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Top Shout Casters In StarCraft II (2)

Updated on September 3, 2012




Also know as Mike Lammond he is one of StarCraft's premiere casters. He is at a lot of events and also has the largest group of subscribers on YouTube. This may not seem impressive but at nearly 700,000 followers he is quite popular. He is from Oregon but is now living in California with many other YouTubers, including some of the ones featured here. He rarely misses action on the minimap, if you are lucky he will speak Overlord. He enjoys playing Protoss and that is my only problem, you can always tell! He is very Protoss Biased but other than that is very fair to the players and teams. I would say his favorite team is team liquid. He really tries to promote different teams but liquid is the one that makes it easiest to access their videos and players!




Let me start you out with what he says himself! 'Starcraft 2 commentaries that intend to teach, inform, and entertain the community. Starcraft is growing as an E-sport. I hope to accelerate that growth by appealing to those who are familiar or unfamiliar with the competitive gaming scene'

He strives to make games interesting. He sometimes over steps with the cussing. You don't want to watch a game he is casting which lags. He gets a bit colorful. He tends to have a good grasp on strategies and build orders and how each individual players executes each. This makes him more entertaining to watch or listen to as he seems to be in control and knowing what is going on most of the time.




HD is much like Husky, not to say either of them was first, or 'ripped' the other off. Simple they have similar styles, predicting the moves of top tier players before they do. You can find his casts all over YouTube. I find him informative and to the point, humor plays a smaller role in his casts and figures and strategies play a slightly larger part. He is one of the casters who will post the most regularly. He also tends not to favor any one player, race or team.

I highly recommend you watch his work and you will improve in your own knowledge as well as skill.

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Who Do You Watch Most?

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He is just fun. I really have nothing else to say about him. His antics make me smile and I love watching him play any game but especially StarCraft.

Check him out Here.



Day Nein

Funday Monday anyone?

A man who cares about the little guy. He posts on YouTube daily. Most of his videos are tutorials for newer players or simply older players looking for a leg up. He teaches things from Hotkeys to unit composition to complex attack timings. I would say he is a must watch for anyone who actually plays StaCraft 2. I have learned a lot from him and I know you can too. He occasionally casts pro games and you will find him at a lot of events, casting or doing some such thing. He live in LA and is a real nice guy in all his videos. I give him a thumbs up!


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    • Philanthropy2012 profile image


      5 years ago from London

      Awesome! Glad to see Starcraft 2 is spreading on HubPages too!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Husky was my favourite but now heis selling out and using us for money


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