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Top Minecraft Texture Packs

Updated on January 26, 2011
Friendly Zombies from the Frenden Texture Pack
Friendly Zombies from the Frenden Texture Pack

A great many Minecraft texture packs have been made, but most of them don't really add all that much to the game and a lot of players come to the conclusion that texture packs are a waste of time. If you're in the 'default textures are the best' camp, the texture packs listed below might just change your mind. If you're looking for a new texture pack, you might find what you're looking for here.

ModernCraft Texture Pack

I mention this one first because it is, in my opinion, the most game changing texture pack out there. All the old school RPG textures are replaced with modern equivalents, so instead of glowstone, there are flourescents and instead of soul sand there are caution barriers. If you're not a fan of building castles and fotresses and crave a more modern look, ModernCraft is a must have texture pack.

Frenden Comic Style Texture Pack

Frenden is next on my list because I love the cartoon feel of this texture pack. You'll never find more bouncy happy creepers than in the Frenden texture pack. If you click the link above, you'll be taken to an article with three texture packs in it, Frenden, Tronic and Nurio's Splotch Block. These are all very simple, clean texture packs and are great choices for people who find the default textures too rough or too busy.

John Smith HD Texture Pack

John Smith is a very popular HD texture pack in 32 x 32. It does a beilliant job of keeping the original feel of the game instact whilst improving on it stylistically. If you're looking for graphics that are more slick, but which don't change the very nature of the game, I'd definitely look into the John Smith pack. It's also easier to install than other HD texture packs, which is a bonus.

Painterly / Quandary

No texturepack list would be complete without Painterly and Quandary, two texture packs that were pretty much the first high quality texture packs on the Minecraft scene. They both have their advantages, with Painterly having a very solid RPG feel to it and Quandary adding a great deal of environmental options. Painterly probably noses Quandary out because it has a wide range of options and allows you to actually put your own custom texture pack together. With holiday specific options for Christmas and Halloween and Pirate options. Yes, Pirate options, you'd be a fool not to check Painterly out.


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