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Top Ten Bosses In Super Mario Series

Updated on July 16, 2017

In The Super Mario world there always seems to be something going on, some sort of dastardly being planning on disrupting the peace that lies in the Mushroom Kingdom. Here are ten interesting or powerful bosses in the Mario Universe, take not that they are not in any specific order and those that do appear may not be the most evil or whatever, this is also my list so if you don't agree well then bye bye.

#10, Bowser. I cannot make a list of Mario villains without putting the head honcho on hear himself, however since he is the most well known I will leave him at the number ten spot. King Koopa is a powerful but sometimes stupidly portrayed Koopa, a turtle like race in the Mario Universe. Bowser is very strong, capable of taking lots of punishment, he even has armies of warships and minions to help aid him. He also posses the use of dark magic, fire breathing and different items to help him. Bowser is one of the most fear beings in the Mario Universe, while he hasn't managed to complete a plan quite yet he has come close several times such as in Paper Mario where he becomes invincible. However since it is a Mario game the outcome is easy to know.

#9, Cackletta. Cackletta is an evil witch from the Bean Kingdom who plotted to use Peach's voice to activate the Bean Star, it had the ability to grant whatever wish or greatest desire a person had. Cackletta is a powerful witch who can summon bolts of lightning, summon black holes and create mirages of herself. While powerful she was beaten by The Bros, her minion Fawful too her soul and sent it into Bowser's body to create Bowletta. Now Bowletta not only had her own abilities but the power and durability of Bowser himself. Once the Bros fought their way back to her and engage in battle things take a slight downturn, Bowletta fakes her defeat and a bomb explodes behind the Bros knocking them unconscious, she then inhales them. Once inside her body the Bros have to defeat her soul which is not very easy to do since they begin with only one health point and have to make it through a barrage of her attacks before they can heal.

#8, Elder Princess Shroob. The Shroobs are an alien race in the mushroom world, they are similar to the Toads yet are more dangerous and less human. Elder Shroob is the final boss of the Partners in Time game and she is definitely hard to beat. Not only is she much bigger then her sister Princess Shroob who you fight before but she is also vastly more powerful. She is able to send her armies space ships down to attack the Bros, able to use tentacles to whip and strike at them as well. She has two stages much like Bowletta, the first is the normal form but second she obtains a few new attacks. When beaten she turns into a mushroom, once they return to the others the mushroom comes alive and enters Bowser's gut. Giving the Koopa King a power boost. During the battle with Bowser, Elder Shroobs ghost can be seen above Bowser, the Bros are not allowed to attack instead Bowser constantly fires balls of flames at the Bros, once reflected back at Bowser he reflects them as well and hits Elder Shroob who will then disappear after a certain amount of hits.

#7, Dark Star. The Dark Star is an ancient evil artifact said to hold an incredible power, its said if a truly evil being was to gain hold of the Dark Star the world would turn into chaos. The Dark Star is living so it knows what happens around it, Fawful the minion of Cackletta from a previous game who has now become the main baddie wants the star. After some events the Dark Star absorbs some of Bowser's DNA and gains some of his abilities, Fawful who had stolen some of the Dark Stars power gets absorbed and the Dark Star turns into Dark Bowser. Bower fights Dark Bowser in a clash of the titans, both seem to be equally matched and Bowser even manages to fell Dark Bowser but Fawful keeps regenerating Dark Bowser's health. But in the end Bowser and the Bros succeed, Dark Bowser is no more and the Dark Star explodes never too be seen again.

#6, Shadow Queen. The Shadow Queen is a powerful demon who before being sealed away in the events of The Thousand Year Door game tried to rule the world, but she was defeated. Once freed from her prison she takes Princess Peach's body for her own, while not fully used to the body yet she is able to use some very powerful abilities. She is one of the few bosses that Mario was not able to defeat without the aid of some sort of plot device. While in simply Peach's body she is able to perform some strong attacks but can be hurt, however once her true form is shown she is unable to be truly damaged. The Shadow Queen is a formidable enemy and one of the most powerful Mario has ever came up against.

#5, King Boo. In Luigi's Mansion Mario is kidnapped and it is up to his brother to rescue him, great. King Boo is a powerful ghost and the king of the Boo's, ghosts that are usually seen under Bowser's rule. During the end parts of the game Boo explains much of his plan, he wanted to capture Mario and he would have had Luigi too. The battle however has made some very strange theories. During the battle with King Boo he controls what many say is Bowser's corpse, others say it is just a robot but who is right? Boo is powerful since he and his minions can create things with their power, disappear through walls and pretty much do what many ghosts can do. Although if the theory that King Boo had trapped Bowser and is using his corpse as a weapon, perhaps Boo is the greatest enemy?

#4, Donkey Kong. Many know the game that shows Jump Man dodging barrels to return to his beloved who has been captured by a gorilla, while the story line is a bit mixed Donkey Kong is still the same. Donkey Kong is obviously a gorilla but he is bigger then an average one, he is also incredibly strong and able to cause earthquakes just by pounding the ground with his palms. D.K. isn't the smartest tool in the shed but he is one of the toughest, he has been able to take some pretty big wallops and keep on fighting.

#3, Shadow Mario. Shadow Mario occurs in a few games but the one I will talk about is the one in Super Mario Sunshine, I know boring right. Shadow Mario uses his likeness of Mario to frame him, using a special paint brush given to him by a mad scientist he uses it to make all sorts of graffiti around the Isle of Delfino. He has the usual abilities of Mario but he has an added benefit of being able to create things with his brush. Poisonous or burning puddles of paint, he can create sentient monsters and even cover entire lands with paint and trap beings. Towards the halfway mark of the game however you get to know that Shadow Mario is actually Bower Jr.

#2, Petey Piranha. Petey is a Piranha plant, bet you never guessed that. He is a large piranha plant with legs which gives him a bit of maneuverability, he can also use the small leaves he uses for arms to fly although it does take a bit out of him. In certain games he is also able to fire certain projectiles, in Sunshine he is able to fire paint and can do massive amounts of damage with it. He isn't the most powerful on the list by any means but he is really cute, so that kinda counts for something.

#1, Count Bleck. Count Bleck is one of the few enemies with an actual back story and that isn't just out for world domination, in fact he is driven by sadness. Blumiere who he was originally called was a member of The Tribe of Darkness who had stolen a book in hope of keeping its powerful evil hidden. Blumiere had fallen in love with a human girl but his father didn't trust the relationship, he sent the young women in between dimensions and erased all memory of her from Blumiere's mind. However Blumiere did go search for her, but he did not find her. His love was transformed into a pixel to save her life and she began her journey with the Bros, Bowser and Peach. Count Bleck has powerful magic and is able to use the Dark Book he stole to a further extent, he is able to use a powerful barrier to shield himself but with the help of the Stars the group was able to destroy the barrier and defeat Count Bleck. Blumiere was defeated but had found his true love once more, with that he turned back to the side of light and helped fight his former minion who tried to use Chaos Heart another powerful relic to destroy the world.


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