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Top 5 Upcoming Augmented Reality Games for the iPhone

Updated on April 11, 2011

Introduction to the Top Augmented Reality Games for the iPhone

I only recently purchased an iPhone, but I really have already fallen in love with this versatile device. One of the most exciting features I have seen however is a rather techie sounding name, Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality brings a whole new level of immersion to the world of iPhone games, and it is actually surprisingly simple in premise. However it is the first real step to combining virtual reality with reality, and it promises to create a whole new genre of game-play!

There are a variety of augmented reality iPhone games available, but in my top 5 list I will be giving you my favorite iPhone augmented reality games.

Augmented Reality iPhone Game
Augmented Reality iPhone Game

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the term for when a game or application overlays the real world with a virtual world. This is nothing particularly new, but with the wide adoption of the iPhone, suddenly millions of people have access to an augmented world through the lens of their iPhone camera.

You might want a rangefinder for when you play golf, or maybe you might want to fight off hordes of spaceships planning to invade Earth. But whether it is information or enemies that you want in your real world, Augmented reality can make it a possibility

5) AR Drone

AR Drone is an amazing mix of reality and virtual entertainment. With AR Drone you get an actual flying drone which works off the WiFi connection on your iPhone, and you can look out through the drones eyes.

While you fly through your flying drones camera, you can explore the world around you, or play some fantastic 'tag' games, and even an upcoming battle game. Be warned though, at nearly $300 a piece, this is an expensive addition to your augmented reality games collection!

4) AR Invaders

With a variety of sci-fi movies out there portraying apocalyptic invasions by alien invaders, it is probably about time you were given chance to get your own back. AR Invaders lets you defend your own skyline from waves of alien space ships looking to rest control of earth.

Whether you live ina city or village, you will have to put in some quick fire action to help save your own town from destruction at the hands of the aliens in this awesome augmented reality iPhone game

3) Star Wars Falcon Gunner

Star Wars Falcon Gunner puts you at the controls of the Millennium Falcon. Over your own city scape you can fight off hordes of tie fighters as they attempt to destroy you, If your own city is not quite futuristic enough, there are some pre-rendered scenes that you can fight on though!

This simple but addictive iPhone augmented reality game is perfect for those people who loved te Star Wars films, and would love to have the futuristic world of Star Wars come crashing down to earth in an epic space battle!

2) AR Defender

AR Defender is a slightly different game to most iPhone AR games that are out there. To play AR Defender you must print out a pattern, which will be the base of your tower. On this base your virtual tower will spawn, which you can upgrade to help defend against the seemingly endless waves of attackers.

With AR Defender you will find yourself with an addictive pick up and play augmented reality game which lets you defend anything from your desk to your stereo!

1) Traveller-AR

Traveller-AR is one of the most ambitious AR games out there, for starters it will be one of the first fully 3D iPhone MMORPG games to appear on the market. It will have trading, exploration, and of course, battles!

Traveller-AR is actually based on the old Pen and Paper RPG game Traveller, and thanks tho over three decades of pen and paper imagination, Traveller-AR has over 40,000 star systems to explore, and over 350,000 space objects which can be interacted with!


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    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 6 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      I might get a chance to play the Augmented reality drone game soon, will update if I do!