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Top Best Must-Have KidKraft Products for Every Household with Children

Updated on June 4, 2015

Your KidKraft Product Purchasing Experience?

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Now Introducing KidKraft!

If you are a mother, like me, you have likely heard of the company KidKraft.

If you haven't heard of them, don't fret!

According to a short Wikipedia entry written about KidKraft, this company was essentially founded and established in 1968. If you have already purchased one of their products, you also likely know that they create various toys, playsets, child furniture items, and general gifts. More specifically, they manufacture a variety of items that fall into the previous mentioned broader categories, like:

  • dollhouses
  • play kitchens
  • wooden toy train sets
  • toddler beds
  • step stools
  • tables
  • chairs

Needless to say, I have become a raging fan of their products!

In this article, I will introduce you to the exact KidKraft products that I/my family have personally purchased, as well as, present you with alternative options that fall within the same or similar category (as those products we purchased). I will also talk about some of the general benefits of KidKraft products, as well as, more specific benefits of the products we purchased.

How Many?

How many KidKraft products have you purchased/do you own? (For yourself? As gifts, for friends or family?)

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What was the VERY FIRST kind or type of KidKraft product you purchased?

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A Love Affair with KidKraft Products: My Personal Journey

Now just 2 years and 3 months old at the time of this writing, my introduction into the wonders of KidKraft products came as a result of my desire to turn our breakfast nook area--an open area, with giant towering windows that pour sunlight magnificently onto the space where it lies directly adjacent to our kitchen--into a bit of a multipurpose room for my son. Used for a variety of different purposes since we purchased our home in 2009, our son's birth, in 2012, validated that he would need his own space eventually. The ultimate goal was to turn this space into a warm area where he could go to play and learn, all while being directly within my line-of-sight, from our kitchen, at all times.

After the addition of a white carpet, and a red Raymore and Flanigan sofa, I happened upon KidKraft's Nantucket table and primary chairs product (SEE NEXT SECTION BELOW). Never having heard of KidKraft before, at the time, admittedly, I paid little attention to the actual company name as much as I did to the online reviews and pictures. After purchasing this product, however, my love affair with KidKraft product's began to blossom with each new product we purchased.

I know it might seem unrealistic to say that there isn't a single thing (in the products we've purchased) that I don't like, would change, or differently. Outside of the painfully time consuming assembly process behind the Espresso Uptown Play Toy Kitchen that we had purchased, I really haven't had any gripes or complaints about the products we have purchased. As far as a design and construction, I really wouldn't change or add anything to those particular products.

Our Son's Heavily Trafficked Space to Learn and Play

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A Separate Play Area?

Do you have a separate play room/area/space for your child/children?

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General Benefits of KidKraft Products

Though I had done a fair amount of research before purchasing even our first KidKraft product, it wasn't really until my son began to interact with the products that I began to wrap my head around the sheer enormous benefits of them.

Indeed, there were/are MANY benefits.

Granted, the nature of purpose of all of many KidKraft's many different types of products inherently lend unique benefits to each, however, there are many apparent "general" benefits that essentially extend to ALL their products.

Here are a few of those benefits:

  • They are non-toxic -- I list this benefit first because it is just so huge with parents, especially nowadays, where certain toxins have been inextricably linked to certain developmental disorders. Surprisingly, my research into child toy manufacturers/companies unearthed quite a few companies that use toxins/toxic materials in their products. To me, this absolutely boggled my mind. You can imagine my sigh of relief when I came across several mother's blogging and posting about how they absolutely love KidKraft products for this very reason. To me, having that ease/peace of mind that my son wont be exposed to harmful toxins and plastic poisons is invaluable to me. (NOTE: At the very end of this hub article, I have included a link, to an article, which highlights and details 5 specific companies that have used toxic substances in their products!)
  • The have incredible learning benefits -- Though my husband and I resolved early on to be very involved in our son's learning and learning experiences, having additional tools and supplementary aids is extremely valuable. If you have ever purchased a KidKraft play toy kitchen, later on in this article hub, I have a poll about what you feel is the best learning benefit of their kitchens.
  • They are designed/built/manufactured to be VERY durable (and to last a long time) -- Let's face it. If you are going to spend money on a product, you want to know that it will last for a very long time after your initial purchase. All too often, products are purchased and the buyer finds that the break within a very short time frame. With KidKraft products, you don't have to worry about this.

at kidkraft, we believe every child is an individual with a limitless capacity to create and explore.

