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The 7 Top Fun Bukkit Plugins

Updated on April 12, 2014

What are CraftBukkit Plugins?

CraftBukkit is a modification to the Vanilla Minecraft Server that allows the use of various plugins and additions to improve and supplement the game. CraftBukkit plugins, which are developed by third-parties, can add new things to the Minecraft Multiplayer experience such as new vehicles, items, commands, and more. While many plugins are designed to improve the mechanics of gameplay, this list focuses on the plugins that are found in the "fun" category of CraftBukkit.

*Most of the plugins on this list are little-known or not commonly used, as most of the major plugins have been previously posted about.


#7: SmartArrows

Although there are many arrow plugins and mods for Minecraft, this one appears to be one of the best, as well as one of the few that are up to date. The plugin, updated for 1.7.2 at the time of posting, adds over 10 different arrows, each with its own effects and crafting recipe. These arrows include the "SmartArrow TP", which teleports the player to where the arrow lands; the "SmartArrow explosion", which explodes on impact; the "SmartArrow Tent", which spawns a wool tent with a bed; and many others. It has been of great use on my server, as well as good fun. This plugin can be found here:

#6: Realistic Backpacks

This plugin allows the player to craft a completely customizable backpack item, which can be used to store things like, well, a backpack. By changing the config file, the server owner can change the recipe, size and name of the backpack. Unlike many other "backpack" plugins, this plugin actually shows the backpack as an item, as opposed to a second inventory. It can also be used in conjunction with the SmartArrows plugin as a quiver when carrying multiple types of arrows.

#5 and #4: Legendary Weapons and Armor

Since these two plugins are so closely related, they are grouped together. Legendary Weapons and Legendary Armor add new tiers of weaponry and armor respectively. These items are based on four elements: Fire(Phoenix), Air(Lightning), Water(Ocean), and Earth(Earthquake). Each set of armor and weapons is assigned a power based on its element. For example, the Phoenix Sword sets mobs on fire and generates lava, whereas the Lightning Armor protects the wearer from lightning and projectiles. For more information, check the following links:



#3: EasyJetpack

Jetpacks are an easy solution to flying on public servers. They enable players to fly without cheating, as they are craftable items that consume configurable fuel. This plugin offers two different types of jetpacks: regular jetpacks, which require players to continually strike the shift key to remain aloft, and burst jetpacks, which allow players to fly by holding shift. The latter is considerably more expensive to craft, but easier to use. Among the several jetpack mods available, EasyJetpack is one of the lightest and easiest to use.

#2: EnchantPlus

Many a player has been frustrated by Minecraft's completely random and illogical enchanting system. Someone might luck out and receive a bow with Power IV and Flame II in exchange for 10 experience levels, or they might get a measly Punch I in exchange for 30 levels. Instead of directly addressing this issue, EnchantPlus makes the system more fair by enabling someone to enchant an object multiple times. In addition, minor enchantments can no longer cost ridiculous amounts of experience, as any extra levels are refunded after the enchanting process. Therefore, this plugin makes the enchanting process more fair while keeping the Vanilla feel to it.

#1: GodPowers

This was one of the first plugins that I added to my server, and it is still arguably the most fun. it enables players to gain various powers, such as throwing fireballs or shooting lightning by left-clicking. Some other cool commands added include /demigod, which does not make a player invincible but considerably harder to kill, and /fusrodah, which enchants the item in your hand with Knockback X. In addition to playing with your friends, this plugin is perfect for donator perks, as it provides a huge number of unique abilities and commands. GodPowers has some definite possibilities for any server, big or small.


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