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Top Ten Best Water Levels In Games

Updated on June 2, 2017

Not many levels in gaming can make one shudder at the thought then water levels. The threat of possibly drowning or not being able to maneuver well is always around the corner but there are some good levels with water, some can be calming and others freakin' awesome. This is the Top Ten list of the best water levels in games, as always they are not in order so please sit back and enjoy.

#10, Jolly Roger Bay in Super Mario 64. In the beginning of this level you start out on a beach side and in front of you is a massive space of water. Some enemies flutter about here and there but they aren't really a threat. The music of this level is also quite calming and mixed in with the cavern like area it makes this level feel almost therapeutic, that is till you see the giant freaky looking eel staring at you from the ship at the bottom of the level. Other than that it's all pickles and daisy's.

#9, Hyrule Castle in Legend of Zelda The WindWaker. Technically this level does take place in water. Towards the end of the game you travel towards the under water placed world of Hyrule. If you don't know why it is underwater it is because the gods wanted to hide the power of the triforce from the King of Evil. Once there you see that the castle is well maintained and that it looks pretty cool underwater however upon entering the castle you see many statues of what seems to be enemies. You do a few things and once you gain the Master Sword all the statues come to life, heart pounding moments ensue as you try to not die. Being underwater is rather cool but the thought that the water might pour down at any second in drown you is not a pleasant thought.

#8, Outside of Rapture in Bioshock 2. Just like the first game the second one involves going into a place where a madman decided to make a living underwater with breakable glass windows. Rapture is a city built under the depths of the ocean and in the second game you get to explore a bit of the outside. I suppose it isn't much different from are own ocean.

#7, Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts both one and two Final Mix you are able to go to the under water land of Ariel the Little Mermaid. In the first game it is mostly about exploring and what not while in the second one you don't get to do much besides play some mini-games. In both however you and your team get turned into some twisted hybrids. Sora gets turned into a dolphin like mermaid, Goofy a Turtle and Donald an octopus. The controls make it a little weird since now you can move up and down. The combat is rather interesting though since you get to fight fish like Heartless.

#6, Area of the Seventh Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus. Many of the beasts you face in this game are rather big and rather mean. Most things you will have to deal with are being squashed or falling to your death but the seventh beastie has a different plan. Hydrus the name it was given resembles an electric eel. It has a few electric rod like spots on its back that generate electricity, while not really dangerous when above the water it turns deadly in the water. The water level that comes out of nowhere here is a great and the fact that now you have to worry about both grip and oxygen levels turns the danger factor up and if your like me you might have gotten scared to death when the black soul shot out of the water.

#5, Sea or Lake Areas in Pokemon. Most of the times in these games you are forced to simply wander around on foot like a idiot. But in some of the games you are able to use your Pokemon to sail through the waters. The amount of water type Pokemon you come across is ridiculous but hey its the freakin' ocean. Much like the caves and Zubats you will come across alot of the same type of Pokemon is small bits of areas, sometimes you will find a Tentacruel and sometimes you will just find a Magikarp.

#4, Ricco Harbor in Super Mario Sunshine. Well since it is a game based in a resort like area there were bound to be a few water levels. Ricco Harbor is well a Harbor. Filled with small boats and big boats, sailors surround much of the area and you can even surf a Blooper in one of the missions. The music of the level is very upbeat and as you climb higher and higher till you can enter the lighthouse the place will just get to you.

#3, Ship Graveyard in Uncharted 2. In this level you have escaped from a crazy pirate man and are now tasked with finding your friend. Here old ships are scattered into the water. Many enemies cover the area so using stealth is almost a necessity. You can dive in the water to hide or escape gunfire or even pull someone into drown them. Hey the fishes need to eat to ya know, so selfish only thinking about yourself.

#2, The Sea in Assassins Creed Black Flag. Much of the story and item finding may be on the islands but there is no better place to be then the great blue. On the ocean you get to sail and go to many different islands, have your crew sing a sea shanty and sail into the sunset. You can even face other ships and steal their goods, the best thing about the game is also being able to design the ship in different ways. Change it into some different colors and even add special parts, the sea is full of surprises. Although it isn't really a level more like the world but I am counting it anyways.

#1, Underwater Excavation in Final Fantasy 10. This level has an almost eerie feeling to it, while there aren't any monsters the dark water gives an almost feeling of being watched. You travel around in a small pod to gather some items but even when it is just you alone it feels the exact opposite.


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