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Top 5 Best Racing Games for PC, PS3, and Xbox 2014-2015

Updated on September 15, 2014

Racing games are the third most popular kind of video game. I especially enjoy playing these games - especially the ones that are based off real-life sporting events such as Formula 1 or NASCAR. So, if you're looking for a fun and exciting racing game, then check out this list which rounds up the five best racing games for the PC, PS3, and Xbox.

#5 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


This is a mascot racing game where players take on the role of characters from Sega franchise games. There are a number of gameplay improvements in this sequel, namely the ability to switch between cars, boats, and planes at various points in the race. There are also additional weapons, such as exploding engines, swarms of wasps, and frozen snowballs.

Skeptics may have their doubts about this game, but they have no idea how it is. I play this on my Android mobile phone and the well-designed gameplay, arena, and characters make it one of my favorites. All in all, this game takes fifth on the list.

Check out the gameplay below.

You can select Pc,PS3 and xbox versions

#4 Formula 1 2012

Based on the 2012 Formula 1 racing season, this game allows you to play as any of the 12 teams and 24 drivers, including Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and others. It also contains all of the 12 Grand Prix circuits of 2012 F1 season including the Indian Greater Noida Buddh circuit. The circuits are so realistic that F1 drivers Sam Bird and Stefano Coletti reported that they were good enough to train on.

The game also includes a "Champions Mode," in which the player must beat the six World Champions racing in the 2012 in succession like end-of-level bosses. There's also "Season Challenge" mode which allows players to play for shorter amounts of time. Finally, there's "One-Shot Qualifying," in which a player has only a single lap to qualify for a race.

It's a truly excellent and fun game.

#3 Grid 2


The sequel to 2008's Race Driver: Grid, Grid 2 was released in 2013. You can race in a number of real world locations and cities and can drive classic cars that range over four decades. It also comes with a new handling system called "True Feel," that tries to balance realism with ease of play.

Drivers can unlock more car models by completing challenges and those cars' colours and shades can be customized.

Pro tip: use a keyboard rather than the controller. The car is a lot easier to control that way.

#2 F1 2013

While everyone eagerly awaits the release of F1 2014, we shouldn't forget how awesome F1 2013 is. This game has all eleven teams from the 2013 season along with the 19 circuits and Grands Prix. There's a "Classic Edition" that has additional drivers and cars from the 1990s and 1980s. You can race older cars on new tracks and newer cars on older tracks. There are also additional circuits including Estoril, Imola, Brands Hatch, and Jerez. The main selling points for this game are its graphics and easy to navigate menu.

#1 Need for Speed: Rivals


Need for Speed is the best racing games series on any platform. The game's graphics, map, and car design far surpasses any other racing game on the market. You can play either as a Racer or a Cop, with each side of the law having its own objectives and challenges. There are a number of upgradeable features, such as EMPs, shockwaves, and the ability to construct roadblocks. It's an open world game with over 100 miles of open road. This all makes it the best racing game for PC, PS3, and Xbox.

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