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Top 5 nintendo add on fails

Updated on March 25, 2014

All game console manufactures create accessories that often time fail or just because they didn’t come packed in with the system aren’t has widely supported has they could be. However out of all the game consoles only one console manufacture has pound to pound the most underused or pointless game accessories and that would be Nintendo. I am counting down the top 5 Nintendo made accessories I think are useless that I own that I think are useless. These 5 have Nintendo Fail written all over them.


Number 1 I have to own them there are tons of other per phials that I know of that are also complete crap but I never own and some are actually quite rare. Sorry but I never owned R.O.B the Robot so I can’t place it here. Besides if you know game history you know why R.O.B existed and it did its job quite well. It may have sucked has a game accessory but it got the NES into many a video game hating toy store because he came packaged in. I also didn’t bother to pick up a GameCube modem adapter that allowed you to take your gamecube and play online games with it (which I believe the amount of games that actually use this feature was less than 3).

Number 2: it must have been made by the Big N, no Mad Catz or other crappy 3rd party developer this stuff is all Nintendo fail.

Number 3: It must not have come with the basic system bundle. This means no Power Pad and no Wii U touch screen controller.

Nothing says portable like having a huge brick and cord on the back of the system

And that GBA is not pink it's fucia.
And that GBA is not pink it's fucia.

Number 5 Gameboy advance power adapter.

Before the GBA SP hit the market Nintendo devices ran on AA batteries. And while they were by no means battery eaters, especially compare to their competitors. None the less batteries were still an expense if you owned a Nintendo hand held back in the day. But for around 20 dollars you could buy an extra AC adapter. Now on all Gameboy models up in till then ran on a little nub in the back you could plug it into, with it the unit would get power from the adapter and not the batteries. Now sometimes the nub would break like with my Gameboy, or sometimes like my Gameboy color the unit would fall off the desk it was on and hit the ac adapter jack the right way to totally break both the adapter and the nub meaning either get use to buying batteries or get it fixed by Nintendo. That said usually the AC adapters did their job if you weren’t on the go and didn’t mind being stuck to a length of a short cord in the wall you could play Pokemon for hours.

Then the GBA came along and next to the fact that you needed a flood light in order to see the screen another annoyance came to gamers that the AC adapter they could buy went into the same place has the batteries. That’s right in order to use the AC adapter for this thing you have to take out the batterys, stick this giant thing in with an ac cord, and keep the battery case off (which means you could lose the battery case and have the extra headache of tapping the batteries in) in order to use. It also means that if you were going on the road you had to take the AC adapter out, find batteries, and the case to the back. Can you say enormous pain in the ass and next to the fact that the screen is too dark this is probably the worst thing Nintendo did with the original model Gameboy Advance.

So was having an AC adapter for old school Gameboys a good thing, yes it was. Was having it implemented this way an epic fail you better believe it.

It made zelda 4 swords fun and that's about it.
It made zelda 4 swords fun and that's about it.

Number 4 Gameboy Advance to GameCube transfer cables.

Now let me make this clear if you can round up enough cables, and enough people with old GBA’s, The Legend of Zelda 4 Swords is a real big blast to play. But outside of that only two other games use them. The first is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles which is lame, and the other one is Animal Crossing which really didn’t use it that much. The whole idea is that you could use the GBA has an extra screen and controller (gee this failure sound familiar) and it worked for 4 swords has each of your Links could go off to solve puzzles and help the others get past obstacles (or if you were a competitive douche you could destroy them). Animal Crossing allowed you to down load NES roms onto the GBA’s primary memory meaning you could take them on the go has long has you didn’t turn your system off. It wasn’t a bad idea at the time, but let’s just say despite some of its faults I do enjoy the 3ds Virtual Console a whole lot more.

Outside of that these cables are useless, it wouldn’t be too bad but they were advertised on the back of the original GBA box has something that both systems would be utilizing, even though nothing really came out of them. And two other things really piss me off about this idea too. First off I talked to people who mistake these link cables has allowing you to play GBA games on the gamecube and on the TV, that is another accessory called the Gameboy player (which is a really good accessory to have if you can find a working one with the disc that came with it).

2nd thing is that the idea is not really a bad idea, were actually seeing Sony go to town with this idea on the Vita and the Vita TV. So Nintendo why with new wireless technology haven’t you allowed a Wii U and 3ds hook up, a new 4 Swords Zelda game would be great using it. How about letting me take my virtual console games from the Wii U on to my 3ds so I can go on the road with them. And hey your new system stresses a touch screen however only one person can have that controller, why not allow a 3ds to be synch with the system so two people can use a touch screen if they have it. The idea is not terrible, the extra expense of the cord was were the idea sucked. But now that Nintendo can easily integrate a link between there portables and there game cones and they don’t do it and I have to ask why??? So yeah the idea of having portables hooked up to your console does have some potential, but having to go out and buy an expensive cord is a Nintendo fail.

