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Behold! The Best Team Fortress 2 Mods (With Video For Additional Gratification)

Updated on September 22, 2010

Team Fortress 2 is the legendary team based role playing FPS that has given new meaning and significance to the humble hat. Once you're done leaping about the place in flames, being backstabbed by secretly hidden spies and wandering aimlessly into traps set by dastardly engineers, then you're really ready to start playing. There are many mods available for Team Fortress 2 which transform the single player and multi player experiences entirely.

The Great Class Dash

Just in case you get sick of blowing other people away with your exceptional awesomeness, the Great Class Dash is an innovative mod which transforms TF2 into a side scrolling platformer. The mod creates four levels, which each have class specific obstacles. You better be able to play all classes, or you'll be gnashing your teeth and flailing your arms until kingdom come.

DOWNLOAD The Great Class Dash

Here's a video proving just how fun the whole affair really is:

PropHunt (Hide and Seek Mod)

One of the best mods for TF2, Prop Hunt turns the TF2 experience into a game of hide and seek in which the Red team all spawn as flame throwing Pyros and the Blue team spawn as props, ie, pieces of scenery. It is the Red team's job to hunt the 'living' props down and kill the heck out of them before the round ends. Props have only 30 seconds at the beginning of the round to hide themselves and hope that they blend in, before sitting and waiting like little lambs to the slaughter to be set on fire by marauding Pyros. TF2 as it was never meant to be played.



Link to official PropHunt Forums  

Link to description and servers where you can play PropHunt  

Awesome video that will be a changing day in your life:

For many more most excellent mods, take yourself off to the official place for Team Fortress 2 mods,   where you'll find plenty of new skins to jazz up your TF2 life, not to mention player models, GUI's and more.

For those who have stumbled on this article and know not what it is, a quick update: TF2, also known as Team Fortress 2  is a Valve game, (of the blessed trinity of Gabe Newell and Steam) and therefore charmed with brilliance and beauty.  If you don't own it, then you're not only depriving yourself of one of the greatest single and multiplayer shoot-em-up experiences of the 21st century, perhaps even the millennium, but you're really selling yourself short in a very disappointing sort of way. If your life sometimes seems sad and hollow, it could be because you don't yet own TF2. Look into that.


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