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Top Ten Drinking Games Worth Trying

Updated on June 7, 2016


For playing this drinking game, you need to place twenty jello shots in the middle of your table. Participants who are placed either side of this table have to bow down their heads and with the countdown up to three needs to stare at each other. Two participants staring at one another must shout together Medusa before engaging in the race to sip the shot first. Contestants coming last have to gulp two shots.

Flip Cup

This game is played with plastic red party cups and teams are split into four to five groups. They are provided with beer of about half cup along with hard liquor of two shots. Every participant needs to sip drink contents of the cup and then flip it around the edge of the table by using your fingers in an upside down position before the repetition of the same task by other members.

King’s Cup

The drinking game begins with card distribution around a single drink glass on the table. You need to pick up cards for following the assigned instructions. The rule changes on the basis of preference of competitors and so you have the option to set your own rules while playing it. Participants picking up King need to pour new varieties of beverages in the cup. Participant losing the game had to drink the beverage of the cup.

Power Hour

The game does not consist of any hard and fast rules. The main focus of this game is to enjoy beer shot per minute for the entire hour. Though it sounds easy but in reality, it is a quite tough game to be played so far. For proving your skill in this game, you can join drinking clubs where such beverage competition is organized. You can add rules where you must finish one glass before going to the bathroom and finish remaining glasses after returning.


The game is similar to that of truth or dare but here you do not have to perform any daring act. Every player has the chance of becoming a questioner to seek a reply from the fellow members in a simple yes or no format. Participants who reply late or asking the same question and also taking much time to ask question shall be asked to finish their glasses completely.


It can be best played with three to six participants. Players need to seat around the table after deciding who shall begin the task of quarter spinning. When this spinning quarter stops pointing to the respective player, he tends to spin this quarter again and if he manages to bounce it in the glass then he has the scope to select any fellow member for finishing the entire glass of drink. When any shooter fails to bounce a quarter in a cup then it passes to the next player to execute the task.


The game is closely attached to theatrical gesture where every player needs to select a gesture for representing themselves during the commencement of the event. Here the first participant needs to perform his/her individual gesture and then signal it to another player to repeat the similar gesture expression. If any participant fails or hesitates to reproduce the similar gesture he must drink the full glass.

Edward Forty Hands

For playing this beverage game, you need to purchase 240 brands of beer bottles for every person and a duct tape. Using this tape, you can seal the grip of your both hands after taking the beer bottles. Then you have to finish the beer bottles before untying the tape seals. But before finishing the drink you will not be allowed to engage in any activity.

Name Game

The game proceeds with the naming of famous personality and will continue till any player spell the name of a person whose initial and final names start with similar letters. Then there shall be a reversion in the game rules. If any player unable to respond quickly with the next name then he must continue drinking till he comes up with a matching name.


For starting this game you need to have at least four players, two shot glasses, one stopwatch and some beer. The game begins with the rolling of the die and whoever comes with least value has to endure the punch of other players with shot drinking. The process continues till three-minute rounds and players have the opportunity to take rest between each round.


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