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Top Five Freakiest Free Online Games

Updated on July 20, 2014


Searching for a game that will make your heart race without paying a lot of money? This is a list of five of the scariest free games that a person can find on the net. These are games that not only had been most recommended by games but also I find the most scariest counting down from the fifth scariest to the first. I also included some popular gaming websites where you can find some of these.



What To Consider

like many games on this list, there is a couple of things to consider before playing

  • Play at nights only
  • Keep off all lights
  • Make sure you keep your volume on high

Also it should be noted that the environment is very creepy in itself.There is a lot of game sites that holds The Insanity including and This is a pretty popular game so a lot of sites have this.

The Insanity

A simple point-and-click game that includes scenes of torture and gore, this game is all about escaping a mad scientist's lair. This might sound simple only that the game is loaded with timed puzzles and scares.

The game starts with being stuck in a cage trying to find a way to escape. This ends up being the simplest puzzle in the game. The puzzles will only get harder and harder the more you move along in the game. you will also realize that the killer (aka the scientist) has experimented with combining animal body parts to humans. Some of these creations will try to help you while some will do everything possible to keep you trapped in the lair.



What To Consider

This is an older game and the graphics are not quite as fresh as the newer ones but this is very well-developed game that does not shy away from the dark side of humanity.

it is best to be played;

  • At night
  • With all lights off
  • With volume turned up

This has been one of the most successful games leading to three sequels which have also done well however the sequels couldn't match the overall scare of Exmortis. This game can be found on as well as some other sites.


If you have the pleasure of playing this game, you will know why it belongs on this list. Spooky, sad, and down-right scary, this is a game that has been giving a lot of people's nightmares. This is another point-and-click game that begins waking alone alone in the woods only to take shelter in the most terrifying house that may make you rethink what is the definition of safety.

once again, the main character has no recollection of who he is or why he is where he is. As he explores the house he discovers mutilated bodies and slowly through puzzles and defeating demons finds out the dark past.



What To Consider

A couple of things need to be considered before you start the game:

  • This game has a timer and attention needs to be played with the timer to see how much time is left. Although this doesn't last the whole game, it is still present in parts of the game and could be frustrating. Although many don't last long enough to worry about the timer
  • Again this should be played without lights and volume be turned up
  • Remember have plenty of free time before deciding to play

This game needs to be downloaded and is said to be in beta stage it may not be free for long so make sure you check this one out soon.. You can find the link on That seems to be the only place


Said to have one of the most jump-scares of all the free games, Pesadelo is a Brazilian point-and-click game in which you follow Alex as he explores his new workplace after hearing rumors of really creepy paranormal activity. This includes some of the most intense paranormal happenings and is said that many do not make it very far due to the intense terror and hard puzzles. This is not a game for people who are bad at puzzles or need a lot of time to solve. This game needs to be done quickly and the player has to be able to keep up with it.




This game is best if:

  1. you have a webcam
  2. You have a microphone
  3. You have a cellphone

This game can only be played:

  • Between the hours of 6pm and 6am
  • You may have to log in

Also remember:

  • You give permission to let the game use your webcam (optional)
  • You give permission to let the game use your microphone(optional)
  • And you give permission to let the game have your cell phone number (optional)

Hotel 626

Hotel 626 was funded by Doritos and is one of the first games that has a time limit to when you can click on the game. You can only play this game in the nighttime between the hours of 6pm and 6am. During the day it just has a countdown to when you can play again, it is pretty cool. You wake up in hotel room and have to find a way out. This is one of the best digital games on this list with stunning animations of such creatures as possessed toddlers,and maids and don't forget about killers who are trying to hunt you down. As a added bonus, users with webcams can actually get a scare when the game takes a picture of them at the beginning of the game without knowledge and adds it in later during a really creepy scene.

To have the best experience, it is best to have your cellphone and microphone because there are parts when you have to say or sing and parts where even your cellphone comes into play. This is a unique game for lovers of horror or for those seeking fear but remember it's only a game right?

The website for the game was taken down however you can still find the games with such sites like I don't know if there is still a lock on what hours this game can be played during because I only play at night anyway. I am also not sure about the webcam and microphone but still give it a try. It is still a wonderful detailed game with some of the best animation of any of the free games.



What To Consider

This game works;

  • At any point during the day
  • Lights on or off doesn't matter
  • It is still wise to keep the volume up because this casts a unsettling sound throughout the whole game

To get this game;

  • This is the only game that has a both a free and a purchase version of the game
  • The free version includes the old version that is outdated and the demo of the newly released version that is more up-to-date
  • The purchased version costs a dollar

You can download the game from its website

The Fourth Wall

Although some may argue with the placement of this cool little game, the fourth wall brings terror in a whole different way. Instead of a game that's goldmine is about scaring somebody, this is more of an abstract game where basically you walk in this weird dimension and by walking weird things start happening. Don't think this isn't a horror game through, at random times weird creepy things start happening like suddenly a hand will come at the computer screen or that the scenery will suddenly darken into pitch darkness with nothing to be seen except for two eyes staring at you, the player, not the character in the game.

However this game doesn't need the scares since being in a completely alien world is scary enough with weird grinding and metal sounds overlapping any other sounds. This isn't entirely the most scariest but what it does have is a high level of uneasiness which can have a more lasting effect than the really scary ones.

In conclusion

The Insanity. Exmortis, Pesadelo, Hotel 626, and The Fourth Wall are some examples of well-thought out games. Not only are these some of the most played free games of the horror genre, these are also become games that hold their own novelty thanks to what they have to offer gamers.If you are really looking for something to make you paranoid of every sound, give these a shot.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Do you agree or disagree with the games on this list. Know any games that are scarier. Just write it on the comments.


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