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Top Ten Angry Video-Game Characters

Updated on September 5, 2017

Personalities give their characters life, if no one had a personality we would all be wandering around like zombies. However. While some can get the lust spectrum of things others get rage, angry characters who tend to just shove the middle finger into folks faces. Here are ten of the angriest video game characters, list is not in order I also want to spice things up and not put in the usual characters like Kratos and what not.

#10, Hades from Kingdom Hearts. Hades is a hot head and I mean that literally, this fire haired God of the Underworld is a reoccurring villain in the Kingdom Hearts series. In Kingdom Hearts he likes to mess with people, causing Terra to fight against a dark controlled warrior and sinking Hercules into a depression when the Colosseum was destroyed in Kingdom Hearts 2. Most of the time he is the sarcastic pal we all know and love when he gets mad fire erupts and his temper flies. But who can hate such a love able guy?

#9, Frank Woods from Black Ops 1&2. Master Sergeant Frank Woods is one of the main characters in Black Ops 1 and a side character in Black Ops 2, in both however he is a straight bad@ss. Woods always seemed to be in a bad mood, either when drinking a cold one with the boys of killing some baddies he has an attitude. Although if I had unknowingly killed one of my best friends I would be pretty pissed too, but luckily for me I don't have any friends. In any case Woods is a mad hatter, both crazy and angry, even got to a point where he even knocked one of his teammates aside because he was filled with such rage after seeing one of his enemies.

#8, The Fury from Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater. The Fury is a member of the Cobra Unit, a special combat force who was hired by Colonel Volgin. The Fury is an former astronaut, now unless you read up about him the game is kinda vague about why he is mad all I could come up with is that the empty void of space made him angry to be alive. The Fury feels anger and rage when going into battle, like the other members he carries his own emotion into battle. He uses a flamethrower that instead of using what would normally be used in one he uses a special rocket octane mix, whatever it is it shoots the farthest in the game and does massive amounts of damage. He is even able to use a jetpack in the boss battle, since you fight him in a dark area it is hard to see him until he starts torching everything. One thing for sure though is he feels fury.

#7, Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic. Shadow is a biologically made Hedgehog with some weird powers and a bad attitude, think of him like the Cell of the Sonic Universe but with less stunning green skin. Shadow is the main protagonist from Shadow the Hedgehog and is one of the few if not the only Sonic character to have actually ever used a gun. When it comes to anger there is few that can beat Shadow, he is just constantly upset.

#6, Wario from Super Mario. Wario is the yellow wearing counterpart to Mario, also sometimes rival. Wario is not only known for his greedy and evil ways but also for his temper, many times has he gone out of his way to go wreck some Havoc because he got angry. Now unlike many other characters that I could have put on this list like Asura and Kratos Wario doesn't go out and kill every god, he just beats people up and does some weird schemes like taking over Mario's castle.

#5, Literally every zombie in Dead Island. Dead Island is a game about brain chewing zombies, you wouldn't think them to angry but you would be wrong. The Thug one of the special types always gives away his presence by roaring like someone just kicked him in the shin, The Ram another special charges at you head on and tries to pound you into the dirt by roaring, many other zombies will charge at you and just try to smack you around a bit. I don't know about you but I have yet to hear any zombie in the game moan, they just growl angrily.

#4, Rage Demon from Dragon Age. Among the many enemies in Dragon Age Origins the Rage Demon is one of the simplest, both attracted to rage and create it they are beings made of pure fire and lava. Out of the other demons such as Pride, Lust and Sloth the Rage types are one of the most common and weaker. They have many fire based attacks and will attack you in swarms if possible, they are immune to fire based attacks of course but ice will injure them greatly.

#3, Samael from Darksiders 1&2. Samael is a powerful demon, one of the oldest and was even said at one point to even rival the Dark Prince Lucifer himself at one point. He being a demon has quite the temper, in fact even when Death itself came knocking on his door he still proceeded to fight against him. Samael isn't the main villain of either game but you do get to face him in Darksiders 2, his magic and powerful attacks nearly cover the entire screen and make him quite difficult.

#2, Needles Kane from Twisted Metal. Needles Kane, also sometimes called Sweet Tooth is a homicidal clown with a love for ice cream and death. He drives an Ice Cream truck and has a hobby of killing practically everyone he can get his hands on. He likes to think himself as the best serial killer of all time and wants to keep his title, meaning he'll kill anyone who threatens it. At the end of the latest Twisted Metal game once his wish is granted he is then seen deep underground in a coffin, cussing up a storm and threatening to make Calypso the man who granted the wish fear him before he would kill him.

#1, Shale from Dragon Age. Shale is a War Stone Golem made by a dwarven paragon, she has been around for quite some time but only seems to remember the past thirty years of her life. She has a tendency to mock the player and the crew, get angry at weird times and tends to just have a sort of sarcastic "I don't bloody care" kind of attitude most of the time. You can use her by getting the Stone Prisoner DLC in Origins but much like Sven she has an attitude.


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