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Top Christmas Toys For Boys 2009

Updated on May 22, 2011

Have you started wondering what Christmas toys you are going to buy your boy(s) this year? No doubt the full on television advertising has started your children asking for things already. In this hub I will look at a few of the predicted top Christmas toys for boys so that you can spend your hard earned cash wisely. Two huge toy shops, Hamleys and Toys R Us, have released their lists of hot Christmas toys, so I will start there but if you are buying for a girl, you are in the wrong place!

Battle Strikers Tournament Set

Battle Strikers are a newly launched spinning top game by Mega Bloks. They are a far cry from the spinning tops of old as they are controllable via their magnetic technology. The spinning tops (the strikers) are revved up to high speeds and launched into battle with a launcher and then controlled with a finger controller during play. The aim of the game is to battle your opponent out of the arena or to spin the longest. Each piece of kit required to play the game (the strikers, the launcher, the controller and the arena) can be bought separately but the Tournament Set is a nice box set including everything you need at a more economical price. These toys are perfect for boys as they are collectable, customisable and are based on competitive game play.

To find out more and to compare them to the hugely popular Beyblade game, please read my other hub: Battle Strikers v Metal Fight Beyblades.

Transformers 2 Bumblebee Helmet

Transformers toys have recently been fighting with the Ben 10 toy range for the top spot in toy sales.  With a few possible entries for the Christmas toy 2009, they may just cement their place. First up is the Bumblebee voice mixer helmet. This role play toy, based on one of the most popular movie characters, has three different playing modes: the voice mixer mode mixes your child’s voice with one of six music styles, the conversion mode plays sounds of Bumblebee converting from vehicle to robot and the movie phrase mode, plays typical Bumblebee speech. This toy is well detailed and has some fun features but will be too bulky for children under 5 years old. Also do not get confused that this is a voice changer helmet as it is not. It mixes your voice with music, it does not change your voice.

Transformers 2 Movie Leader Figures

Staying with the Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen toys theme, these large scale action figures are up there as top toys for Christmas. Their fairly high price tag for an action figure is due to their size – you get a whopping 30cm transforming toy for your money. The detailing is fantastic, the figures speak and there are various lighting up parts.  They also feature Mech Alive technology so you get to see their armour and internal gears moving when you move other toy parts. Of course, these toys transform from vehicle to robot forms: Optimus Prime converts to a truck and Megatron converts to an alien tank. The only downside to these figures is the transformation process which is very tricky. You will definitely need to help your child and you may even need help yourself – if so YouTube is the best place for visual assistance.

VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera

For a switch away from toys, the Kidizoom camera is a multimedia digital camera for children, with loads of great features. This super tough ‘toy’ can be used to take photos, make videos or play one of the three included games so is ideal to take on trips to keep your little ones busy. There is a 1.8” colour LCD screen and a lead to link the camera to a television set or computer to view or edit their masterpieces. For any children that have an unhealthy interest in your pride and joy camera, this is ideal! The camera is not too heavy to handle and has big buttons for ease of use. There is some fun picture editing software included so you may find a photo of yourself with devil horns added! The internal memory holds about 200 photos but memory cards can be bought separately to increase the capacity. On the downsides the picture quality is unimpressive having only 0.3 megapixels but children do not seem to mind. The flash is also poor and there is no zoom despite the hint in the name.

Rubik 360

The new craze from the makers of the Rubik’s cube is the spherical Rubik 360. The game is completely different but nonetheless as addictive as its iconic predecessor. You now have to guide six coloured balls through three transparent spheres into their respectively coloured homes on the outside edge. By spinning, twisting and turning the spheres, the balls move but not usually where you want them to as the spheres rotate on different axes. This game is not so much a logic problem, more of a physics problem as gravity is your enemy. The spheres are weighted on the opposite side to the holes which the balls need to pass through. As such the balls are always on the wrong side to where you need them to be until you work out how to handle the rotating spheres to defy gravity!

Bop It

Bop It is a very addictive reaction game. It has been around for over 10 years in various forms, the latest of which is ear marked for greatness as a 2009 Christmas toy. It is a hand held game where you have to follow commands issued from the toy really, really quickly. There are two levers on either end of the toy that you may be told to pull or twist, along with a large circular button in the middle that you may have to ‘Bop’ or push. The new version on this feature of Bop It is the microphone that you may be told to shout into. If you do what you are told in the second or so you are allowed, you get another instruction, your score is increased and the game speeds up, otherwise you fail and have to start again. You need to concentrate hard and remember where each lever is – this is all about hand-ear coordination. The toy is easy to understand and use but tough to master. This new version is better for younger children as there are two less levers to have to find than in older models. Don’t miss out on this hard to fault game.

Lego Minotaurus Board Game

Lego is always a brand you can rely on for value for money toys which is why it is doing so well despite our current gloomy economic climate. This Lego game is part of a new range of board games designed to further the scope of the traditional construction kits into a ‘build, play and change’ game. Normal Lego pieces are used to build the maze before the game can start. Once built you have to find your way through the maze to the temple in the centre. A Minotaur is protecting the temple so you do not want to meet him on the way or the other players. Rather than just being a race to the finish based on your luck at rolling the dice, you can improve your chances by moving parts of the maze as you go. The ‘change’ part of the game means that once you have finished one version of the maze, you can completely mix it up into something different. You can also change parts of the dice and alter the rules somewhat so that no two games are ever the same. The game lasts about 20 minutes so is ideal for younger players but with the rule and game play changes you can make it interesting for older players too.

Bob The Builder Construction Sets

Now not specifically recommended by one of the toy stores as part of the top toys for Christmas, I came across this Bob The Builder toy on my travels and love it so have included it here.  Whilst the Bob The Builder brand may seem as though it is for younger children, this construction set is actually better suited to the older child, perhaps over 7 years old. The set contains everything your child needs to build something – bricks, cement and tools. Don’t worry these are only miniature versions and the cement isn’t real but does the same job. You mix it up with water and use it to stick the bricks together in whatever structure you like, although instructions are included for a clock tower. Once you’ve finished and want to try your hand at something different you just put the bricks in water and the cement dissolves. There are two sets available with 30 or 50 bricks. I would recommend getting the larger set as this means your building options are greater.  You can also buy more cement separately which you may want to do up front as you only get enough for two sessions initially. This is not just a stacking bricks game, but a fun and practical look at the way things are built.

So there you are – a few boys’ toys for you to consider for Christmas. I hope it helps.


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    • Brian Long profile image

      Brian Long 

      9 years ago

      Awesome! You just took the guesswork out of my gifts for my nephews. Thanks for the article.

    • TnFlash profile image


      9 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Great help for my Christmas shopping list. I have 2 Grandsons and sometimes I feel so out of touch with the latest Kids toys.

    • Mark Jenner profile image

      Mark Jenner 

      9 years ago

      Fantastic advice on boys toys Chloe - some great ideas for my young nephew!

    • ChloeAliceWilson profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Spain

      Hi Conrad, good to know. I hear a lot of people complain about the picture quality but I think that's more the parents than the children!

    • ConradM profile image


      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Our son has the VTech Kidizoom camera and absolutely loves it. A very durable camera that actually takes real photos.


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