— KidKraft Website (About Page)

The Quote Above

Do YOU believe the quote above is TRUE?

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#1) KidKraft Nantucket Table and Primary Chairs

We purchased this product on: September 11th, 2014.

This colorful and vibrant Nantucket table and primary chairs set, like mentioned before, was the first ever KidKraft product we purchased.

When we were in the beginning stages of creating our son's play area/space/room, having a dedicated place for him to sit and do activities, was of utmost concern to us. Around the same time we had purchased the white carpet, and re-utilized the red Raymore and Flanigan sofa (that we were using elsewhere, at the time), we just knew we had to purchase a table. After some time searching online, we stumbled across this table on Amazon.

The reviews were outstanding, so we jumped right in!

Besides a little assembly, which took my husband roughly 30 min to an hour to do, we have been incredibly satisfied and impressed by this table and chair set. Just by feeling it, you can tell that the wood and other materials are very sturdy and of very high quality. That is EXACTLY what we had wanted and were looking for! Because of our son's early demonstration of the tendency to get very rowdy and hyper, we just knew that we needed a product that would be both practical and useful, but, also sturdy enough to withstand any type of intense interaction with it. Don't get me wrong, though, my son doesn't necessarily climb on it or stand on top of it. While he does have periods where he will sit quietly in deep concentration over his latest activity, he does have other periods where he will be moving vigorously and excitedly around or near the table.

#2) KidKraft Uptown Espresso Toy Play Kitchen

We purchased this product on: February 5th, 2015.

After hearing friends speak about the countless positive developmental benefits of encouraging children--both boys AND girls--to play with their own kitchen, my husband and I decided to purchase one of these kitchens on Amazon. While I was immediately sold on the idea, my husband did have some initial reservations. These reservations stemmed really from his own ego as far as his not thinking that a kitchen was necessarily a "manly" thing.

When my husband was younger, he had a Playskool handyman workbench that naturally made its way to our son. Growing up with toys like that, I can understand why my husband thought it was just a little odd and different for our son to have a toy play kitchen--and, I have a feeling that a lot of husbands may be thinking the same thing--but, my husband did warm up to the idea fairly quickly as we started to really consider all the benefits of having one.


  • Almost 41" tall
  • 42.5" wide
  • 17" deep
  • Counter: 23" from the floor

Why this Kitchen?

Just crossing the 2 year mark, we have been fortunate enough that our son hasn't had many developmental challenges or hurdles to overcome. Where he is strong in areas such as building blocks, however, a very mild toungue tie, we believe, has lent to his having some frustration over his inability to properly verbalize his wants and needs. We strongly felt that this kitchen could help him greatly in this area.

Additionally, we were told that the learning benefits of toy play kitchens are just too great to ignore, and they include things like:

  • Learning how to share.
  • Learning how to get along with others.
  • Learning how to work as a team.
  • Learning how to keep things organized.
  • Learning how to clean (and to keep things clean).
  • Learning how to take care of belongings.
  • Learning how to take turns.
  • Learning how to count.
  • Learning how to identify different objects.

Along with learning to verbalize his own needs, you can see that there are just so many other benefits that purchasing him a toy kitchen was an obvious choice. Because these years of his development are just so critical, the investment was really a very small one considering the upside rewards/gains. When purchasing, we really saw this as "more than just a toy", but, additionally, as more of a well-designed training aid to help him learn some of life's most critical lessons.

Other KidKraft Play Kitchen Product Options

Visit either Amazon, or KidKraft's own website, and you will see that KidKraft offers quite a few different play kitchen options. In fact, when I visited KidKraft's website (under their "toys and playsets" section"), I counted a total of 38 different child toy play kitchen options offered by KidKraft!

I have listed these all in a poll that you can vote on.

What/which KidKraft play kitchen product(s) do you own/have you purchased?

