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Top Ten Recommended Games To Play On The App-Store

Updated on June 14, 2017

The Google play store has dozens of cool games and junk for one to download and use, while I am more of a console gamer I have found several games that I have to say are some of the best I have ever played. I will say some of the cons of the games but know they are still really fun

#10, Zombie Gunship Survival. This game mixes the fun of gunning down zombies with the comfort and safety of doing it from a gunship, it is awesome. In Zombie Gunship Survival you are tasked with protecting your men as they go about unloading sheds of their goods. Using all sorts of guns from Hellfire Missiles to 30mm Cannons this game has alot to offer. Protect your base from incoming zombie swarms, upgrade your defenses and weapons. The downside to this however is the waiting time for unlocking crates you get new gear from, the cool down time for many of the weapons and the slow pace of which your men walk. I mean seriously the zombies can outrun your guys. In any case I give the game a big 9/10.

#9, Tactile Wars. Tactile wars is a strategy based game where you navigate a group of little soldiers through enemy infested battlefields, oh and there is no blood since the ammunition they use have paint balls. You get to unlock more bases to customize, more defenses that you can use and more ways to eliminate the enemies. The game however while bright and colorful doesn't have a whole lot to do in it. There is no story mode or anything it is mainly you facing off against others in a never ending war, which kind of gets boring after awhile.

#8, CATS. CATS is a build your own warrior type game, but instead of blood and gore you get kittens and robots. In this game you face other plays in one on one combat using specially designed vehicles. Missiles, lasers, saws, drills and more can be used to shred your opponents. The more leagues you win means the more you can advance and the more powerful items you can get. Stickers can be used to brighten your vehicle up a bit. The game does have moments where you cannot do much, in the quick game you are put against anyone no matter what level they are. But being able to create your own vehicle of mass destruction is awesome.

#7, Fire Emblem Hero's. If you are a tactical lover of sorts then perhaps this game is right for you, yes. In the game you are made as the Summoner, a special warrior who is there to help the people of the realms to regain peace and tranquility. You get to battle against powerful foes and bosses, gain more hero's to join your team and even take place in the battle for the strongest alive in the arena. My only complaints are the lives you get and the lack of more chapters. Other then that it is a fine game that needs to be played, right now. Do it..

#6, Pew-Die-Pie Tuber Simulator. I have had this game for nearly half a year and it is still fun to play, you get to create your own You-Tuber and climb the ranks as the most famous one of all time. Customize your Tuber to your liking, by things to decorate your room with, create your own Network and team up with others. The game is rather addicting but once further down the line the time needed to wait to get more things does take longer and can be a bit of a bother but other than that it is a very fun game.

#5, Survive-Wilderness. This app is like a mixture of strategy games mixed with survival, it is awesome. The game starts you off with a few choices of how you want to play then sets you off. In the forest one your car breaks down and you have to go a certain amount of miles to get back to safety. It is your job to hunt food and find drinkable water, keep warm and have shelter. The game is quite realistic and even though it isn't like Subnautica or Ark Survival the game itself has a bit of difficulty to it. You cannot carry too much stuff and your wellness goes down with every action, can you survive the wild?

#4, Goosebumps Night Of Scares. This game puts you in the shoes of a man who royally messed up, again. It is your job to find pieces of a book to banish some monsters away, and you must do so while avoiding said monsters. The game has a bit of a aura around it that can give a feeling of unknowing. Monsters scour the halls and with nothing to protect you your only option is to hide and pray that you survive.

#3, Don't Starve. Don't Starve is another survival game but with a little more in depth actions to it, such as being able to move the character actually. The game has a great design which reminds me of old European art styles. You must find food and try to survive the dark nights. Monsters and animals are out to get you and only your fat brain will allow you to survive. Build fires and torches, machines and growing beds. As the title suggest starvation can happen, in the world of Don't Starve anything can be a potential meal. Even you.

#2, Fantasy Defense. Fantasy Defense is a tower defense game which puts you in a world surrounded by darkness, of course you are the hero. Using special Hero's who are made to be the towers you must defend your base from hordes of deadly monsters. Warriors, Mages and Archers are under your disposal and you can upgrade them to more powerful versions to help defend your base even more. Special Ultimate Hero's can also be upgraded and used, these Ultimate Hero's are the strongest ones you have. I will say however that there is some parts that are near impossible to get by. Your only choice is too grind for points to spend to upgrade your men or by items to help, good luck.

#1, Hungry Shark. In this game you finally get to be the ones to devour helpless human beings and fish, take that nature. In Hungry Shark you take control of well a shark to devour and gain points, the more points you get the more stuff you can unlock. Like more sharks, enhance your sharks already deadly abilities or by little buddies to help your shark kill more. It is awesome.


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