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Top Ranking , Best Selling Console Games

Updated on September 9, 2011

Top Ranking , Best Selling Game Series

These are some of the best selling game franchises to ever come out, in terms of their popularity together they have made the gaming industry what it is today. The way in which these companies have changed the way we play games and view game is astonishing. If what they have done in the past is anything to go by you need to make sure that you keep an eye out on what they put out next.


Coming out in 1993 this saw the football scene jump into console with a different angle. The game saw licensed teams and clubs and even featured some countries you would not expect in a game , such as Zimbabwea’s national team. Over the years they have sold 68million copies of their games and they have dramatically changed the way in which football is played on the computer and consoles.

Grand Theft Auto

This first came out when it was a 2D game which was at the time one of the best games I had put my hands on. When it came to actually making us get their games I think it was the ability to be able to do anything and everything in the game. When it came out in 1997 this game was way ahead of its time and the versions that were to follow would be recorded in the books. Selling over 70 million copies Rockstar games clearly had a recipe for success.

Sonic the Hedgehog

This game was and is still is very popular with the younger generation, the franchise is one of the most successful. Sonic has evolved just like most games that have stuck around to see the present times . However they have kept their first recipe for success and the game because of this has sold over 70 million units in all its versions.

Madden NFL

Everyone loves football, but Madden is a whole different take on football. The realisim of this game even when it came out in 1988 for the time was impeccable. It is not surprising then that this game has sold over 85 million. Over the year EA sports has brought out many different versions and as far as I am concerned have never disappointed.

Final Fantasy

Brought out in 1987 and sold 97 million copies to date and still counting. If this is not a good product I don’t know what is, this strategy game from Square Inc was very popular in the late 90’s. Anime lovers were very fond of this game and it saw the many great improvement over the years.

Need for Speed

This is one of my favourite game of all time, it is actually In my mind at the top of this list. As a car enthusiast or just a young child on his computer skipping homework was vital to play this game. It was highly addictive when it came out in 1994 and since the I knew Electronic Arts were on to a winner. They have sold over 100 million units to date and although they drifted away to what made the game great in my opinion they are coming back to that.

The Sims

This game was hugely popular with people it came out in 2000 and allowed people to recreate themselves in a game. To my knowledge it was one the first if not the first game that let you go through the daily motion of life. Everyone loved it , both young and old and having sold 125 million copies it goes to show this.


This brick game came out before I was born and was popular as it arrived out. People were addicted to this game, there was a point in life were me an all my friends had this game in its many formed and I highly suspected that everyone else did as well. At least in one form or the other when it came out in 1985 who could have predicted that it would sell 125 million units.


One of the best strategy game out there, almost every year there is a new version of this game. There have been hundreds out already and most kids have played at least one of these games. It has sold 207 million units so I will not say much and let the numbers justify themselves

Super Mario

This is the best selling franchise in the world and has sold more than any franchise or game out there at the moment. To be honest if you were to say you do not know Mario I would be very suspicious about your credibility as a human. 99% of the people I know , know this little Italian cartoon mechanic character. Almost all of that 99% have played the game. From this it is not surprising to know that the Mario Bros have sold more than 240 million units and are still being played today.


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