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Top Christmas Toy Sellers of 2011

Updated on November 4, 2011

Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo One of this year’s top toys is another Elmo creation and the award winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Best Toy Award 2011. Rocking the 18month to 3 year range is a music filled Elmo who sings and plays the drums. Your children can sing along with him and groove along with a guitar, keyboard or microphone (sold separately).

DaGeDar Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway Move over race cars a new toy has stepped in town. This toy contains a two lane track where crazy character looking balls battle through a roller coaster maze to find the finish line. Sure to be a big hit in the four to 11 year range.

Nintendo 3DS Your children or even adults will find themselves more in the game with this 3D version of the DS. The top screen gives the 3D feel without the need for glasses. If you get tired of the 3D you can adjust the level to 2D or none at all. 3D is not the only wonderful addition to this updated device. A motion and gyro sensor responds to your movement to make it closer to the real thing. Also, comes with a camera and can connect to a wireless hotspot. A 2GB memory card is included and many of the old DS and DSi games can still be played with.

Leap Frog Leap Pad Leap Frog has conquered the children learning electronics again!! This I pad look alike contains a touch screen, camera and video recorder. 100 plus activities are included to encourage fun learning for your child. 2GB of memory are included.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Cabin Fever Expected to be a top seller this Christmas, children will be excited to follow Greg Heffley once again on another adventure only this time in the snow!!! Greg gets in trouble in school but has to wait out the repercussions while stuck in his house with family during the holidays because of a blizzard.

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