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Top Most Popular Mods For Sims 4

Updated on July 2, 2019
The SIms 4
The SIms 4 | Source

Mods are short for modifications, and these are the extra game files that slot on top of your regular games, to add extra game play and functionality to the original game. Thankfully these mods are created from game fans, and with The Sims 4, most of these great mods are free. Fans of the game sins enjoy sharing them online, and many people enjoy using these mods, to enhance their game play session.

Some mods go on to make subtle changes to the game for example opening the gym or club past closing hours. Others go on to make drastic game play changes such as playing as your pets.

No matter if you are a season custom content modder, or are just starting your journey out in the world of Sims modification, you will find something to give the game that extra appeal for you.

How to Install A Mod In The Sims 4

You will have to find a mod download, and then download the one you want. Then, with a program such as winzip, or default unzip on your pc, unzip the file, which will end in .package, into the main mods folder, which is Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. These type of mods are known as script mods, there they just make a basic script change to the game.

Sometimes mods have more individual instructions, so be sure to read the readme or installation notes after downloading.

You never know if one mod might conflict with another mod, or even break your game completely, so you have to be sure to backup as you go along, and not install one mod without checking the previous one is working. There are sometimes patch versions of mods, and these are when the person in the community has found any changes with their mod, they re-release an update that you want to download asap.

The good thing about The Sims 4, is that it has a mods startup screen, so you can easily launch the loaded mods from.

Have Some Personality Please! - PolarBearSims

A great mod to make your Sims seem a little life more life like is the Personality Please mod.It adds a number of great new options and outcomes for the dialogue between your Sims. The interactions between the improved personality improvements are based on personality, traits, and career, and this mod also removes the annoying idle chat. Your sims will have the chance to learn from other sims, and engage in more deep and meaningful conversations. This mod will really get your sims talking, and you’ll enjoy hearing what they have to say to one another now.

Ultrasound Scan - LittleMsSam

This is a wonderful mod if you are pregnant and starting a family. You can go visit a gynecologist for an Ultrasound Examination to determine the gender of your babies, and how many you will have too. Best of all you can have this ultrasound wall framed in a picture to display in your home, and arrange a collection by naming them too. You can create talking points among your guests, and amazing memories of your children. The mod features 9 Picture Frame Swatches, and also the option to gift to friends and family with another mod the Give a Gift mod by LittleMsSam.


Emotional Inertia - roBurky

If you’ve been playing The Sims 4 for a while, then you’ll probably be used to how emotions work in the game. The emotional appeal of the Sims has been created to be very engaging, but it can be very tedious keeping them happy. This Emotional Inertia mod helps add a little balance to mood,and keeps your Sims a little more consistent, and with a bit of variety, making it easier to change them, after you’ve performed a particular action. The action in the game will be better, as it will considerable effort to alter the mood of your Sim, once it has changed it’s mind.

MC Command Centre - Deaderpool

With MC Command Centre, players of The Sims 4 can now control almost every aspect of their Sims lives, with this magnificent all in one combination mod collection. Deaderpool has combined many other mods into this one, and allowing you to control aspects of the in-game story progressions to create support for homeless people, as well as an increase in alien abductions. This mod is essential on your tool kit, if you just want to chill out, and mess around with the world of Sims.

The Mars Human Colony - iSandor

If you want to experience a mod with a lasting effect to your imagination, then it has to be the Mars Colony mod. It is a build that is made up of a neighborhood, along with adjoining garden, all enclosed with air type plastic like a colony on mars.

The garden has been designed to allow the Sims in the neighborhood remember their life on earth as pleasantly as possible, with a couple of nice trees, and some benches where they can sit and engage in conversation.

Each of the houses can hold about 3-4 Sims as they have 2 bedrooms each. This mod makes for a great experience. The creator of this mod, iSandor, has used all base textures, so you won’t have a problem adding in much new extra.

Mars Colony The Sims 4
Mars Colony The Sims 4 | Source


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