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Top Five Minecraft Mods | The Best Mods For Minecraft

Updated on May 13, 2011
You can never have too many mods, just like you can never have too many puppies! For more Minecraft mods, visit:
You can never have too many mods, just like you can never have too many puppies! For more Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

There are more mods for Minecraft than there are flavors of ice cream in my freezer and it can be hard to know where to start. Do you want the triple chocolate fudge ripple mod? Or should you start off with something a little more tame, like a hokey pokey mod? Tossing the forced analogy aside, I've selected five of the top Minecraft mods of all time. These mods will see you flying through the air with the greatest of ease and plucking items out of thin air. They'll make you a flying magician in a world full of grateful subjects, that's what they'll do! These are my personal favorites and there's six of them, because I'm all about stretching a paradigm to its limits.

Piston Mod

When the Piston Mod came out, Minecrafters began to foam at the mouth. The range of sheer possibilities unlocked by a block that could expand and contract when powered by redstone was almost infinite. Within hours of the mod being released (I could be exaggerating slightly, but I don't particularly care) people were building retractable drawbridges, secret doors and elevators that hurtled players into the sky. The Piston mod was the first Minecraft mod to be officially slated for inclusion in the base game.

Planes for Minecraft

I'm not going to lie, this is probably my most favorite mod of all. It enables safe and more importantly, coherent and reliable flight within the Minecraft world. If you thought it was pretty awesome just wandering through your world exploring the beautiful and varied terrain, your mind will be blown at the sheer awesomeness of being able to sail above it all quite safely in a plane of your own crafting.

Too Many Items

The first stable in game inventory editing mod, Too Many Items is Too Excellent for words. It allows you to edit your inventory on the fly and has additional tools that allow you to create indestructible tools and infinite stacks of material. Finally, a diamond pick that actually lasts long enough to find more diamond. Not that you'll need to grub about underground finding diamond anymore now you have an inventory full of unlimited diamonds. Mwa ha ha ha!


This mod, which gives nothing away in its name is a mod that adds villages filled with NPC's to your Minecraft world. That's right, you're no longer alone in a sea of self loathing and poorly put together forts. Not only are the villagers friendly, but they're also very eager to trade with you so that they can upgrade their villages over time. This mod comes highly recommended by everyone with a sense of fun.

Humans Plus, Mo'Creatures

I'm slamming these two quite separate mods together because they're kinda sorta the same thing, except one adds pirates and one adds a Pegasus. Need I write more, or do you already know what to do?


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