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Top Community-Focused Streamers on Mixer

Updated on April 14, 2020
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Jason Cloninger is a conservative writer, U.S. Navy & Army veteran, business owner, husband of 17 years, father, 2A supporter, & patriot.

Mixer is rapidly growing, and the community of streamers is amazing!
Mixer is rapidly growing, and the community of streamers is amazing! | Source

The Best Streamers of the Mixer Streamer Community

The Mixer community has thousands of gamers who either stream within its platform, or are dedicated viewers and fans of streamers on its platform. And, while it is relatively new in respect to the primary streaming site on the web, it is growing by leaps and bounds. The site is completely focused upon growing through creating partnerships with talented and high quality streamers. These streamers tend to have gamers who follow them who also follow the same mantra of quality gaming, which in turn ensures that Mixer's growth is not due to catering to the lowest common denominator in regards to the quality of gamers affiliated with its site.

Quality instead of quantity definitely seem to be Mixer's goal, which makes for better quality gameplay, as well as the capability to focus on finding streamers who's talents you admire, whose personality you relate to, and who you respect - because they respect you. Yes, there are different personalities on Mixer, and some of them will use adult language. However, the diversity personalities on Mixer, as well as what games they stream, allows anyone to find a streamer that they will want to see and follow each and every day.

So, with no further ado, it's time for us to present to you some of the best streamers on Mixer! These may not necessarily be the streamers with the most followers, or the most views. They are streamers who were recommended, by other streamers within the streaming community on Mixer, to be the diamonds that deserve your admiration and respect. So, read through the list, find one or more of the streamers that you like the best, head to MIXER.COM, and start following them today!

Mixer Streamers
Mixer Streamers | Source





"I like Tom Clancy The Division, as I enjoy the survival story for this game and how every story is linked together. I enjoy Realm Royal, because I just love being a chicken. I love Fortnite, simply because just how competitive the game can be - but can also be relaxing at the same time."


"I belong to Stream Team, Smoking Aces Stream Team & Mixer Sirens. I'm also a Visual By Impulse Affiliate, Insane Labz Affiliate, and am an Xbox Ambassador."


"What I like most about being on mixer is the amazing support from the community, it is outstanding & friendly. I would recommend to anyone who are starting to stream for the first time."

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Sign Up & Share for Early Access | Source

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If you haven't heard of xSHEWULFx yet, you soon will be. She has been streaming for less than a year, and is already a Mixer Partner, has been spotlighted by Xbox, and has been featured on Mixer's front page on numerous occasions. She is the epitome of what Mixer states it looks for in its gamers. She constantly gives back to the community, does co-streams to help other streamers build their following, promotes other streamers by hosting their streams when she's not streaming, supports the Xbox Community, maintains a teen-friendly streaming channel, contributes to podcasts, and is a class act when she represents sponsors or gaming products that she believes in as a whole.


"COD WW2 , PUBG, Most Shooters but i am open to any game style."


"I am supported by two amazing brands - Evil Energy and Plantronics. I'm a Mixer Partner, an XBox Ambassador, a Streamer for Extra Life, and a CoHost of the GamingDen Podcast with my Sister Lady Fox Fire. I also have the all Female Mixer team called Mixer Sirens."


"The #1 thing I like most about Mixer is the Community as a whole. It's a family where people help each other grow and support each other. However, Mixer also has amazing features that help a streamer best interact with your viewers and followers, such as the Interactive Board and the Low Latency. Because, without them, we are just crazy gamers that talk to ourselves!"

Leaked Battlefield 1 Details Ahead , Video Game Christmas Events! - GamingDen #19



ThugLyfeGaming has been creating YouTube gaming videos for about four years. While he's very new onto the streaming arena, going on about four months now, he's definitely making waves and churning out some amazing followers, streams, and give-aways. Each and every stream is filled with humor, amazing gameplay footage, gameplay insights, and even a few tips now and then. He streams on a dedicated schedule, but occasionally does six-hour streams, and even a 12+ hour marathon periodically - usually to raise money for his favorite charity, "Operation Supply Drop". He's animated, he's motivated, and he doesn't like to lose.

T.H.U.G. The Heroes of our Generation - A motivational entertainment brand, centered around video game culture. I create video game Commentaries, Tip Videos, Reviews, Comedy Skits, Bloopers/Outtakes, and much more.


