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Top 5 Video Game Consoles 2014

Updated on December 29, 2013

Video Game Consoles 2014

Ever since the introduction of Pong, video game consoles have been an integral part of home entertainment. With the success of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, or simply NES, many developers of video game consoles have been present on the market, and also many of them had stopped producing consoles. It is a tricky business that requires a lot of marketing and a solid hardware that will hold up for a certain number of years. The development of electronics in general has spurred the improvement of video game consoles and has brought us to the point where the hardware is capable of producing almost real-life animations. The holiday season is coming, as well as the introduction of next generation of consoles with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so it might be a good time to catch up or purchase current generation of video game consoles as a gift.

Since there has been so many consoles produced during the span of 30+ years, we have decided to keep this list to the current generation of consoles, but also add a little blast from the past. When it comes to video game consoles it is all about personal preference and titles, that is why we decided not to number them. Therefore this list will just contain top 5 video game consoles without any particular order. These consoles could be perfect Christmas gifts for your beloved ones who enjoy virtual entertainment or for those who are starting a video game collection and still do not own some of these systems. With Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo being the most prominent companies in modern video game console market, we have decided to compile a list of their products that have come out in this generation of video gaming. It is understandable that every gamer has his/her favorite and that is why we have decided to include them all. Plus, the talk about video game consoles would not be complete without mentioning the most successful console of all time, therefore we have decided to include that product too.

Sony PS3 160 GB

Sony PlayStation One was at one point the sole ruler of video game consoles market, with advanced graphics and huge games stored on CD disks instead of cartridges. The momentum made by PS One, and later extended heavily by PlayStation 2, enabled Sony to stay a powerful force on the market. Their current console is titled PlayStation 3 and it came with a lot of neat features that introduced us to the current generation of video gaming. The product we present to you is the fourth generation of PlayStation 3 hardware which includes a lot of features, including the 160 GB Hard Disk Drive (or HDD).

Other features are the built-in Wi-Fi connection, two USB ports and HDMI with Sony Bravia Sync for 1080 pixels resolution and connectivity. Dualshock 3 wireless controller represents the latest development of the famous Dualshock joystick and is included with this bundle. With amazing processor and graphics unit, this console will make all of your gaming dreams come true. You can play almost all of the new games coming out, including the bestseller Grand Theft Auto V on this console. Although there is a newer version with 500 GB HDD, 160 Gigs of internal memory is sufficient for your games, movies and PlayStation Network download. The console enables easy online access and gaming, providing the gamer with latest titles and offline/online gaming experience.

Nintendo Wii

Since the release of Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980s, Nintendo has been on the video gaming market in a form of a very prominent force. The company is well known around the world and there are moms still calling every video game console Nintendo, which tells you a lot about the popularity of the brand. Nintendo has always tried to introduce something new in the video gaming world, the best example perhaps being the analog stick on the Nintendo 64 joystick, which has now become a standard piece of the video game controllers. With Nintendo Wii they have gone a whole new step, with adding wireless and interactive controllers and video game controls. This console is designed for everyone, from small children to grandparents.

This family based system comes with motion sensors already included in the console, which means that you do not have to purchase additional motion equipment like Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Move. The console ships out with already included Wii Sports video game that has become a favorite among many gamers in the entire world. With great processing speed and graphics chip, this console will present to you some amazing graphics with characters molded after modeling clay. Numerous game library offers fun for every generation of your family and this could be a perfect gift for the whole family, as the console is in fact designed so that everyone can play video games on it.

Xbox 360 4GB

When Microsoft came into the video came console market with their original Xbox console, many gamers were skeptical, but soon this black box started to turn heads – especially when first person shooter Halo came out. With some of the great titles and enhanced graphics, Xbox managed to hold his own in a war with Sony PlayStation 2 and the result of that was the current generation video game console Xbox 360. With design that is fashioned after your regular PC, Xbox managed to bring forth a console that was cheaper to produce and had modern chips in it. A lot of gamers switched sides from PlayStation to Xbox when the current generation of video game consoles came out. Sadly to say the Xbox One had the opposite effect because of some mistakes that the general concept had, but that does not mean that Xbox 360 is an excellent current generation video game console.

Besides the standard model with 4 Gigs of internal memory, which we are presenting today, there are other models, like the one with 250 GB HDD. This is a sleeker version of console and does not take up a lot of space like the original one. The console comes with built-in Wi-Fi and a wireless controller enabling you to move away from the TV. The Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to connect to Xbox LIVE where you can purchase downloads or play online with other players. This is also an interactive console which enables you to stream movies, connect to Facebook and listen to music online. Xbox 360 is a perfect gift for any gamer and is sure to bring countless hours of fun.

Nintendo Wii U

Despite the similar name, Nintendo Wii U is not an upgraded version of the Nintendo Wii console. This is actually a new console that stands on its own. The name of course is confusing, but that should not deter you if you express desire to purchase this video game console. Many features were upgraded since Nintendo Wii and you are now able to play new titles from Nintendo in 1080 pixel HD resolution. Plus, you can also play Wii games on this console which has the upgraded processing and graphics chip. The new hardware upgrade also enables you to play all of the latest video games which have HD graphics, thus making this console more than just a fun family toy.

The new gamepad that comes with a built-in touch screen might seem a bit bulky, but it is a fun interactive device which will extend your options beyond the TV. With the added Wi-Fi connection, this console now enables you to go online, purchase games, stream movies and listen to music. The move to newer hardware enables Wii U to expand to the more hardcore gamer population, but still maintains the family values of the Wii console with the all new fun games and support of the Wii controller. This console is a great Christmas gift as it represents the new generation of gaming that comes from the household brand Nintendo and it is maybe an ideal purchase for someone who has “outgrown” the Wii but still wants to have the ability to play those fun family games.

PlayStation 2

Talk about video game consoles is not complete without the mention of the most successful video game console ever – the PlayStation 2. Riding on the success of PlayStation One, Sony released a whole new console and ushered us into a new era of video gaming. The graphics switched from bits to 3D and we were all amazed and excited. With one of the first games that was produced for the PlayStation 2, the tenth entry in the popular JRPG Final Fantasy series, we were able for the first time to see graphics that represented full 3D models of video game characters and very beautiful background graphics which took our breath away. A lot could be said about PlayStation 2, but it is enough to state that it still is the bestselling video game console of all time and that it had a life span of incredible twelve years. Although it is discontinued, you are still able to purchase one directly from Sony, so it might be a good time to get a copy of this famous console.

PlayStation 2 has some amazing hardware which has stood the test of time very well. Including the DVD drive and the Ethernet cable connector, the console comes with, at the time, amazing graphics processor and Dualshock 2 controllers which are an improvement on original design and include the two analog sticks and vibration ability. With a library of 3870 official game releases PS2 has one of the largest video game libraries and the astonishing fact is that there are still games being released for this console even today. Many generations of gamers have grown up with the PlayStation 2 console and since it is discontinued, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the price drop and purchase one, either for your collection or for your kids.



With the new generation of video game consoles being around the corner, now might be a perfect time to upgrade your hardware to the current generation, or maybe buy yourself a piece of hardware that is missing in your video game collection. Also, since the holiday season is coming these consoles could be a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. In this article we have presented to you all of the consoles from the current generation, with the addition of honorable mention from the past. Depending on who you want to buy console for, you have the option to purchase five different console systems, all with different features and game libraries. We hope that we were able to help you with the decision and aided you in purchasing a perfect gift, either for yourself or for your loved ones.



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