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Top 5 best Tower Defense Games for PC 2014

Updated on September 1, 2014

Tower Defense games are the RTS video games where RTS stands for Real time strategy.In these type of games,player has to stop enemies before they cross the map by constructing obstacles.These towers shoot at the enemies if they go near to it.Whenever a player kills an enemy,he earns some reward points which he can use to upgrade the towers.The first ever Tower Defense game was "Rampart" which was released as a prototype in 1990.By the start of 21st century,many present day Tower defense game series like Age of Empires,Warcraft,Star craft had entered this industry.

Here,i will be showing the list of best Tower defence/Defense games that are released for PC in 2014 or before.Also,please leave your valuable vote in the poll below.If you like this list,please share it in social networking sites.

1# Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare.

Plants vs Zombies is one of the famous Tower defense type Video game released for PC and Gaming consoles.This is a third person shooter and a tower defense game.It was published by Electronic arts,popularly known as EA.

The player can control either Plants or zombies from third person perspective.Before progressing,player has to complete certain levels and objectives to reach each class.Later,on increasing of levels,player can upgrade his Plants,zombies.He can also get new Characters.There are nearly 10 modes in this game which include single player and Multiplayer.All in all,this game is a very good Tower Defense game for PC.

#2 Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders is the tower defense game released for PC by Trendy Entertainment on December 05th,2010.After the first two weeks of it's release date,this game has got nearly 250 thousand copy sales.By the end of 2012,there are nearly 1 Million copies of DD sold in the world.This game also won some awards for it's gameplay and Interface.

This game is a mixture of Tower defense,RPG and action/adventure categories.In this game,each group consists of 1 to 4 players.Their job is to save the Eternia crystals from being stolen by the enemies.The hard levels are pretty tough for the newbies.The graphics of this game are truly awesome.This game is available in Amazon for a price of $15.

Dungeon Defenders Gameplay
Dungeon Defenders Gameplay
Sanctum 2 [Online Game Code]
Sanctum 2 [Online Game Code]

Sequel for "Best Selling Sanctum"


3# Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2 is next installment for Sanctum released on May 15,2013 for PlayStation,XBOX and Microsoft Windows.Although it was announced in 2012,the release was postponed that time.This game,however did not get much popularity from the users.Anyway,the Graphics of this game are truly fantastic when compared to some 2D Tower defense games.

In this game player has to take control of one of the 4 characters while include Skyw Autumn,Sweet Autumn(Skye's Sister),Haigen Hawkins and SiMo(A robot).This plot of the game is much similar to all the other Tower defense games.But,you can expect some good graphics in this game.

#4 Kingdom Rush

Another interesting Tower Defense game for PC.This game was developed by Ironhide game studio and was released on July 28,2011.It joined steam from unity port In January 2014.

The plot of this game is somewhat different from the other games in this list of best tower defense games for PC.In this game,player can build tower in the empty slots present in each level.During the start of each level,player will be given some money with which he has to build towers in the empty slots.Once the monster starts moving from the other end,the player has to construct towers in order to kill the monster.Killing monster will give money for the player which he can use to upgrade his towers.The upgraded towers have more capability to kill the monsters than the un-updated ones.

#5 Orcs Must Die! 2

Orcs must Die ! 2 is the successor for Orcs must Die! 1.This game was released for PC on July 30,2012 by Robot Entertainment.The plot of the game is similar to that of the prototype(Orcs must die).The enemies somehow enter into the maze from one of the gates.However,the player will have enough time to avoid them reaching the towers by building obstacles or traps.

To build the traps,the player should have some money which will be given to him during the start of the level.Also for level ups and Kills,player receives some money which he can use to upgrade his Traps.If the orcs overcome the traps,they player will lose some "Rift points".If the rift points come to zero,then the level is considered to be lost and player has to restart from the beginning.All in all,this game is one of the best tower defense games for PC.


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      NoKnown 3 years ago

      Garden Warfare was a "TOWER" defense?

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      llan 3 years ago


    • electronician profile image

      Dean Walsh 3 years ago from Birmingham, England

      I played Kingdom Rush, its pretty good for a free game.