"I’ve streamed quite a lot of games over the last few years, but only started streaming seriously on Mixer 4 months ago. Titanfall 1 & 2, Gears of War, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, Halo, Rainbow Six, Destiny - more than I can think of!"


"As far as communities are concerned, the TLG brand is pretty well known across a few franchises because of my YouTube videos. I receive fan messages regularly from players on Splintercell, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Titanfall, Mortal Kombat, Destiny and more. Most of them are due to my Tips & Tricks videos on YouTube and what’s always fun for me is when I hop on those games and someone recognizes my gamertag. So, as far as communities are concerned I have a few solid fan bases spread across many games, and my Mixer community seems very promising. We already are pretty frequently reaching #1 stream for certain games like Overwatch. For affiliations, I would say Operation Supply Drop, Evil Energy, and a graphics designer I work with are what comes to mind. OSD because I love supporting the military, EE because it’s an incredible supplement that I believe in, and the graphics designer I occasionally work with because he’s been a huge supporter of mine since day one - and has helped educate me in the field of branding."


"What I love most about Mixer is really 2 things - the community and innovation. People on Mixer are so friendly, engaging, accepting, and supportive (way more so than other streaming services) and the software tech they use is far more user-friendly and advanced then their competitors. FTL (faster than light) streaming with almost 0 latency and interactive buttons are just two examples of what sets Mixer apart in terms of quality."

SNIPER at SEA - Funny Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Match



SykoPlayz is definitely a gamer who also broke the mold in regards to you average everyday streamer. He goes out of his way to keep things simple in the stream, loves interaction with his followers, finds ways to incorporate his family - especially his little son - into the streams, and takes risks by streaming games that aren't as popular within the community, all while entertaining his watchers and sharing the experience. His rules are simple,

➜ No Racism
➜ Don't be a jerk
➜ Be respectful
➜ No Hate
➜ No Links
➜ No Spam
➜ No Mod Begging
➜ Obey Mods
➜ Have Fun!

So, be sure to follow him, enjoy the show, and learn something new about games and the gaming community. He's an extremely motivated and fun-loving streamer, whose aim is to build and develop a strong community of well-rounded and respectful gamers who don't make the evening news!


"I love gaming so it's hard to stick to just one game. I love first person shooters such as Call of Duty and Overwatch but I also love games that have wonderful campaigns like Uncharted and The Legend of Zelda. I'm a little addicted to jumpscares as well so during my Frightening Friday streams I'll play scary games like Outlast and Emily Wants To Play while getting jumpscared everytime someone subscribes with a screaming notification. I can't forget the kids so I'll throw a Minecraft and Roblox stream in there as well."


"I love my gaming community! We call it "The Asylum" and everyone is welcome. I love getting fan art from people especially when they put SYKO on their knuckles because I have SYKO tattooed on my knuckles. I also love my sponsors (Evil Energy & Woosah Vapes) because they are a great family to be apart of and I don't mind helping them grow because I actually LOVE their products and use them daily. I've never done a charity live stream before but I plan on doing some ALS charity streams in the near future because my granny died from Lou Gehrig's disease and I won't to help find a cure for that terrible problem."


"Even though my primary streaming service is YouTube, I love how fast the response time is with Mixer. I think the interactive buttons are genius and its great how you rank up and earn sparks. The community is always uplifting which is hard to find in a gaming community these days. I'm hoping to stream more on Mixer and eventually start streaming on there full time. I think the future is going to be insane on Mixer."

ROBUX GIVEAWAY and a GREAT raid at the end! [live stream]



xCHA0TICWOLFx is definitely a gamer that you want to follow on Mixer. He supports other streamers endlessly within the community, can dominate some titles like no others, and always offers tips and insights upon how gamers can improve themselves both in-game and as a streamer. He definitely is one of the good ones within the community, and will always give you 110% if you give your best effort!


"The way a stream is titled is a good way to get the attention of potential viewers. It should have some relevance to the type of game, a possible challenge or even goal oriented. You can also give the title something more to hype it up for the potential viewers. The stream title can also reflect the streamer in how they play the game as well. The games i enjoy streaming are Rainbow Six Siege, a fun and tactical FPS. Battle Royale games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. The new State of Decay 2, Call of Duty: WWII and OverWatch."