See results
Click thumbnail to view full-size
Gracie play kitchenJunior chef's kitchenPrimary wooden kitchenSuite elite kitchenBig & bright grand gourmet corner kitchenLimited edition natural lime corner kitchenGrand espresso corner kitchenBlue retro kitchen and refrigeratorLarge pastel kitchenEspresso grand gourmet kitchenBubblegum retro kitchen and refrigeratorModern island kitchenPink retro kitchen & refrigeratorPink wooden kitchenModern country kitchenHome cookin kitchenRetro stove unitLimited edition orange corner kitchenPink toddler kitchenNavy vintage kitchenBubblegum vintage kitchenGrand gourmet corner kitchenPink vintage kitchen
Gracie play kitchen
Gracie play kitchen | Source
Junior chef's kitchen
Junior chef's kitchen | Source
Primary wooden kitchen
Primary wooden kitchen | Source
Suite elite kitchen
Suite elite kitchen | Source
Big & bright grand gourmet corner kitchen
Big & bright grand gourmet corner kitchen | Source
Limited edition natural lime corner kitchen
Limited edition natural lime corner kitchen | Source
Grand espresso corner kitchen
Grand espresso corner kitchen | Source
Blue retro kitchen and refrigerator
Blue retro kitchen and refrigerator | Source
Large pastel kitchen
Large pastel kitchen | Source
Espresso grand gourmet kitchen
Espresso grand gourmet kitchen | Source
Bubblegum retro kitchen and refrigerator
Bubblegum retro kitchen and refrigerator | Source
Modern island kitchen
Modern island kitchen | Source
Pink retro kitchen & refrigerator
Pink retro kitchen & refrigerator | Source
Pink wooden kitchen
Pink wooden kitchen | Source
Modern country kitchen
Modern country kitchen | Source
Home cookin kitchen
Home cookin kitchen | Source
Retro stove unit
Retro stove unit | Source
Limited edition orange corner kitchen
Limited edition orange corner kitchen | Source
Pink toddler kitchen
Pink toddler kitchen | Source
Navy vintage kitchen
Navy vintage kitchen | Source
Bubblegum vintage kitchen
Bubblegum vintage kitchen | Source
Grand gourmet corner kitchen
Grand gourmet corner kitchen
Pink vintage kitchen
Pink vintage kitchen

Your Favorite Learning Benefit?

What is your favorite learning benefit of toy play kitchens?

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Complementary Kitchen Items that You Will Want and Need

Whether you purchase (or have purchased already) KidKraft's Uptown Espresso Kitchen product, or one of their several other kitchen options, there are a variety of important kitchen-related play items that don't come with your purchase. Like a real kitchen, you will have to purchase quite a few cookware and food play items separately. While your child can certainly interact with the range and stove knobs, open and close the various doors, and pick up the telephone and pretend call, these activities will likely only occupy your child for so long before they want those other items.

I know it can be painful to shell out even more cash, especially since the kitchens aren't exactly cheap items, however, none of these items are really sold with MOST of the kitchens.

  • Cookware (SEE BELOW)
  • Food items (SEE BELOW)
  • Chalk (SEE BELOW)

Interestingly enough, after we had purchased the Espresso Uptown Kitchen, I did find that there are a small handful of KidKraft play kitchen products that actually come with some additional products (cookware, etc).

According to KidKraft's website, THESE particular play kitchen sets do come with additions:

  • Deluxe big & bright kitchen w/ cookware set -- UPDATE: Even though KidKraft's website does have this listed as coming with a "cookware set", answered questions, on Amazon, reveal that this "cookware set" is essentially 3 wooden spoons and a hot pad.
  • White vintage kitchen w/ pots & pans -- UPDATE: Again, even though KidKraft's website does have this listed "with pots and pans", whether or not the set actually includes them appears to be largely contingent on where the set is/was actually purchased. On Amazon's question and answer section, several people who had purchased this kitchen set from Ikea has said that their set did NOT come with pots and pans.

KidKraft, Deluxe Cookware Set, (11 pieces)

We purchased this product on: February 18th, 2015.

More writing coming soon!

KidKraft Tasty Treats Pretend Food Play

We purchased this product on: February 18th, 2015.

More writing coming soon!

KidKraft Sling Bookshelf - Natural

We purchased this product on: November 23rd, 2014.

My son loves his books!

While I know there are some children who may not be particular fond of books, his particular affinity for books is very comforting--so much so that I really wanted him to be able to have easy access to all his books in a manner that even a bookshelf can't offer. For example, a bookshelf essentially keeps the books, and their front cover images, hidden from plain view. With the KidKraft Sling Bookshelf, my son is able to actually visualize each book and its cover (except where they overlay each other, of course). Either closely, or from a distance, he can see which exact book he wants.

Needless to say, I absolutely love the innovative nature, thought and ingenuity that KidKraft put behind their design of this particular product!

KidKraft Play Teepee in Orange

We purchased this product on: November 5th, 2014.

More writing coming soon!

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