragon Dance moveset much deadlier, as Dragonite can potentially be at +3 Attack and +1 speed after a Dragon Dance, making it very difficult to revenge kill. Dragonite also has access to Extremespeed to take care of most faster foes that don't resist it, furthering Dragonite's sweeping ability. Stealth Rock is this moveset's worst enemy however, as it negates Dragonite's ability and without Roost it can render Weakness Policy useless as Dragonite OHKO'ed by a super effective attack.

Aegislash: is a versatile and very bulky Pokémon that can take almost any super effective attack aimed at it very easily, as long as it's in Shield Forme. With fantastic offensive and defensive stats, it can take most hits while in Shield Forme, while further boosting itself with either Swords Dance or Autotomize. With Shadow Sneak and Shadow Ball hitting hard on both ends of the spectrum, Aegislash becomes a hard Pokémon to counter after Weakness Policy has activated. King's Shield makes it even harder to take down in some situations, and few Pokémon can reliably take it down. Luckily Aegislash is a very predictable Pokémon and because of that, it's very easy to play against and predict.

Four different weather stones
Four different weather stones

4. Weather Stones

What They Do:

When held by a Pokémon that uses a weather-inducing move or activates its weather-inducing ability, their duration is extended from 5 turns to 8 turns.

Pokémon That Benefit From it:

Heliolisk: makes a great weather inducer thanks to its ability Dry Skin and its Normal/Electric typing. With a Damp Rock and Rain dance it can gain reliable recovery in the rain and access to both Surf and Volt Switch means you can set up rain for another Pokémon to take advantage of instantly with Volt Switch. Surf also gains a boost in the rain and Dry Skin essentially gives Heliolisk leftovers recovery, making it a great support Pokémon for a rain team. It also makes a great partner to Politoed as well to keep the rain going.

Goodra: is a very specially bulky Pokémon and thanks to its ability Hydration it gains a great recovery move with Rest and is a great partner for most Pokémon that find a place on rain teams. Not only does is resist the Water, Electric, Grass and Fire moves that are very common and very dangerous to some of its partners, but it has a great support movepool and an even better offensive movepool. With its bulk and good typing both defensively, Goodra makes a fantastic partner for most Pokémon on Rain teams.

Salac Berry and Liechi Berry
Salac Berry and Liechi Berry | Source

3. Boosting berries

What They Do:

When the HP of the Pokémon that holds this item drops below 1/3, the berry is consumed and it boosts a corresponding stat by one stage.

Pokémon that Benefit from it:

Empoleon: one of Empoleon's most classic movesets is the SubPetaya set. This set revolves around using Substitute to not only ensure the safe set up of Agility, but to get Empoleon's HP down to get in range of consuming its Petaya Berry and boosting its Special Attack, and after using Agility it can sweep a good number of unprepared teams and after a boost from Torrent and a Petaya berry Empoleon's Hydro Pump can OHKO even some frail Pokémon that might resist it. Not only that, but Empoleon's unique Steel/Water typing gives it some good switch-in opportunities and lots of chances to set up a substitute and get at least one Agility up.

Poliwrath: can use a Liechi Berry in combination with Substitute and Focus Punch to give it some decent hitting power against most Pokémon. This also lets Poliwrath use Thief once it consumes its berry to hit the Ghost types that are immune to Focus Punch and cripple or OHKO some of them while simultaneously gaining an item. Although Poliwrath might not have the biggest attack stat to abuse with a Liechi Berry, but it can still preform very well once it gets a boost. Not to mention that Water Absorb also gives it some recovery with proper prediction.

Scope Lens
Scope Lens

2. Scope Lens

What it Does:

A Pokémon holding this item has its Critical Hit chance boosted by one stage.

Pokemon That Benefit from it:

Kingdra: This set has become infamous for Kingdra's combination of Focus Energy and Sniper. With a Scope Lens equipped, Kingdra's Critical Hit chance becomes 100% after one Focus Energy. Not only that, but Critical Hits don't factor in stat drops so Kingdra's Draco Meteor will always hit with full power, regardless of how many times it's been used. This goes for all of Kingdra's attacks, and with Kingdra's good movepool, it's very hard to wall with the correct moveset. The only downside to this set is Kingdra's mediocre Speed stat, which leaves it open to being OHKO'ed by other faster Dragon-Types, which are common.

Swellow: The rising popularity of Ghost types and Flying type cores makes Swellow a bit of a rising star thanks to its Ability Scrappy and great Speed stat. Scrappy lets Swellow hit incoming Ghost types with STAB Return and Quick Attack, and Focus Energy gives it a great edge in battle to compliment its great Speed. Guts is arguably a better ability due to the prominence of Will-O-Wisp users and Toxic users. Guts gives Swellow an even bigger boost offensively. With a Guts boost and a 100% Critical Hit chance Swellow can be a huge threat in the metagame.

Red Card TCG artwork
Red Card TCG artwork | Source

1. Red Card

What it Does:

When the Pokémon holding this item is hit with a physical attack, the attacker is switched out with a random Pokémon on the opponent's team.

Pokémon that benefit from it:

Togekiss: with Togekiss' great bulk and decent defensive typing, it's a great candidate for a Red Card. A Red Card allows it to more easily set up a Nasty Plot to sweep with, or to get around any Ground types or Steel types that counter Togekiss or can stop its set up. A Red Card also lets it get around Pokémon that might give your team trouble early in the match, or stop a sweeper later on in the game. Overall, Togekiss' bulk and great set up moves make Red Card's surprise factor that much easier to capitalize on.

Slurpuff: With unburden and decent bulk, Slurpuff makes a good user of Red Card. It has access to Calm Mind and Belly Drum as boosting moves, although a Sitrus Berry is the better item for that set. With Unburden, a Red Card, and Substitute Slurpuff can become an excellent late-game sweeper. It has a great special attacking movepool and cna make use of great coverage moves like Psychic and Flamethrower after one or two Calm Mind boosts. While some might argue that the Belly Drumm set is superior, the special attacking variant of Slurpuff still has lots of benefits and better coverage.

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Overall, the introduction of some of these items and the changes in mechanics to old ones, not to mention all of the new Pokémon that can use them have made the 6th gen. metagame a haven for creative battling. While many of the usual items are still very prominent, such as Choice items Leftovers Life Orb and Focus Sash, these few items are often overlooked and can yield surprising results in some situations, and can make for more strategic battles.

If I missed anything or if you have suggestions for other items or Pokémon, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

For battles, trades, and general Pokémon talk follow me on Twitter @danny_saya


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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 3 years ago from Australia

      I can definitely say I've never used any of these items in battle but some of the ways you suggesting using them are quite unique. I think I'll be changing up my strategy a little.

    • profile image

      James Storms 3 years ago

      Really good I like all your work it is MAJESTIC :) Keep it have improved my skills I had a tournament with my cousins one day and i was super close to beating the leader of our group so thanks for all the advice I love your theories. THANK YOU :) Thumbs Up