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Top Role playing games 2005-2010

Updated on August 15, 2010

Top Role playing games

Understand this is partially my opinion, but these are very popular games. They have done very well in sales and are often getting high reviews. If your looking to play a good role playing game and have not played one of these then you may want to. These are games that have come out in the 7th generation of gaming. The 7th generation of gaming is the high definition area. Consoles include Xbox 360,PS3,wii, and games ported to the PC. Note some of these games will run better on different consoles or the PC version of it. These role playing games will probably franchises that will continue for many years. They may perhaps go down in history.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

The first game that I include on this list is Elder Scrolls Oblivion. This game came out in the early era of the next gen era 7th gen(current era), but it still has a lot of value to this day. It has also released a lot of download content and has been highly praised in reviews. This game was also heavily advertised is magazines due to its popularity. This game is simply one that you can lose yourself in. You can create your own character and race and start out on a long journey. There are tons of quests that are on this game including guilds you can join. The game has amazing graphics and still holds up even in 2010. The world of oblivion has many cities and TONS of dungeons,caves, and other various places. This game is proobly the rpg that you can put 100+ hours on. There is just so much to do! You also have different skills such as athletics,acrobatics,blade,blunt, and all kinds. Some of which you can level up on depending on what class you are. The game focuses on traveling to different areas and questing. The dialogue system is done very well except your character does not speak. This game has a lot to offer. You can buy houses,do guild quests,main quests,download content quests,miscellaneous quests. The game play is also done very well. It works well mostly in the first person view. You can use bows,swords,blunt weapons,bare hands, and magic. You have many options on this game. This is why I put this in the best role playing game in this era of gaming. There is simply so much to do and the world is very inspiring. Good graphics,stories,gameplay, and so much more.

Mass Effect Franchise

Since its release in fall 2007 Mass Effect has been one of the most successful role playing games of the 7th gen of gaming. It has shooting elements combined with rpg ones that make it stand out from other rps. You are commander Shepard of the alliance and are on a mission to stop a man named Saren. You become the first human to become a spectre(an organization in stopping crime and problems in the galaxy) The story is very compelling and the characters are truly inspiring. There are many different races that appear in the game and the developers did a very good job creating them. These are not your stereotypical aliens. They are species that were created on the sole purpose of being something different than the average green alien. This game allows you to create your own face/male or female/and classes. The game does well as a 3rd person shooter and as an rpg. There is a cover system and a unique dialogue system in which you can make choices that dramatically affect them game. Your options in the game affect things later on and will affect Mass Effect 2. The game has a few planets to travel on mostly ones that involve the main story. The only thing this series lacks is the ability to go to planets that have more optional quests. Mass Effect does have more, but this franchise still has yet to be a more open world galaxy. Other than that the graphics,gameplay,rpg elements are absolutely astounding.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is from the same company that created Elder Scrolls Oblivion. May be part of the fact why its success has been so great. This game has a similar style,but is in fact quite different that Oblivion. It is set in the modern age and you now wield guns. It is set in nuclear fallout where everything is in ruins. You are trying to survive in a wasteland filled with raiders,mutants, and other dangerous inhabitants. This game may not have as many quests than oblivion, but the quests are pretty long. In this game you have the ability to go into a mode where you target specific body parts. This is called V.A.T.S. It is a very interesting system cause it can help you defeat your enemies and if you run out of this ability it will regain its bar. There are TONS of weapons on this game. These include melee weapons as well. You can expect to get small arms,larger guns,plasma guns, and melee weapons. You also have different skills similar to Oblivion when you level up. Not the same, but some similar ones such as being skilled with different weapons. The game obviously has very good graphics and the design does well to reflect a world destroyed from nuclear fallout. The game takes place near Washington DC ruins. The main mission is to find your Dad who left the vault you have lived in all your life. This game should not be missed for anyone who likes free roaming games or people who have played Oblivion. The dialogue system returns and similar gameplay with modern day weaponry. This game also has a sequel coming out this fall 2010 called fallout Vegas. What holds the future for this franchise? I think it will fair very well....


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    • KBEvolve profile image

      Kenneth Brown 6 years ago from United States

      Interesting list. I've only played Oblivion, but I can definitely see what type of RPGs you prefer.

      Oh, and it's surprising how addicting games like Achaea can be even despite their text only framework.

    • profile image

      Aktillum 6 years ago

      You missed Achaea, best most interactive RPG in existence

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      I would not say they have fallen off the map completely, but were much more prevalent in the playstation era and playsation 2. They have only made FF13 for next gen and its recent and i have not played it yet, but heard it was not quite the same as the originals. I heard it was good as a game, but fans may be slightly disappointed.

    • WillGrander profile image

      WillGrander 7 years ago from New York

      Good hub. Would you say that the Final Fantasies have fallen off the map?