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5 best cricket games for PC

Updated on July 2, 2016

Firstly I’ve to say the cricket video games are very rare. And it doesn’t come out frequently. You are lucky if at least one cricket game released once in a year. And I also have to say the graphics aren’t up to today’s standard. But as an avid fan of cricket I’m really recommends these games. And here are the best cricket games for PC.

#5 EA cricket 2005

With over 35+ stadiums and tv style presentation this game is very enjoyable. And the commentary is from Richie Benaud.

What’s in the game?

The teams are very few but fully licensed English team is available to play. You can create your own player in this game. 1000+ motions captured animations and very detailed players.

#4 EA cricket 2007

This is the first cricket video game I ever played in my life. It’s a very good game. The players are very easy to control and more responsive.

What’s in the game?

New century stick batting system. The game has 1-day international, limited over cricket and test match modes. You can also play ashes cricket tournament.

#3 Brian Lara International Cricket 2007

This is the best game from the series BLIC. If you don’t know what’s cricket then you should try this game. It has a coaching mode with commentary. This tutorial mode will teach you the basics of cricket.

What’s in the game?

The game features 240 licensed international players. The game has multiplayer leagues, exhibition matches; warm up matches, champion’s league 2006 and world cup 2007 mode. There are 8 officially licensed cricket stadiums and other stadiums are available to play.

#2 Brian Lara International Cricket 2005

Do you want a piece of early days of cricket? Then this is the best game you should get.

What’s in the game?

One day international, test mach and world cup are playable. Animated ducks are waddling on screen, hawk-eye prediction and all star commentary team. And legendry players are available to play. But there’s no 20-20 mode because it’s not the reigning days of limited over game.

#1 Ashes: Cricket 2009

I don’t want to explain what is Ashes tournament? If you’re a true cricket fan then you already know what it is? Or google it. Cricket 2009 is the best game currently you can get now. Because it has everything you wanted.

What’s in the game?

12 countries, 18 international stadiums, Hawk-eye prediction, One day international, 20-20, test matches and Ashes. The game is heavily customizable and plenty of mods are available.

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    • profile image

      JUNAID JOYIA 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Arpith 5 years ago

      Ashes Cricket 2009 is much better in gameplay as well as graphics. EA Cricket 07 has good design of the players and animations but the gameplay will get boring. Say for example, if you hit the ball to a cover drive, the ball will only travel to the boundary through a fixed path i.e. No variation of the ball traveling. The catches taken are automatic whereas in Ashes 09 and BLIC 07 there is a button where you have to catch the ball during the right timing and doing that is not all that difficult (once you get used to it) . But I gotta say making a cricket videogame is much much difficult.

    • profile image

      Arpith 5 years ago

      The best ones are Ashes Cricket 09 and BLIC 07. EA Cricket sucks, if you are looking for fully licensed teams (just teams) then you better go for BLIC 07 or EA Cricket 2005. The gameplay for EA Cricket 05 and 07 suck because there is no variation for the shots. There is a stroke variation patch by modders available at the Internet but that is not all that satisfying even though they (modders) have done a good job .