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Top Ten Gaming Systems I Like

Updated on June 13, 2017

Gaming has evolved quite alot over the past few decades, we have went from the mundane game play of pong to the ever rage inducing game play of Call of Duty. With the greater bit of technology come more and more newer consoles for us gamers to play to are hearts content, here is my list of my Top Ten favorite gaming consoles.

#10, Nintendo 64. My first ever console was the Nintendo 64, I believe I got it for Christmas many years ago and even today it is still one of my favorite things ever. My first ever game with it was Mario Kart 64, I held that system for years and found many more games I enjoy like Star Fox and Yoshi's Story. It did have a bit of a weird controller but hearing that system reboot and turn on felt awesome and brings back alot of old feelings.

#9, Nintendo GameCube. The Nintendo GameCube was another one of my first consoles. I got it for my birthday when I was around ten and have loved the thing ever since. The logo and sound that came when I turned it on still fill me with some joy today and it is even the home console for one of my favorite games of all time, Super Mario Sunshine. The system was usually pegged for its lack luster games and performance but I loved it. Mario Kart Double Dash, Legend of Zelda The Windwaker and Mario Party were a few of the other games I got when I first started playing the system. Animal Crossing was pretty fun too.

#8, Gameboy Advance SP. The Gameboy Advance SP was my first ever hand held device, with it I got Super Mario 3 and Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga. The feel of the system was rather nice and the sound of it turning on was awesome, it happens alot when I hear old sounds I like. The games were fun and I could even take my Nintendo loving self out on the road and still be able to play some of my favorite games. Although it could die if not charged the system was the first of many hand held devices I like.

#7, Playstation 2. The Playstation 2 I never personally owned but love nonetheless due to its wide array of games. The PS2 was the first non-Nintendo based console I had ever played on. I still remember the fear that swept through me any time I went to play a game, I never knew if it would play it or say the disk was messed up. Jak and Dexter, Rachet and Clank, GUN. There was alot of good games on the systems playable caches.

#6, Playstation 3. I have had my Playstation for maybe about five or six years now and I still love it. The system has helped me through some bad times, although it does tend to freeze alot. The games range from Call of Duty to The Darkness, there is a wide array of great games I have been able to play on it such as Metal Gear and Dragon Age series. And since it isn't the PS4 I am able to play online without having to pay, although when playing online there is a good chance I will get cursed out or trolled.

#5, Nintendo DS. This was one of the first systems I got that came with two screens, it was amazing. The first few game I had gotten for this was Fire Emblem, Naruto and I believe a Mario game. The system was nice but the two screens and the point of having to get used to using the touch stick took a little while to get used too. The system was a little smaller then I would like and felt somewhat flimsy in my hands but other then that it had alot of fun games to play.

#4, Nintendo Wii. The Wii was a rather weird system since for many of the games it required me to actually stand for once, but still it had its moments. Wii Sports, Madworld, Mario Party 8 were only a few of the games that I had for this peculiar system. The fact that you could attach GameCube controllers onto the system to play GameCube games was rather interesting and being able to create my own little mini Mii was rather cool as well. I remember making a little dude for everyone of my family who lived in my house.

#3, Nintendo Wii-U. This is like the PS2, I played it but have never owned one. The Wii-U is a rather weird system since it can be played on the hand held console or on a TV once connected. Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers and a few others I have played on the system. It was a little strange having to get used too since a few games require looking back and forth between the console and the TV screen but other than that it was a pretty cool system that I totally recommend.

#2, XBOX 360. This is yet another system I have never owned but have played on, their haven't been many games I have played on this system but the ones I have were fairly good. Halo has been one of my favorite games to play on the XBOX. The controller is a little beefy for my liking so having to switch from a PS3 controller to the bigger one was a little strange.

#1, PSP. I didn't have this one for long but the PSP was a rather cool system to own, to be able to play some games and also listen to music on the same system was awesome but honestly the games kind of lacked to me personally. Several of the ones I had played were sports based and they just didn't have that feel to me, also the analog stick on the system was a little strange since I was so used to using two of them but besides that it was a decent entry into the world of Playstation. Handheld wise anyways.


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