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Top Ten Mounts In Games

Updated on June 12, 2017

In many games the hero can possess a mount of sorts and ride across the world that they live in. These steeds or sometimes mechanical mounts help them to traverse the land around them. This is the Top Ten list of mounts in games. As always the list in not in any order so please enjoy.

#10, Epona. Epona is one of the Hero of Times most well known mounts. While there is the King of Red Lions from Wind Waker and that giant bird from Skyward Sword Epona is one of the most recognizable and beloved mounts in games. First seen in Ocarina of Time Epona quickly became one of Links most love-able characters. While she may not say much like Fi, Navi or Tingle the mighty stallion of the hero has become a rather well beloved character. Even if many did overfeed her in the game.

#9, Yoshi. The Green Dinosaur from Super Mario is definitely one of Nintendo's most well known characters. Yoshi's first appearance was in Super Mario World where he helped the plumber by devouring enemies, letting him rest a bit and by being sacrificed if Mario couldn't make a jump and needed a boost. Yoshi is not the only Yoshi, which is weird that he is called the name of his race. Yoshi has a high jumping ability with an added effect of kicking his legs to get a higher boost. Yoshi while seeming to be a friendly creature actually loves to devour living creatures whole, he would get along with Kirby.

#8, Gummi Ship. The Gummi Ship is a favored mode of transportation by the hero's and sometimes villains of Kingdom Hearts. The Gummi Ship is a vehicle made with Gummi Material which allows someone to pass from world to world in a much more reliable form then teleporting through the dark dimension. The Gummi Ship can be modified once gaining the proper tools to have enhanced firepower, greater shields and health, quicker speeds and agility. The Ship can only be used by transporting from one world to the next while in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep the folks can use their armor to summon their own special vehicles but since you can actually fly the Gummi Ship the spot goes to it.

#7, Shadowmere. In The Elder Scrolls Skyrim if you do the quest for the Dark Brotherhood you are granted the horse Shadowmere, a pitch black horse with near immortality. Shadowmere is said to not only have the fastest speed of any other horse in the game but also able to climb those steep slopes you try to get up because you cannot find the friggin path. Shadowmere does not have infinite health but it does have some good health regeneration and is said to respawn after thirty days at the spot it was killed at, but I wouldn't try it if I were you.

#6, The Graug. In Shadow of Mordor there isn't much to ride around on except for the Caragors, large beastial things. The Graug however puts all of these little baddies to shame. The Graug is a large creature with razor sharp claws and teeth, it can easily pick up a Caragor in one hand and eat it. The Graug however needs to be beaten before it can be mounted. It is said to slice the ankles of the Graug, then once done with that shoot it in the face with an elf shot before mounting it. It is large so it won't be the fastest thing ever but little next to no one will mess with you once atop The Graug.

#5, Agro. Another horse of the gaming world but this one might be the biggest. Agro is the trusty steed of the wanderer from Shadow of the Colossus. Agro helps you travel the large and barren Forbidden Land in search of the colossi. Agro is vital in a few battles. When fighting the large sand worm Dirge you must use Agro to avoid the big snakes attacks. Even during the last few moments of the game Agro gives up his own life so that the wanderer can finish his quest and eliminate the last of the colossi Malus. Also if a mount gives up its own life to save the riders I feel like that is pretty deep.

#4, Warthog. In Halo there are many different rides but I believe few come close to that nostalgia blast of getting in the high tech Warthog to go crush some enemies. The Warthog is a rather customizable vehicle. It has titanium armor and good steering, a large gun mounted on the back and several places for your buddies to jump in and wreck havoc on. However the armor while tough is not the toughest and can only take so much damage, a few rockets or a few rounds from a banshees gun and it will cut through the Warthog like swiss cheese.

#3, Rambi the Rhinoceros. Honestly I don't even think I have to say anything about this one, you are literally riding a rhino. In Donkey Kong Country you are given the rhino as a ride to reach the end of the level. This beast could plow through enemies and make quick work of nearly any level it was put into. But if you got hit above you would lose it, so try your best to not get hit in the noggin and lose such a magnificent creature.

#2, Chocobo. Now I do not know much about these little big chicken like things from Final Fantasy but from what I have seen in many games they are one of the best ways to get around. The Chocobo is a flightless bird domesticated by many and used like horses, pulling carts around or what have you. They are known to be quite gentle and be very quick on their feet. They almost remind me of a cute little baby chick mixed with that of an ostrich. Even if they aren't a Agro or Epona the Chocobo has made its home in the world of Final Fantasy and for that we applaud you.

#1, Fludd. Fludd isn't the most usual of mounts due to him being more of a jetpack then anything else but it counts. Fludd is a device made by the ever wacky Professor E.Gadd and if you don't get the joke of his name kindly leave the room. Fludd is a highly advanced squirt gun to say it short, he is able to think and talk of his own free will. Fludd has a few attachments that can be used. The hover nozzle which allows Mario to hover around in the air for a few moments before falling, the rocket nozzle which lets Mario charge up enough water to blast high into the air, the turbo nozzle which allows Mario to run incredibly fast across land or sea and the spray nozzle which allows Mario to squirt water wherever he chooses. Since Fludd is fueled by water he needs to be recharged after a certain amount of uses, so it is bad luck if you happen to live in the middle of nowhere or anywhere that isn't a resort.


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