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Top 3 Ways to Get out of League of Legends Elo Hell

Updated on January 14, 2017

Number 1 -- Master Champions in Every Role

One of the quickest ways to raise your ELO in League of Legends is to master a core group of champions for each role. For example when I play the top lane, even though I mainly play jungle or support, I have a couple of champions that I can play proficiently. This is the key to raising your ELO in League of Legends. If you can play multiple champions in each role you will be able to carry more games thus your ELO will increase.

Number 2 -- Place Smart Wards!

Placing smart wards will save your life, your team's lives, and it will allow you to make better decisions. Ward your jungle, ward the enemy jungle, and ward everywhere. Having a ward in a bush will not hurt you it will only give you better opportunities to win.

When is the best time to ward?

Every time is the best time. When you're running away leave wards in important bushes as you run past. When you're stealing jungle camps from the enemy jungle leave wards before you leave. When you're planning to take dragon leave wards to show you the enemy's movements.

Number 3 -- Be Able to Consistently Gain Gold

Question! What is the easiest way to win a League of Legends game?

That's right! Have more gold than the other team! Having more gold allows you to buy better items which gives you a better chance to win the game. Here are some ways to gain more gold than the other team:

- Last hit the minions before they die. This is going to be your main source of gold unless you are great at...
- Farming Champions. Kill the other team's champions and you will find yourself with a lot more gold than you know what to do with.
- Kill neutral jungle monsters. You see that wraith camp that hasn't been killed in over 10 minutes? Head on over there and kill it. It takes ~5-10 secs and it'll give you 78 gold!
- Finally killing towers. Push and kill towers and reward your team with 100+ gold!

Number 4 -- Map Movements

Map movements consist of you moving around the map for the different League of Legends objectives. You may move from the mid lane to the top lane to gank for your teammate. There are lots of many different ways to move around the map but here are some that will consistently bring you success...

- Push your lane and move to another lane to gank for them. This gives your opponent two choices to follow you and lose gold and experience or to not follow you and hope you don't kill his/her teammate(s).
- Invade the enemy jungle. Your jungler going into the enemy jungle to fight or steal a buff? Push your lane and invade with him. 2 v 1 has a lot better chance of succeeding than 1 v 1.
- There's a huge creep wave near an enemy tower? Rotate your entire team over there and take the tower. If the enemy team takes too long to respond keep pushing for more towers.
- Hide in bushes where you know there are no wards. This allows you to surprise the enemy when they walk by which can lead to quick and painful deaths... hopefully for your enemies not you.

Always. ALWAYS. ALWAYS! Move towards ganks that are in progress if you are nearby. There is always a chance to turn a gank around. NOTE! Be cautious though. If a teammate dies decide whether it would be wise to try and fight.

Number 5 -- Engaging in Team Fights

What is the best way to learn how to engage in team fights? ARAM. What better way to learn than to be forced to consistently engage in teamfights over and over and over and over and over and ... you get the point. Play some ARAMs and learn how to engage properly with people that you've never played with before. Trust me soon you'll be a master and engaging in full fledged League of Legends TEAM FIGHTS!

Number 6 -- Picking Off Free Champion Kills

Easy way to win? Consistently killing the enemy while they are farming jungle camps or minion waves. This denies them any possibility of coming back while you are gaining gold and experience from their deaths putting you ahead while they fall further and further behind.

Number 7 -- Push Your Advantage!

Finally... You have to learn to push your advantage. Exp advantage? Push, level up, and fight them. Item lead? Zone them from Exp and push your advantage. You have a teammate in the bush? Surprise the enemies, kill them, and PUSH YOUR ADVANTAGE. The easiest way to throw a game is to not push your advantage and let the enemy team slowly claw their way back into the game. So go and push your advantage, win the game, and RAISE YOUR ELO!


Raising your ELO is one of the hardest and most frustrating thing to do. But one this if for certain. If you keep on trying to raise your League of Legends ELO your ELO will for sure rise. Slowly but steadily. Keep focusing on getting better and ignoring the people who bring you down and one day you will reach your goal.


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