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Top Five Free To Play Online Games

Updated on October 24, 2014

Hard To Find

We all know there's people releasing new free games online almost every day. Most of them just don't hit the mark but every now and then we're able to find those diamonds in the rough. It's always a great thing when you come across a great game online that you can download and it'll cost you pretty much nothing.

Granted most of these games depend on you spending money if you want to be the best there for the free MMO's but that's to be expected considering these companies know if the quality is there people will put money into the game. That way the company that made the game is getting at least a bit of a turn around on their product.

I've played and downloaded my fair share of free to play games and over the years I can condense the list of the ones that stuck with me to five. I'm judging this based off the entertainment value I found while playing, the difficulty of the game and whether it really would stand any kind of chance if it were put up against a game you pay for. Most of these you wouldn't spend a dime on but there is a few rare jewels.

Now I might get some heat for this list due to the fact that I don't plan on putting League of Legends on it simply because while it's a decent game, it's not one I really enjoyed. This is my top five after all and I really never got into LoL enough to make a decent enough opinion on it. So with that said let's get into the games I did pick.

5. League of Angels

This is a decent little game I discovered via an internet website and figured it seemed pretty interesting. In fact, it turned out to be a pretty decent game. Typically not something I'd usually play but I found it to just have a way to grab a hold of me and next thing I knew I was losing time playing it.

It's a browser based MMO by GTArcade and while it does require you to actually put money into it if you want to make it to the top of your server you can just sit back and enjoy the story and possibly make new friends along the way. It doesn't twist your arm to put money into it after all and does actually give chances for people that play for free to get some of the special Angels, clothing and wings as the people that actually put money into the game.

So basically League of Angels is a game where you are helping these cities by running through dungeons and eventually freeing Angels from their statues. You pick up recruits along the way, get an Angel to help you in your battles and have a bunch of fun little daily events to help you with your upgrades and everything else.

I'd give this game a 3.5 stars out of 5.

4. MyVegas

You might be thinking 'What is MyVegas and why is it on this list' right about now and I'll fill you in on the amazing little game and just why it's here. The shocking part of this games ranking here is the fact that this is a Facebook game. I know, I know, I should be ashamed of myself for actually including a facebook game, especially when I refuse to include League of Legends, however I have great reason to include this game.

Just like it sounds I'm sure most of you have already guessed that this is a slot machine game. Granted it allows you to play blackjack as well but mostly it's just a collection of fun little made up slot machines. While playing you earn not only game chips to allow you to continue playing slot machines but also Loyalty Points. Now here's where this game gets really good, the reason it made the list is because for the low price of absolutely nothing out of your pocket you can use these Loyalty Points to actually get REAL Vegas rewards.

These rewards include Vegas Show Tickets, Free Rooms at some of the most popular hotels on the strip, free buffets, free club entries, basically anything that can make your dream Vegas vacation go from looking at about 400 dollars at the lowest to costing you practically nothing, if even anything at all.

My mom has used this Facebook game to claim well over 20 free hotel rooms in Vegas since this game has came out. I, myself, have used this game to enjoy a free night at the Luxor, tickets to the Shark Reef, tickets to the Tournament of Kings and a free night at Red Rock Resort. In fact, my husband and I both have two more free nights at Red Rock Resort that we can use anytime before the beginning of January. You only have 90 days to claim your rewards that you purchase after all but if you cancel the purchase before the 90 days is up you get your loyalty points back.

Basically the reason this game made the list is because this is a truly FREE game that gives you ACTUAL rewards that you can use in Las Vegas. Its major partner is MGM but they recently added three Station Casino properties so I can only assume they'll add more in the future. If you're a Vegas local the rewards you can get from this game aren't as great as the people that live out of town but that's to be expected considering we already live in Vegas. However it seems the Station Casino rewards are the same for out of towners and locals alike at the moment.

On a scale from one to five stars I would happily give this game a 4 star rating. It might not always be the funnest thing in the world to play but it's pretty nice to get free stuff in real life by playing a free game on Facebook.

3. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a Dungeons and Dragons based MMORPG by Perfect World International. This company has some great MMORPG Games as well as other games but this is probably the best one I've played, thus it has earned its spot on this list at number 3.

Neverwinter has a ton of race options for you to choose from and the expected class options. What amazed me about this game is the world is so beautiful and expansive that I really felt like I was playing a game that would have typically costed me about 20 to 30 dollars to have. The stories are immersive, the environment is amazing and the gameplay itself is smooth and fun. Unlike most games they don't overload you on spell buttons, the quest points are pretty easy to follow and they have a nifty little fan made quest option, where you can play a quest that was put together by someone else that plays the game.

