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Top 8 Games You Never Played In Your Life

Updated on March 12, 2015

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Before you jump into this piece of writing, I must say I never played every game in the market. In fact, no one can accomplish it in this deep ocean of the gaming world. However, I must say that my choices generally deviate slightly from typical. Here I have listed my nine preferable games that I feel not many people have played them yet, at least I am sure you never played it before I through those game names.

Metro 2033

Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is a different type shooting game. It is a first person-shooter game. You play it like first-person position and you shoot with bullets. The backgrounds are great, particularly lights, and the story line is entrancing, terrifying and nostalgic. The game is an adventure one, forwarding you from level to level.


Beat Hazard Ultra

Beat Hazard Ultra is a digital concept that melds dual-stick shooter play with your audio library. The game action on screen is frenzied and elegant, offering a large difficulty levels along with the visual volume leveled up, nonetheless it always ebbs and streams with the song. You'll find nothing worse than hammering a quiet in a metal piece of song during the fighting. The Ultra information adds on a large number of additional weapons and rewards to open and equip, letting you turn out your ship as your play-style.

Sword of the Berserk: Gut’s Rage

In this game, a few will appraise that the thrill is limiting the gun's performance. In these scenarios, a long sword smacks down the walls, driving one to depend on crossbow. This game has flesh sound effects, bloody battle, and tough predators. The casual ill-informed fast time event does nothing to deter from its achievements as an emotionally, violent piece of media.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact

It is very easy to understand, why people are not interested to play this game. The beginning of this game is very tough. At first, you need to purchase Steel Battalion, which is near about $150, or you have to buy the three-panel gadget, its forty-odd buttons, two joysticks, and three pedals will bring your pocket to empty. The game at first is pretty tough, although the levels were only difficult the first few times, and then there was no major change in the game to speak of. Line of Contact modified the gaming strategy by removing things online. Moreover, it released with a continual advertising campaign strategy, where players needed to take a position in a pitched, continuous battle that changed with their defeats or victories on the battlefield. This strategy will be used by after Xbox 360 launch Chrome hounds; however, its beauty will hopefully find a home for the future Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

Shin Megami Tensei is an unusual series to play, but few items achieve the amount of curiosity that play through the Devil Saga games. The story-line divided in two parts. First part features a Hindu theme that is a mythological beast. In there, teenage gangs combat over an apocalyptic wasteland, and intensive meditation and individual objective. The battle is fairly normal for MegaTen, nevertheless one's characters change into demons instead of evoking them. The game maintains the overall series' concentrate on elemental and tactical combat. The game style is breathtaking, with a soft focus that borders on shading, vibrant streaks of brilliant colors against muted histories.

Killer 7

This game puts Suda Goichi in the spotlight. To be honest with you, it didn't achieve very popularity. The game was very boring, every time you progress to the next level, stopping so frequently to face similar opponents. The game was simplistic; however the plot was a difficult one. Exactly what are Harlan Smith's personalities? How they revived from their heads? Is he an assassin? Which character is the main? The story-line itself may be beyond description, the opposite of the straightforwardness of the main story. Killer 7 was full of action clumsily and horror, but nevertheless managed to interest and entertain.

Psychic Force 2012

If you wanted to be a sky fighter, most probably the Psychic Force suits you the best. This game allows you to combat enemies in the sky. Before you start a level, your psychics should stick in a flying weapon box, enabling players to smash each other with strong explosion. The controls were very easy with a light attack and huge attack. Each personality is unique from each other, some have the power of arced, and others are expert in beams that can adjust direction after being fired. All heroes had an amazing power of movement and self-defense options. Homing, Dashing is a simple protecting, a meter-eating strategy that nullify all attacks.

Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner

To be honest with you only this was game that I was able to finish all levels in time. This game was one of my favorite, this game took me to finish about 4 hours. However, it wasn't even the game that modified or supplied additional features, as it didn't have any materials. It was simply the thrilling game and it was so laconic that I did not ever find yet. You can improve your technique with Jehuty's basic strategies and moves, becoming a more expert pilot, and Jehuty's features develop surrounding this. The theme was more exotic compared to the first game, with brighter colors and softer shading. The fighting part was faster, the supporter was more appealing. The story's last part was more satisfying. ZOTE2 was an uncommon beast that was able to feel as almost look like the mecha anime.

© 2015 Mohammad Tanvir Ibne Amin


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