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Top As Seen On TV Arts and Crafts Infomercial Products

Updated on June 29, 2010

Top As Seen On TV Arts and Crafts Toys

One thing that has become more and more frequent with our commercials is that the infomercials aren't always targeting adults now, instead they are starting to also use infomercials to reach kids to get them to get their parents to buy As Seen On TV Toys and Arts and Crafts for them,   The problem is that the adults are now getting hooked on some of the kids As Seen On TV arts and crafts toys and just like them, I ended up buying a few of the As Seen On TV Arts and Crafts toys so I wanted to review what I think are the top As Seen On TV Arts and Crafts Toys. 


Fuzzoodles are probably my favorite of the new kids arts and crafts as seen on tv toys. Fuzzoodles not only enable kids to decorate their favorite toys and boring school supplies like pens with these huge oversized pipe cleaners, but Fuzzoodles are able to be twisted into their own fun toys and characters for kids to play with. Fuzzoodles are basically the classic pipe cleaners we all remember playing with or using in arts and crafts but made bigger, more colorful and they come with eyes and feet and other body parts so that you can make funny characters and new toys out of this toy. Fuzzooddles offer hours of entertainment and if you don't bend them up to much you can unbend them again to create another new Fuzzoodles toy.  I have not seen or bought my own set of fuzzoodles yet but how could you go wrong with this classic arts and crafts toy. 


I figured since I just did the Fuzzoodles I would go into a similar product or toy called the Bendaroo.  Bendaroos are basically colorful wax dipped string that lets you bend it, twist it and shape it them straighten it out and start again.  Bendaroos can be used to create bendaroo animals and bendaroo toys.  You can decorate paper plates and turn them into masks, place them on bottles to make dolls and figurines and you can even stick a bendaroo to a wall or place it on a cut to make designer dinnerware.  Bendaroos are a seriously cool toy and one that I have actually boughten and played with and I personally love bendaroos. 

Silly Bands

Silly Bands aren't really an arts and crafts project or toy for your kids, but what silly bands are are animal and fun shaped rubber bands.  Silly bands are fun to wear and although I have never tried them myself, silly bands are supposed not only stretch out when you put them on, but they are supposed to snap back into their original form.  I can easily see these being dangerous for little kids since rubber bands can be dangerous for little kids but for the age group they are designed for (read the packaging when you buy silly bands) I can easily see silly bands being a huge trend and a seriously fun and trendy toy that people will share and start to collect, its just a matter of showing how cool they are. 

Provocraft Cricut Expressions Arts and Crafts Machine

This is absolutely one of my favorite as seen on tv arts and crafts machines.  The provocraft cricut expressions machine is one that I saw on a long infomercial early in the morning for a long time.  I then saw someone using a provocraft cricut expressions machine to create vinyl lettering and I instantly knew what it was.  Not only is the provocraft cricut expressions an amazing arts and crafts machine for kids to use while under the supervision of adults or with adults helping, but adults can use it to cut out stencils, etch glass, create vinyl lettering and shapes for decorations, you can cut out sticker styled shapes for kids to color in, create holiday cards, birthday cards, get well cards and you can even use the Provocraft Cricut Expressions to create signs for concerts and fan signs if you are heading to a reality show like American Idol where you see people with huge signs.  The Provocraft Cricut Expressions is one as seen on tv arts and crafts product that I absolutely love and have gotten to see it in person and loved it. 

Infomercials no longer only cater to adults and to impulse buyers late at night.  Infomercials are pushing as seen on tv products all day long and are doing everything from toys to crafts and sports products to fashion products.  I love as seen on tv products and am always waiting for new ones to come out.  Some of them work and some I am probably not using correctly but regardless I always end up wanting to buy them since they become addictive.  If you have a different favorite as seen on tv arts and crafts product that I didn't mention feel free to leave a comment below. 

Craftlite Cutter

I haven't seen the infomercial for the Craftlite Cutter for a very long time.  It is a paper cutter which looks just like a paper cutter that you would see in an office or in a printing and shipping store.  The craft lite cutter allows you to make long straight cuts and what is different about the craft lite cutter is that the craft lite cutter has a light below that actually helps you to see the edge you are going to cut so there is much less room for error.  Craft lite cutter can be used to cut photos, for scrapbooking, cutting paper and pages and many other things. 


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