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Top Ten Cool RPG's

Updated on August 1, 2017

Now for starters this is not the top ten BEST games, this is only a list of games I think are really good or have a large cult following or fan base behind them. Now RPG's are a unique genre of games, while many games have stories RPG's tend to go a little deeper in their's. The usual RPG has different character classes and weapons, sometimes even several different endings. Here we go.

#10, The Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls has several games under their belt with one of the newest being Skyrim Remastered, same game play but with better graphics. Elder Scrolls has a very mixed game from character customization to different classes, quests fill up to the brim and there are many characters who have different personalities but may have the same voice actor. The games do have their share of downfalls from Oblivion's terrifying character models, some of the beings will have miss colored bodies or their accents will change wildly. But the fun and exploration of the games still hold dear to are hearts. My favorite has to be Skyrim, I am a little biased.

#9, Final Fantasy. I suppose a list of some great RPG's wouldn't be authentic if not having one of the grand daddies of RPG's, Final Fantasy. While some of the games may differ and have different game play the stories are quite compelling. Final Fantasy Tactics for the Gameboy was a favorite of mine. The simplistic battles but enjoyable game made for a very entertaining time. Some fans claim that the games have lost their edge, with the series being to the near twenties of games their might be a few with some bad game play. But if you like the old classics stick to the older ones, you know the ones with killer clowns who turn into all powerful gods and destroy the world and stuff.

#8, Dragon Age Origins. I am putting the first game only because the second game had little to do with the first and I have never played the Inquisition one, so here it is. Dragon age Origins has somewhat of a slow start but once in it has a great story. You are a Grey Warden and due to the kings uncles betrayal you are tasked with bring in Elves, Dwarves, Magi and all sorts of others to help battle the approaching Dark-Spawn threat. With several characters to choose in your party and with the many people you will meet along the way their are countless humorous interactions to occur. The style of which you fight is a little boring at first but like many MMO's you get used to it.

#7, Mass Effect. Mass Effect is more of a shooter RPG but still a great game nonetheless, with sexy alien babes, anyways. Ahem. Mass Effect tells the story of Commander Shepard, a human who becomes the very first human Spectre. You command a crew and do missions all across the galaxy, the first two games showed you fighting alien insects known as the Collectors but later on you get to fight the much larger threat known as the Reapers. You can choose the type of abilities you want, some more biological while others can be suited for more military things. The games have a big fan base and large popularity, although the ending of the third game was terrible.

#6, Diablo. If you like dungeon crawling then this is the game for you, cause you do alot of it. The Diablo franchise is known for their good game play and story lines, while the stories usually consist of some big evil demon thingy coming out and running a muck it still goes well with the story. You can choose from a few classes and all have a wide variety of abilities to choose from, like spawning pets to aid you or just raining havoc on your enemies. Some people say the simplicity of the game is quite boring but you know what is more boring? Just staring at a wall. Some people have made good points that the market which you can trade and buy in game items has made it to easy to gain legendary weapons and armor which makes the game far too easy to beat.

#5, Borderlands. This series of games relies heavily on ammo firing mayhem and darnit if they don't do it well, cause they do. The games consist of you using what is known as a "Vault Hunter" which is just the nice way of saying if you get in my way I will murder you without care. Borderlands has you usually doing quests in order to gain stronger weapons and shields as well as increasing your abilities, my honest opinion is that the second game had more of a variety of areas as well as a better story. But the game does well with humor, action and a bit of horror depending on what DLC you might be playing.

#4, World of Warcraft. I have played a bit of this game so I will say it is on the list, mainly cause Blizzard might destroy me if I do not. World of Warcraft is a very popular franchise with many classes and stories to choose from and one of the hardest bosses ever to defeat in a game. While I have only played one of the games many of Blizzard Entertainment it is still quite popular even with some of the terrible things that has happened such as a massacre at a in-game funeral. While it may have given us some legendary figures such as Leroy Jenkins there is no doubt in anyone's mind, shut it, that this game takes some experience and hard work to play.

#3, Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts has become very popular since it was made and even with its somewhat convoluted plot the game has some very good characters, Goofy being one. Not many people can say they have mixed a video game with Disney's finest characters and made a profit, but they can gloat all they want. Kingdom Heart primarily relies around protagonist Sora who in the first game tries to rescue his friend Kairi, who then gets betrayed by his other friend Riku and it is just a mess. The game has some great game play and a large cast of characters from both Disney and Final Fantasy, that is right Final Fantasy even managed to snag its way into this game.

#2, Dragons Dogma. Dragons Dogma is a rather weird game, on one hand you love the visuals and elegant story but on the other hand you get annoyed by those dang wolves. Dragons Dogma is about a protagonist who will go unnamed, who gets his heart taken out by a large dragon called Grigori who then flies off laughing all the way back home. The hero then becomes a being known as the Arisen who gets to use human like beings known as Pawns to help defeat the dragon. Three classes: Warrior, mage and archer can be upgraded to several tiers with different abilities. The game does have a bit of repetition but after finally beating the game it was all worth it.

#1, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. The usual way of telling whether or not a game is an RPG seems to be if either you level up and if there is a great story in play, in that case this is the final spot. Superstar Saga shows the Mario Bros on a quest to save a miss Princess Peach from being gruesomely murdered. She doesn't FYI. The game consists of using the Bros to maneuver around several areas using skills acquired, battling enemies and finishing the game of course. Bright visuals, some light humor and one heck of a final boss makes the game very good. Also Birdo is in it, so that's cool.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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