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Top 5 Visual Novels Of All Time

Updated on January 24, 2016

5. Violated Hero Series:

To date 3 of them are in English.
The storyline is fantastic and the gameplay is good.
It's more of a dungeon crawler than anything else.
The mosters in the game are actually pretty hot,
And the sex scenes are really hot.
The game series has quite a lot of fetish stuff involved in it.
So if you like the idea of been eaten or like girls feet then this is the game for you.
I have never actually finished the full series...
But the game series is fantastic and worth playing.
To start with it's really hard!
But with time when you learn the controls it gets a lot easier.
You'll also notice the graphics get a lot better as the games go on.
There are quite a few of them to get through so be prepaired for a long quest!

4. Sunrider Academy:

The story for this one is just fantastic.
After a little while it gets a little slow but it's worth playing through.
I loved every second of this game when i played through it and i am pretty sure anyone that plays it will love it too.
It's set in a highschool and all the girls in the game are really hot.
The gameplay is just like a standard visual novel...
But the sec scenes are really hot.
There is a foot fetish scene in the game as you get into it and all the sex is really hot no matter who you choose to romance.
I put this at number 4 only because it's not very long...
But still worth playing none the less.
When i first tried this game i actually didn't think much to it.
But after the first 20 minutes or so it gets really good.

3. Kara no Shoujo:

3. Kara no Shoujo:
The story for this one is really dark!
It's more about the mystery than anything else.
But there is still a lot of sex and romance involved.
It can be really graphic and scary in parts so think about that before you play this.
there is a foot fetish scene in this game too but it's not very big.
The characters make you want to help save them and as the dark mystery unfolds you just want to learn more!
This was actually one of the first visual novels i ever played and i loved every second of it.
This might not be a good one to start out with for some as it's really dark and graphic.
This game has quite a few upsetting violent scenes.
But if you can put up with those then this dark mystery is fantastic.

2. Monster Girl Quest:

This was actually the first visual novel i ever played.
I got it just before the second one was translated.
It didn't cost that much either.
The story is absolutly fantastic!
The girls are beautiful.
And again they have a lot of fetish stuff.
It's set in a really good fantasy world that you want to become a part of.
The battle scenes are fun and the controls are also pretty easy to use.
You need a lot of stratagy in this one as it gets really hard as you get through the game.
I know some people like to just skip the talking for the sex scenes...
But doing that in this one would be a mistake as you need to know what's going on to understand how to use the combat system.

1. Kamidori Alchemy Meister:

This is at number one because of what it is.
The story is absolutly fantastic.
The gameplay is brilliant and the length of this game is really long.
It's actually one of the longer visual novels.
It's more of a JRPG than anything else to be honest.
But the sex scenes are very well done.
The companion system is well made and the companion quests are good too.
This game as you traveling all over the fantasy world and makes you feel like you're part of it.
I have played through this game twice now and i look forward to playing through it again for the third time.

Why I Chose These Games

The reason i chose these games is based on what i love.

The story line always has to be strong.

i prefer for the game to have a few foot fetish scenes and i love when it's a fantasy or dark game.

There are quite a few good Visual Novels out there.

But not all of them are all that long or have any foot fetish scenes at all.

There is at least one foot fetish scene in each one of these and the story is brilliant in each one.

Most of them are fantasy and set in fictional worlds full of fantasy and beauty!

That's because it's what i really enjoy.

I might do a second list later on with Visual Novels that are more serious and maybe even some horror novels.

If you love fantasy or have a foot fetish you'll really enjoy all of these games.

I know i did anyway.

Thanks for reading i hope you enjoy the games.


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