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Top Ten Horror Game Series/Single Games

Updated on June 20, 2017

In video games, movies, TV shows and comics Horror has spread its scent of fear in nearly every aspect of media today. Just think back to the olden days of the Mummy and Nosferatu, nowadays we have the Xenomorph and Jason Voorhees. Games do a surprising good job of putting you self center into the mix of scares and jumps. This is the list of the Top Ten scariest game series or single games. As always this isn't in any order and is my own personal opinion so please enjoy.

#10, Resident Evil/ Silent Hill. The number ten spot goes to two titans of the Horror genre, these two games have a solid series of games filled with scares and screams for anyone to enjoy. Resident Evil has always had more of a zombie or virus like type of horror while Silent Hill has been more of the psychological scares and monsters. Both have a large fan base and many iconic enemies such as Pyramid Head and the Tyrant. Some people believe that many of the newer games have lost their appeal except for the short lived demo known as Silent Hill P.T. but it still goes to show that people have been shooting out horror games for years can still make some nightmare inducing games.

#9, Alien Isolation. Almost from the near beginning many people knew this game was going to be terrifying, you having to hide from a deadly and vicious Xenomorph how could it not? You play as a lonely engineer who must find her way through a large space station to do several different missions all the while being hunted down by the dangerous alien who has been killing off dozens of other space dwellers. Not only do you have to worry about the alien but other people as well even some androids that have gone awry. The bad part however is that you never know when something is coming after you, you can also not even kill the Xenomorph only hide and try to lure it away. The game is fairly new compared to the ones on the list and is not shy about filling you will scares.

#8, Amnesia The Dark Decent. If you are a fan of Youtube you have no doubt seen many people play these games, and get rightly scared from them. This is a survival type horror game the only catch is that you cannot defend yourself. Some Horror games give you the option to fight back such as in Dead Space or Resident Evil however in this one all you can do is run and hide. Sanity is important since if you dwell in darkness for too long or stare at the many monsters it will rapidly drain till you lose your mind. These games have alot of puzzles as well as some self made games by other players. If you enjoy the feeling of not knowing what is to come next then this game might just be right for you.

#7, Outlast. Outlast is the first game of a two game series where you take the place of some dude with a camera, yikes. Just like in Amnesia you have no way to fight back and the only thing you can do is run. In the first game you are a reporter who goes to investigate an abandoned asylum, or what is to be thought as abandoned. Once inside your very sanity is damaged by the constant being chased by murderous inmates, the pain of having some of your fingers chopped off and the inevitable demise that comes later on. The game is filmed through the perspective of a camera most of the time and the ability to use night vision helps when skulking around in the darkness. Outlast is a game with jump scares and a terrifying fear of what may be around the next corner.

#6, Dead Island Series. Dead Island plays a major role being a hack and slash action adventure type game, of course with some Horror involved. Dead Island is a game where of course the undead walk around an island. Zombies and more mutated beings roam the land in search of some flesh to eat, but luckily for you weapons and other things can be crafted to survive the seemingly endless hordes of decaying walking corpses. This game relies more on action but the threat of never knowing if your safe, or that heart pounding feeling when you hear the creams of the undead as they charge at you, it is all rather frightening.

#5, Fatal Frame. Most of these games revolve around the same thing, using a camera of sorts to save yourself from the approaching deadly ghosts. Many Asian and European games have a sense of darker feelings than in some Western and in Fatal Frame it shows quite well. The dark and somewhat feeling of depression never really leaves, the fear that something could pop out from nowhere lies everywhere and never knowing if your safe for now stays for long.

#4, Five Nights At Freddy's. I will be the first to say that these games rely heavily on jump scares but one cannot deny the fact that they have had the living hell scared out of them, do not lie. FNAF has not only become a cultural phenomenon but one of the most played games ever. The game play consists of the player looking through a computer screen, the animatronics come alive and begin to try and hunt down your character. Using whatever mechanics there are in the game being played you must use them to survive till six O'clock in the morning. The game once again relies heavily on jump scares and the ambiance but the game is definitely a must play for any horror game player.

#3, Little Nightmares. This is a cool little game where you play as a very small little person who has to navigate through a building of some kind to escape, also while avoiding all the nasty little buggers that try to get you. Much of the games involves puzzle and having to sneak past and trick enemies. Lightning little bonfires and helping gnome like creatures also comes into play. However I shall not spoiling the ending since the game is fairly new at the writing of this article.

#2, Slender The Eight Pages. Just like Five Nights At Freddy's Slenderman has himself become a cultural phenomenon, even having people make movies about him. The game as well centers around jump scares but this time you are able to move. The game play is you walking around a forest late at night with nothing but a flashlight to light the path, you must hunt down pages left behind which I don't really know if there was a reason for that. The Slenderman stalks you through the woods and becomes more and more violent as you collect more pages. The music is enough to give you the creeps but to see ole Slendypants out a few yards away staring at you is enough to send a shiver down your spine.

#1, Ao Oni. This is another Eastern horror game, but it isn't that good looking on the eyes. This game shows you and a few of your friends going into an abandoned mansion, which you know is always a good idea. Anyways your friends slowly get picked off one by one by a hideous monster, you must travel through the mansion and complete puzzles to find a way out from this hell hole. Along the way you must escape from different monsters and do your best to escape, although if your friends escaped as well is not my right to say...


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