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Top Five Final Fantasy Moments

Updated on December 27, 2010

Final Fantasy is a major player in the RPG market, and though the popularity of some of the more recent games is contestable it's tough to argue that these games aren't memorable. There's a lot of great storytelling going into this series, and in this list we'll look at five of the best Final Fantasy moments to date.

Sazh Learns the Truth

Say what you want about Final Fantasy XIII's convoluted and, eventually, contrived plot. You have to admit, though, that the sudden revelation that Vanille is responsible for much of Sazh's misery - and the confrontation that ensues - is pretty tense, memorable stuff.

Yuna and Tidus are Reunited

Admit it, Final Fantasy X fans. You played Final Fantasy X-2 to watch this scene at the end. Despite all the bad reviews and poo-pooing of the plot in general, you needed this closure.

The SeeDs Discover Their Shared Past

When Irvine first showed up, he seemed like just another character in the party, and something of a goofy one at that. No one ever could have expected the bombshell he carried with him: that everybody in the party, save Rinoa, grew up in the same orphanage. Whoa.

The Death of Aeris

Final Fantasy VII was full of shocking revelations and awesome moments, but none of the others managed to hit the same high, yet low, note as the death of everyone's favorite flower girl.

Philosophy With Kefka

He was a nut with a vision: a wrecked planet. And, unlike most crazed masterminds, Kefka managed to see his plan through to fruition. Consequently the showoff between the madman and the party of Final Fantasy VI proved to be one of the most memorable conversations in gaming history, especially considering the magnitude of the battle that followed.


We couldn't just forget this most infamous of moments, even on a strict Top Five list:

Tellah Calls Edward a Spoony Bard

Ahh, classic.

Agree? Disagree? Comment on it!

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    • cceerpp profile image


      8 years ago from Ghana

      I've enjoyed some moments with Final Fantasy on the Super Nintendo in the late 90s. It's a fun game to play.


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