"Being a part of a community is a good way to have some reliable viewers to help a streamer. Those community members coming by can also help you to interact more. Support like that can help a lot to make the streamer feel positive. Now affiliations with teams and or companies on the channel is also a good way to get your channel out there. To name a few of my affiliations, i have been a squad member of ThugLyfeGaming for a few years now and the TLG community is like a family started by Born Legit. I am also a part of The Den community and The Console Corner ran by xSHEWULFx and GKB one of the most awesome streamers. While not part of this team but i also squad up with SykoPlayz a great person and friend that i enjoy gaming along side for co-streams. Now one of the best products i have ever had the pleasure of trying is by Evil Energy, absolutely the best tasting energy supplement out there and happy to be able to promote there product so that others can experience it for themselves. As a member of a team or company, not only are you helping them with there channel, service or product, they also help your channel. These kinds of affiliations can greatly benefit you and them."


"When i first joined Mixer it was not as a streamer, but it was to support some good people that i have met through gaming. I had found out that Mixer has a ever growing community. Many great streamers and each with their own little communities growing every day. Everyone that i have met through this service is friendly and supportive. Furthermore it also has great tech support. When i needed any kind of help with the software itself bugging out or interruption in my streams, the tech support responded quickly. So i highly recommend Mixer to anyone who wants to stream or to find a community that you might be looking for."



LadyFoxFire is yet another member of the The Mixer Sirens all-female gaming team to be featured in this list, and also is a gamer who constantly gives back to the Mixer and gaming community. She is a YouTube content creator, a gamer, a podcast content provider and co-host, a member of Xbox Social Community, and she maintains an amazingly high quality stream for all gamers to come and enjoy - as long as they follow her rules:

  • Respect Everyone
  • If You're in Timeout, It's for a Reason
  • No Racism, Religion, or Politics
  • No Spamming the Chat
  • Don't Be a Creepy
  • Above all Else - Have Fun!

So, definitely follow her rules, and enjoy the amazing group of gamers who are following and supporting her in the chat. Contribute when you can, ask questions, ask for guidance or help, and enjoy!


"I like streaming all kinds of games from indies to Triple A Titles but primarily Call of Duty WWII, Gears of War 4 and Aaero."


"When it comes to communities, I am a big part of the Xbox community on Twitter and part of YouTube Gaming Community. I am also part of the Mixer streaming community and a CoHost of the GamingDen Podcast with my Sis Shewulf as well as a part the all Female Mixer team called Mixer Sirens."


"Even though I'm more of a YouTuber and I like 2 make topic videos, I love streaming on Mixer with my friends cuz it's so easy to use from my Xbox One and I love that they have an overall great Community, I have made new friends through the chat and I love the features like low latency FTL and interactive buttons in certain streams."

My Most Anticipated Games of 2018



GamingDotGeek is a hardcore gamer, with dedication to his craft and a unquenchable thirst for the perfect match with the perfect community. Definitely a highly contributing member of his community, he is always striving to give back and help other streamers to find success and build their base. He's all about doing co-streams, allowing you to get to know other streamers while following him. He also does a lot of tech reviews and or discussions, allowing other gamers and streamers to learn from him and years of knowledge and experience doing custom builds. Gaming news, gaming reviews, gaming tech, updates, and more will be discussed during his streams, ensuring that you're getting more value than just entertaining game-play!


"I began my streaming career as strictly a retro and indie caster as it was all I could afford and allowed me to showcase my personality and interact with chat at a pace which I’ve become known for. Later, as I honed my skills in entertaining viewers, upgraded my equipment and was able to purchase more costly AAA titles, I shifted more towards my primary interests of first person shooters (FPS) and battle royale/survival type games such as H1Z1. Currently I stream Call of Duty: WWII and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS most often with brief trials of other titles in between."


"The Mixer community is incredibly welcoming, inclusive and supportive and feel like an extension of family unlike anything I’ve experienced before. My primary focus as a streamer/influencer is to create and foster growth of my own community within my channel, while still playing a larger role in the bigger picture by helping Mixer, its creators and viewers, succeed within the industry at large.

