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Top Five Classic Kids Puzzles

Updated on September 19, 2009

Classic Kids Puzzles That Are Still Out Today

Puzzles are nothing new and from any childhood they can be the most memorable thing, from jigsaw puzzles to kids crosswords, there has got to be some puzzle you had as a child that you really remember, for me it was the rubiks cube, but for others it maybe something specific like a 400 piece jigsaw of a transformer or something else(would love to hear your trip down memory lane)

As kids the puzzles we had may have either been seen as difficult to finish or they were easy to complete and you moved onto the next one, but for me the Rubiks cube was one of them complex things as a child, it took me months to figure it out, until one kid at school did it in 5 minutes as he found out on the TV how to align all the colours so that they all matched on all sides, I told him he was a cheating git, but then I was for listening to him so that was the end of that puzzle challenge because I had learned from him how to solve the Rubiks Cube...oh well!

This is a little run down of the Rubiks cube and 4 other puzzle toys that I remember as a child and you may too. So lets take a look!

The Rubiks Cube

The Rubiks Cube was one of them puzzles that you either loved or hated as a child, or you are a champion Rubiks cuber, who loves to turn and slide the coloured lines, this was an instant hit in the play ground when I was at school( well for about five minutes anyway!)

Now you can get the Professor Rubiks Cube which is 5 squares by 5 instead of the 3 by 3, which is alot harder, because I got one last month and it still sits on my computer desk gathering dust, waiting for the next time I get bored and need a little mental tuning.

Alot of the cubes appeal is to mainly beat your time to solve it and so this is how challenges came about at school and whoever beat the score they was crowned as the winner and the those who lost had to do a nasty dare, which was fun, but getting a clip round the ear wasn't fun when the teachers caught you.

Rubiks Cube On Amazon

Thinkfun Block By Block Puzzle

Building block puzzles used to be my favourite and this one with only seven pieces seems like a breeze, but it's not with over 60 possible combinations of structures to replicate, you get helpful clues to solve the block building chaos on the back of the cards provided and as you progress with the block structures it gets more complicated apparently.

Again not for small kids due to the small parts which poses a choking hazard, for kids who like puzzle solving this one.

Thinkfun Block By Block Puzzle From Amazon

Thinkfun Fifteen Puzzle On Amazon - A Numbers Nightmare!

Fifteen Puzzle

 This is an old puzzle that has been around for over 100 years and it was very popular in the 1930's, not that I'd know as I wasn't born then, it is a small handheld case with 15 numbers in it and what you have to do is to scramble the numbers and then get them back into numerical order, there are 30 other challenges you can complete with an instruction booklet enclosed and it comes in a nice leather carry case, just like it did back in it's day.

The number tiles are polished enamel and the casing is also polished metal, which makes it a delicate puzzle and not for small children what with small pieces that could fall out, but for ages 8 and over, this puzzle will puzzle even the young child geniuses of today(or maybe not!)

Rubiks Twist Puzzle

 Another one of Rubiks brain teasers with a shape twisting puzzle that has no wrong answers, just lots of variations of diffeent shapes and combinations of spacial shapes that can be created with this puzzle, this brain teaser comes with a hints booklet for help on creating advanced shapes.

The shapes you can make are diverse with this little puzzle, twist from a snake into a swan and other shape types.

Great puzzle for kids who don't get bored easily.

Kanoodle Puzzle

 A game which involves coloured beads which have to be constructed into shapes that are set and it claims to be easy and difficult all at once by constructing 2D and 3D pyramids and other shapes, comes with an illustrated puzzle instruction booklet to get hints and tips from.

Small parts present a choking hazard, so for kids over 5 really and the puzzle game kanoodle comes with a portable carry case and can be taken anywhere.

As you can see there are puzzles galore on Amazon..go and see!

Kanoodle Puzzle Game On Amazon

What Puzzle/Toys Do You Remember When Growing Up?

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    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Guess its my age why I have only heard of etch a sketch and rubiks cube lol. Still have an old Rubiks cube somewhere