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Top Electric Remote Controlled RTR Buggie

Updated on December 4, 2009
Associated RC18B 4WD RC RTR 1:18 Electric Buggy
Associated RC18B 4WD RC RTR 1:18 Electric Buggy

The RC18B remote controlled, ready-to-run, 1:18 electric Buggy crams maximum performance into a small package! The front narrow-spoke wheels and rear wide-spoke wheels provide for excellent traction and handling. The high-performance engine is bolted to an aluminum motor mount with mounting holes to fit most aftermarket hop-up engines. The 18B applies all the power to the track with its forceful shaft-drive.

The 4WD powertrain features adjustable ball differentials and the suspension absorbs all of the deformities of the road. The shocks are oil-filled for stable dampening. The four lower suspension arms are balanced and work with the molded upper suspension to make sure that the suspension is optimized. The RC18B electronics are modular, providing easy access to the steering servo, electronic speed control and receiver. When you want the best mini-4WD buggy with ultimate performance, you have found what you desire.

Hobbyrama 2009 1/8th Scale Electric Buggy RC Racing


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