Number 3 Gameboy Advance E reader

When it came to useless accessories Nintendo sure went over the top with the Gameboy Advance, and this expensive card reader is probably the most expensive item on this list. The idea is kind of similar in a way I guess to what Disney and Activsion are doing with their toy collecting games, buy a toy, place it on the reader, and use that character in the game. The idea is that Nintendo would release cards for games and you could plug it into the ereader. I guess Pokémon and Animal Crossing had their games, and it acted like a very early virtual console has Nintendo released card packs that contained classic NES games on them. Even Pokemon Trading cards had cards that could be scanned in. So why is it a fail well for 40 dollars not much really came out for it. Sure a few NES game did and some animal crossing game cards did, but not that much. And it was a pain to use to get one NES game going you had to have 5 cards, and then scan the cards on two sides (which means at least 10 slides through) and hope the dang thing got all of it so you could start your game. Yeah I am glad the 3ds has the virtual console because this is a pain to use. Again may have been a good idea that was ahead of its time and technology, and because of that it’s was a pain to use with too little support. Yeah it’s a Nintendo fail.

sorry I got no photo for this, I sold it a while ago.

Stupid accessory for a stupid control scheme

Hey you know what would be more better then this. If the stand came with goggles that could only display the color red
Hey you know what would be more better then this. If the stand came with goggles that could only display the color red

Number 2 the 3ds stand for Kid Icarus.

What can I say this game is probably to blame for the grief Nintendo got in the first year of the 3ds? I guess they mistook the wow and shock they got when games like this, Kingdom Hearts, and Mega Man Legends 3 were announced for it that it was the system itself. Nintendo didn’t launch with Kid Icarus instead giving us pilot wings and Nintendog (yeah nothing screams like core game audience like virtual dog training) with Kid Icarus and Kingdom Hearts over a year away and Mega Man Legends 3 getting canceled the 3ds went into the slump. But great joy was had about 1 year after the 3ds was released Kid Icarus finally flew into stores. But what’s this Nintendo decided to do a rather eccentric control scheme. The analog stick would move Pitt, meanwhile gamers would use the stylus and the touch screen to aim and the shoulder buttons to fire. This meant that holding the unit would make your hands bleed because the 3ds somewhat sharp edges would dig into your skin.

To prevent having to send out more gloves like they did with the original Mario Party for the N64 Nintendo gave us a stand, you put your 3ds on it and supposable this was more comfortable to hold and allow you to access the buttons better. But the stand is a tricky thing to set up, the 3ds often doesn’t stay there, you don’t hit the sweet spot for the 3d effect at all, and you now need a table to play a hand held device. So rather than making a bad situation better it just made it a whole lot worse. Know what I did I shelved the stand, went into the options and put the target reticle buttons to the A,B,X,Y buttons and enjoyed a slower pace but still a lot less frustrating game then if I had kept it in the default. The stand is not needed, the 2nd control scheme is way better than the default this is just a Nintendo fail.

And again another thing that ticked me off is about 2 months later Nintendo released an accessory that they themselves don’t really support (but Capcom does) and that is a 2nd analog stick attachment with 2 extra shoulder buttons. Not only does this make the original 3ds more comfortable to hold but that 2nd analog stick would have done a lot better job of getting the shooter mechanics in Kid Icraus better than using the touch screen.

(oh wait I think it does use it but rather the a twin stick shooter it just lets you use the 2nd analog stick if your left handed to hold it, Nintendo you fail)

Nothing says pain like holding this in your hands for hours

Number 1 the Wii Zapper

What can I say about this retarded paper weight made by Nintendo. Sure the 20 dollars people spent wasn’t all wasted it came with a pretty sweet and simple light gun game called Link’s Cross Bow training. But while the game was fun using the zapper with it just wasn’t. After all what the Zapper is a piece of plastic, it in itself is nothing special.

It was originally made though to make light gun games more realistic and the wii remote and numchuck controllers more comfortable and easy to use. It’s original look kind of match an updated Zapper that looked comfortable to hold and use. Unfortunately a whole bunch of whiny no nothing about video game parent groups got riled up by the media, because oh by god my little Timmy is going to have a video game gun, its’ going to turn him violent, ohh for shame. I guess Nintendo must have caved or either they themselves thought it was a good idea for it to be shaped like this.(I guess a little bit of both) and we got this rather than being more comfortable to hold it was more awkward. The nun chuck hardly stayed on, you have to reach to hold the fire button, and the thing felt way to large and heavy trying to look something out of a bad star trek episode.

My thought was to Nintendo your response to these angry parents is thank you for your input but you really need to stop talking because you parents really don’t know what you’re talking about. Light guns have been a part of gaming since the beginning; the original Odyssey had a rifle attachment with it that looked 100 times more like a fire arm then this piece of plastic. It’s called the Wii Zapper after the Zapper that came with the NES 20 years before and again looks more like a real light gun. Rather than complaining why not I don’t know learn how to use are console so you can set up the parental controls.

Weather it was Nintendo’s bad idea or a group of whiny no nothing parents the Wii Zapper is awkward, uncomfortable to use, and completely pointless. Biggest Nintendo failure when it comes to their accessories of all time.

So that’s my list if you got any more useless accessory’s feel free to talk about them in the comments below.

Which do you think is nintendo biggest fail

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    • tommylop profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Colorado.

      You can change the controls to target using the ayxb buttons on the side and it makes the game a whole lot better. But if they used the 2nd analog stick it would have made it one,of the best,games nintendo ever made

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      4 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Great article here and I remember most of these as I grew up with Nintendo. The only one I owned however as the 3DS stand which didn't make Kid Icarus any more playable, which is a shame because it could've been a great game if not for the horrendous control scheme (especially for left handed people such as myself). I love the rules you set for yourself making the article an even more interesting read!

      Voted up, interesting, funny and awesome! I'll be sure to follow for more! ^^


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