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Top Ten Of My Most Anger Inducing Games

Updated on June 7, 2017

These may not be your most rage inducing games but they are mine. Sometimes it can be the people or even your just having a bad day everyday and decide to play this game constantly. This is a list of my Top Ten most anger inducing games.

#10, Battlefield. Sometimes I can just go weeks on end playing this game, when it is going good it is great but when it ain't I gotta put the controller down. Battlefield unlike Call of Duty has a much harder type of multiplayer. Call of Duty is very quick paced, guns are easier to shoot and everything just seems alot better when you do not have three tanks and a helicopter shooting at you. Whenever I play it seems like the enemy has stronger guns and equipment, I remember shooting eight RPG's at a tank and once I was killed by it the tank showed that it didn't take any damage. My vehicles always seem to take less damage then they should, enemies can shoot completely accurate with a light machine gun from a snipers range and everything is just terrible. You always have the dreadful feeling that you are going to get knifed when you are on your own, least I do anyways.

#9, Dark Souls. This game is made to be incredibly hard so it's pretty easy to see why this game can turn anyone into The Incredible Hulk. Even the most basic of enemies have the potential to completely mess up your day. While you can get stronger weapons and armor as well as level up it doesn't help much. Even if you have the best armor and weapons in the game and get trapped, your done. The Estus Flask is one of the few ways to heal, however it still takes a few seconds to take full effect and you are rather slow when you drink from it, healing is supposed to help not put you in a possibly fatal position you know. Many of the bosses have several strong attacks that could Insta-Kill you, they have large amounts of help and many seem to be near impossible to kill. This game will jump you at any possible moment.

#8, Street Fighter. I bought one of the Street Fighter games because I wanted to play, however I immediately regretted it. Many of the characters you fight spam attacks and many are hard to block, example the big Russian guy kept spamming his spin attack and grapple. Once I got to the final boss I get to find out he spams attacks as well, he spams some of the most hard to dodge attacks like projectiles and teleporting kicks. Only way I could beat him was spamming as well, even still it was on Very Easy and I still got demolished. Once I tried the multiplayer I raged quit. Every person I fought spammed attacks and few did a certain attack that would stun and knock you down, they kept doing that to a point where I couldn't even do anything but blow steam.

#7, Dragonball Xenoverse. When I first heard of this game I tried my hardest to get it, create my own character? Hell-yeah! I went through some parts of the game and got angry so fast. In Dragonball Raging Blast being able to block and dodge attacks was easy however in this one the block action never seemed to work when I needed it to so I had to keep dodging and I hope I wouldn't die. You fight multiple characters at a time in many of the missions which didn't help, at times they would gang up on you or mess with you. They would switch from attacking me to running away when I tried to get them. The Ultimate Attacks didn't do a whole lot and most of the time they just dodged it. Some of the boss fights the enemies didn't even have to block, they could take your attacks and not get phased then they would just straight up attack you in return. Mira, Beerus and Whis were the main perpetrators of this. The Beerus and Whis battle was almost impossible once your teammate got downed because then you would have two enemies who could just attack you nonstop. The final battle was much easier however. Online was decent however most of the people I fought had higher levels then me or just spammed their Ultimate Attacks. It got really annoying.

#6, Fallout New Vegas. I have never been to fond of the Fallout series anyways since I have never found its apocalyptic lands to good to look at and its visual styles just didn't work for me. The game play however was decent, there were several times I would just be attacked by random NPC's who completely downed my health. I ended up having to escape from a building once but I had to retry at least twenty times cause I was near dead and there were thirty men in the place. It was so annoying when my weapons would do nothing to the enemies or that the baddies could just gun me down near instantly. In the final battle when you fight the roman looking guys I quit, there was a big guy chasing me with a sword who could annihilate me and then there were gunmen everywhere. I had nowhere to go to heal or fight back, I left that game for months until I finally came back to it and beat it.

#5, Super Mario Sunshine. As much as I love this game I cannot tell you how many times I went Super Saiyan playing this game. There are a few difficult levels on the game but the worst ones come from the secret courses. The Secret Courses put you in a place where you need to maneuver around an area, however you don't have Fludd which has helped you quite alot in some of the other levels. Without Fludd you can't hover back to safety if you fall off or anything, that's every single time you do a secret course that you lose Fludd. And what is worse is the bad camera angles it will sometimes pull when you try to turn or jump, the sticky controls don't help either when your trying to run across a collapsing bridge. Corona Mountain however has to be the hardest mission. In this one you are surrounded by lava and fire, you have to maneuver a easily breakable mud boat across a lava pit with rocks, then you have to use Fludd to rocket up to cloud points to make it higher, over all it is a very hard level.

#4, Turok 3. This game has man eating dinosaurs and giant evil bugs, how could this not make me mad? The game is usually cramped full of enemies with little places to hide. The soldiers will always try to flank you and most of the time you will be held back by other soldiers to even doing anything. There is a part where you need to get a gun while getting shot at by this big tank, that was annoying. There are alot of dinosaurs that will sneak up on you and tear you limb from limb. Later on in the game you have to fight a T-Rex which if you couldn't guess is not easy. I was able to find a spot to hide at so the beastie couldn't get to me however later on in the game you have to fight another one and the problem is there is no place to hide. You must use all your guns and know how to avoid being gobbled up by the T-Rex. The thing is faster then you and it can take alot of damage this guy is a tank in every sense of the word.

#3, Black Ops 2. Well here it is, one of the most hacker filled games I have ever played in my entire life. The story mode is pretty easy I don't have any complaints about that, what I do have is complaints about the multiplayer and zombies. In multiplayer there are dozens of people who will camp, hack or cheat in some other way. Many have used invisibility cheats, auto aim or others, a few times I have entered a game the hacker had completely changed the entire screen. Much of the equipment doesn't work against enemies even if they are not using an ability to counter it, many will camp or spawn kill to the game is done and others will hunt you down always. In zombies it is a little easier but not by much. In zombies you will have people steal your kills and in this game the kills on the first few rounds are the most important.You will have people try to mess you up by getting you trapped or by not helping you up once downed. The game has alot of trolls and I haven't played many games where the person was actually trying to succeed.

#2, DC Universe Online. When I first started this game I was having the time of my life. I was an apprentice under The Joker, THE JOKER! However there were some problems. A lot of the enemies can overwhelm you, I remember getting destroyed by a group of low leveled enemies but because they were in groups they did more damage. Some of the bosses are rather hard as well. Some can deal out large bowls of punishment soup and a few can heal. I remember fighting Bane once, he kept healing and getting bigger no matter how much I beat down on him. When playing in PVP it is also possible that you will get ambushed by a group of enemy players. I remember playing one time and got attacked by three, I tried running but when that didn't work I was able to take them all out one by one. Definitely not the easiest thing ever but I did it. The game is very cool but many of the battles can be quite hard when you not only have to deal with the boss but all his minions at once too. Well I played by myself so maybe that is why it was hard.

#1, Simpsons Hit and Run. I remember playing this game back when I lived in Alaska, I remember it being alot more fun. Like the name suggests the game has alot to do with cars, so most of the missions in the game are timed or something similar. I hate timed missions so having to do so many in a row got quickly annoying, I don't remember there being so much when I was younger. Adding onto the fact that the enemies car always seems faster and that he can easily avoid oncoming traffic, well that is just a recipe for anger.


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