I found Neverwinter to be a truly unique experience and a breath of fresh air. It's the only free MMORPG I have found that didn't make me feel like I was playing a lesser version of World of Warcraft. If you like Dungeons and Dragons or MMO's that are based in a somewhat medieval setting this game is worth a check out. As a whole the company that made this game is worth a look.

Out of five stars I'd give Neverwinter a well deserved 4 stars.

2. Counter-Strike Online

What is there to really say about Counter-Strike? If you played FPS games chances are you've played CS or at least heard of it. In the world of First Person Shooters this game is a Legendary one so you can only imagine how many people flew out of their seats when this free version of it hit the internet.

Nexon Co. Ltd. released this game in 2008 with the oversight of Valve who owns the rights to the CS franchise. It was primarily made for the Asian gaming market but has hit off pretty much everywhere and is still up and running to this day. They are constantly updating it, adding maps and different modes to it. It really doesn't get much more classic than this FPS right here and the fact that it's free. Let's just say if you play an FPS and don't giggle like a school girl when you hear that voice tell you Headshot then there's something wrong.

This was one of the best free games I've ever stumbled across only because my memories of playing Counter-Strike go back so far and it's nice to go back to a game like it everyone now and then and just shoot people for the sake of helping my team win... no real point other than that after all.

I'd definitely rate this game a 4.25 stars out of 5. The only reason it doesn't get higher then that is because sometimes the game client doesn't like to patch right and you have to completely reinstall the game or pray the manual patch works.

1. Hearthstone

I don't even know what to say about this game to give it justice other then I'm sure the people at Blizzard just feel like absolute bosses. This company is well known for making epic games such as Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft. Just when you think what can they really do next they announce this free to play Collectible Card Game, which I wont lie, had me scratching my head for a good bit.

Blizzard is making what? They're wasting time doing what now? Come on just give us an epic WoW expansion, make Diablo 3 better, release Heroes of the Storm already, we don't want a CCG. How wrong we were to doubt Blizzard for that split second.

I've played games like Magic the Gathering both offline and online and the thought of Blizzard making this 'Hearthstone' game didn't seem like too great of an idea. Sure, card games can be fun but I just didn't expect this to be as awesome as it was, until I got that beautiful little beta key everyone sits on the edge of their seats for. The holy grail to all gamers, exclusive entry into a game undergoing development, allowing you to not only play the game early but also give feedback on it and help the company fix things with it.

That was pretty much all it took for me to become addicted to this game. Hearthstone deserves this number one spot. Blizzard took a chance making a CCG game and while many thought it wouldn't last long it ended up being one of the biggest internet crazes of today. This game has managed to not only rocket up the free game ladder but also took hostage over 20 million gamers in less then six months of being live. A number that has probably only grown since then. Way to go Blizzard, you have nailed yet another hit.

Overall I give Hearthstone a 4.75 stars out of 5. Nothing is perfect after all.

What's your favorite free online game?

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Not a Penny Was Spent

And at the end of this list there's five great games for anyone to check out. Game that you can play for the low cost of zero dollars and zero cents. I have given you a turn based MMORPG, a Facebook Slot Machine that gives you actual rewards, a medieval MMORPG that makes your inner geek squee in joy, a way to relieve stress by shooting people in a controlled and completely legal manner and a card game that blew most of us away and proved that Blizzard is a force to be reckoned with. Never doubt the power of Blizzard apparently, though I wish they would just release Heroes of the Storm already.

So there you have it, drop a comment with some of your favorite free games or just general opinions. Heck if you want to just say heya that's fine too. With that said time for me to go play some Hearthstone.


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    • Jaydeus profile image

      James Stratton 

      4 years ago from Springfield, TN

      I have played Counter Strike and it was awesome, indeed.

      I will give the others a look as well!

      However, I was not impressed with Hearthstone. Maybe I'm too partial to actually playing MTG with real cards, but this just didn't sit too well with me. Don't get me wrong, I am a veteran of World Of Warcraft and the original Starcraft(didn't get into SC2 due to only 24hrs in an Earth day :P ) and liked Diablo III as well, but Hearthstone lacked an essence of competitive skill not found in any other Blizzard game or physical TCG like MTG.

      This is all, of course, my opinion.

      Great hub!


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