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Top Ten Relaxing Games

Updated on November 29, 2017

Ahhh, so relaxing.

Some games just have a certain feeling to them, whether it be the music or the calm atmosphere. Whatever makes your heart feel all fuzzy will work, here are the top ten calming and relaxing games, as always they aren't in any order so sit back and relax.

#10, Animal Crossing. This game is by far one of the most calming games i have ever played. The music sends a certain feeling of relaxation, like having a hot cup of cocoa in a warm sweater while sitting on the couch in a snow covered cabin. The environment is rather calming as well. The sway of the trees, birds chirping, rivers running and the ever loving sounds of that evil Mole that comes out when I restart my system.

#9,Harvest Moon. There is something about owning your own piece of land that makes everything so awesome, especially when you live in such a calm and less populated place. Man it's awesome. In this game you get to farm. Buy animals, make crops, get a lover, maybe even make some babies! But it's still calming. Being able to go fishing and lounge around the towns bar feels right, like being lazy but proactive at the same time.

#8, Super Mario Sunshine. I am sorry that I talk about this game but I absolutely adore this game. When not on any missions it's nice to wander around the many different locations, I mean it is a resort so it has to be calming. Enjoy a nice trip to an amusement park or go to the hills and relax, sit on the beach side and listen to the waves rush over the sandy shores.

#7, Proteus. Hiking is amazing, packing up a lunch and going out to explore some mountain ranges or a sun bathed forest. Proteus is like that but with less sweaty bodies and exercising involved. What is more calming then walking through a forest? The birds are chirping, hear the wind blow through the trees, pray to god you don't hear a chainsaw randomly start up.

#6, Journey. I suppose having a list full of the most calming and relaxing video games really wouldn't be complete without this entry. Journey is about trying to get to a mountain that rests in the distance, the music and vibrant scenery makes the world dazzle with charm. Being able to soar through the skies of a desert, walk through the sands and to see the sun rise and fall, simply amazing.

#5, Minecraft. When not having to worry about zombies or those adorable but wretched Creepers the game has a very peaceful appearance. The music mixed in with being able to mine and create vast or small creations is amazing. I remember putting on some music and just being able to play the game for hours on end, I couldn't get enough of that soft music and countless stacked blocks. Then I remembered Enderman was a thing.

#4, Stardew Valley. This game is kind of similar to Harvest Moon but it is a little more colorful. Stardew Valley has some very soft colors to mix in with the calming experience, the world is like I said similar to Harvest Moon, I am sorry I can't really say anything more about it.

#3, Abzu/Subnautica. Both games have a similar theme but Subnautica is more about survival. The ocean, while filled to the brim with Megalodon sharks and Kraken's it does have some rather beautiful scenery. The bright blue ocean, thousands if not millions of brightly colored fish, whales swimming all about. While I personally would be scared to death of it all I would still enjoy playing these games.

#2, Pokemon. Sure it is mainly about capturing and using said captured things to fight other things other people have captures with strange balls you get from a store. But during your voyage across the seas, the many lands and valleys you get to see what alot of things. While many of the older games may not be as visually stunning for these kind of scenery the game still has that sense of adventure. While my parents didn't allow me to go capture wild animals with machines little kids shouldn't be allowed to hold my video game parent did, so hurray for that.

#1, Legend of Zelda. While the game does involve you having to go around and stab many things with your magical sword it does have so many areas that are rather gorgeous. Hyrule Field, Bunny Land, Forest Haven and several others. The game has alot of detail and imagination put into it's scenery, have you ever went down to Inner Haven? The sounds of water trickling down a stone path or the sounds of the winds swaying the trees back and forth, it is gonna make me tear up.


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    • Thomas Finney profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Finney 

      17 months ago

      Some of these are on system and PC. I personally love Animal Crossing, if your going to check some of the other ones I suggest Animal Crossing, great game.

    • Casey White profile image

      Mike and Dorothy McKenney 

      17 months ago from United States

      I am only familiar with a few of the games you referred to because of my three granddaughters, who are completed addicted to MineCraft. Not only does it keep them calm, but it keeps them out of their mother's hair, which is a really good thing. Thanks, and I will have them check out the others, too. I find the games that keep me calm are all at the casino on Senior "half-price-buffet" Day.


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