I have affiliations with Logitech Gteam who have proven to be an integral part of my success as it relates to quality of equipment and peripherals, GreenManGaming who are incredibly supportive on social media and in championing me as a top tier influencer, and have also worked in partnership with ‘uncool is cool’ and ‘Broadcastick’, among others. I’ve also streamed in conjunction with many charitable efforts including Extra Life."


"Without question the thing that brought me to Mixer (Beam), and has kept me here since, is the community.

From the highest level of staff (co-founders) through the newest of user(s), the sense of community and belonging is the thing most vital to the platform itself and its continued success. Feeling as though you are a respected and appreciated part of something larger than yourself and knowing you have a place within that is something rather unique and rare, particularly in a business which has seen neither acquisition nor incredible growth negatively impact this ability.

I’m honored to be a part of such a great group of staff, creators and viewers on Mixer and look forward to continued success on an even larger scale both individually and collectively in 2018 and beyond."




"I am known as Cheeky, my name is CheekyGaming on mixer and I am what is known as a variety streamer. I have over 70+ games that I have streamed from first person shooters, to community fun games. A small cross-section of my games are: Rainbow Six Siege, Monster Hunter: World, Destiny 2, Track mania Turbo, Minecraft, Battlefield 4, Call of duty WW2 and Forza Horizon 3."


"I am a member of The Hoser Squad Stream Team, The Dino Squad Stream Team and The Cheeky Gaming Stream Team communities on Mixer. I am affiliated to HumbleBundles as a partner, affiliated to Into the AM, Gawkbox and Loots. I am also a Member of the Xbox Ambassadors Community. These affiliations help support my channel with unique features."


"What I like most about being on mixer is the awesome community, the unique interactivity features, and its ultra low latency which is second to none, and its unique co-stream capabilities which are integrated into the platform."




I stream all kinds of games!

  • Retro titles - Mainly JRPG's like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, (Will be playing the upcoming Secret of Mana remake for PS4 - SUPER EXCITED!), and more!
  • BR titles - Fortnite, PUBG
  • Next gen - Monster Hunter World, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne, etc.
  • Sandbox titles - Minecraft, 7 Days to Die
  • And many, many more!


Affiliations -

  • I am a Mixer partner - and I am a Mixer staff member (I could write several lines about this) -
    I was held to the same standards as all partner applicants when being considered for partnership. Feel free to ask me more about this if you're interested.
  • I am partnered with Xsplit as an Elite member.
  • I am partnered with the upcoming competitive FPS title 'The Forge Arena' as an official streamer.
  • I am partnered with Humble Bundle.
  • I am partnered with Discord.
  • I have worked with several charity organizations including Child's Play, Extra Life, and Tiltify to raise money for children's hospitals.
  • As a Mixer staff member I am regularly featured on Mixer's "LFG" Show.
  • Member of several stream teams including Syntaxiom, Cosmo Canyon, and The Forge Arena.


"When I first logged into Mixer to start streaming (then I was instantly intrigued by its obvious element of community. It focuses on the streamers rather than just the games. The content creators are filled with charisma and are actively engaged with their viewers. You'll rarely find a stream that won't greet you with a huge smile and deep gratitude for your viewership. One of my favorite features, however, is the low latency. The ability to reply to your chat within the smallest instant is an unreal feature compared to other platforms. With how much I interact with chat, there's no way I would feel satisfied with a 10+ second response time from streamer to viewer."




"What games haven’t I streamed?! I honestly move around a lot when it comes to my games. I love playing the popular titles such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Monster Hunter World, but I spend probably half of the time trying out new indie titles! I have a special place in my heart for an underdog, and indie games are often the unsung heroes of the gaming world."

"Oh, and I will always love Battleborn. That’s right, Battleborn <3."


"Well let’s see: I’m a Mixer Partner, a Gearbox Community Badass (, Official Discord Partner, Gunnar Optiks Affiliate, and endorsed by Plantronics Gaming! And I’m always looking to find good relationships with new companies with great ideas."


"Definitely the community and the innovation. I came to Mixer from Twitch to test out the FTL low latency streaming capabilities and the interactives. I really admire invention and innovation and thought they’d be neat to test out. When I got there... well the community was so welcoming that I never wanted to leave, and now here I am!"

© 2018 PrometheusIV


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