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Top Apple Game Reviewz

Updated on January 5, 2015

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a great game for any type of gamer; it offers a simple fun game. This is a game for people looking to kill some time or just looking to engage in a mindless activity there is no plot or storyline just the player, a clock, and falling fruit. Fruit ninja offer three different modes of play classic mode, zen mode and arcade mode. In Classic Mode the player must attempt to slice all Fruit that appears on the screen, while avoiding the red bombs; during classic mode the player has three lives if the player misses a piece of fruit they lose a life if they slice a red bomb they lose a life. When the player loses all three lives it is game over. In zen mode there are no red bomb or bonus fruit the player simply has 90 second to slice as much fruit as they can before the clock runs out. In arcade mode the player must slice as many fruits as they can in sixty seconds while attempting to avoid the purple bombs; while getting the blitz bananas, bonus bananas, the pomegranates, and the dragon fruit for bonuses. While Fruit Ninja does not have as many tricks as other games there are a few that new Fruit Ninja players should know about. For one the player can watch videos to earn star fruit and Gutsu's Cart for free star fruit instead of spending real money. Another trick is that the player can use two fingers at a time to cut the fruit; this method works best for zen mode where there are not bombs to avoid. My favorite trick is that if you listen to the game while your playing you can hear the bombs before they come; if you hear a bomb coming you will want to start using shorter finger strokes to allow yourself more time to avoid the bomb. If I were to give this game a satisfaction score with 100% being the highest I would give this game an 85%.

Underworld Empire

The Underworld Empire is a game that allows each player to decide their own fate and allegiance through the choice of joining the diabolical cartel, sinister syndicate, ruthless mafia, or battle-tested street gangs.The player follows a set path that will eventually lead to complete domination as he or she acquires weapons, lieutenant, experience, and vehicles. The player can gain rewards by winning battles, destroying opponents, and winning boss fights.The controls for Underworld Empire are explained clearly during a shore tutorial that also explains the plot of the game.The game is too simple to play, the game offers no real challenges outside of time management type activates. While the plot of the game is set up during the tutorial there is no much plot material in the game itself. There are not many tricks to Underworld Empire. The main trick is to participate in the many boss fights as often as possible to increase your experience and level up when you run out of energy.Underworld Empire allows the player to join the cartel, syndicate, mafia, or street gangs to gain lieutenants, guns, and vehicles to battle for domination.If I were to give this game a satisfaction score with 100% being the highest I would give this game a 35%.

Perk Pop Quiz

Perk Pop quiz is a game where the player can earn points for correctly answering quiz questions. The player get to choose what category they want to be quizzed on. The categories range from TV shows like Game of Thrones and Supernatural to NFL to movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. The quiz questions range from questions about the characters and plot to questions about the actors and specific episodes. The point for correctly answering questions can be redeemed for e-gift cards. I have personally redeemed my point for twenty dollars at Starbucks so far, but there are over twenty different cash out options ranging from Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant and Banquet Facility to Target to Paypal.If I were to give this game a satisfaction score with 100% being the highest I would give this game a 100%.


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